2019 Jan to Mar - Animal, Birds & Insects


Beautiful dog! My wife had a pom she got from our daughter. Little guy died of congestive heart failure at the age of 13. He had this way of “melting your heart” if you yelled at him. He’d sit there “looking pretty” and constantly offer you his paw. You couldn’t stay angry at him no matter how much trouble he got into. :laughing:


Before the snow started, I spotted (and heard) 4 Canada geese flying west from the river to “over the hill.”
I put out a lot more seed this morning - yeah, I didn’t sleep in til noon although I felt like I could :tired_face: - and was shocked with a sudden brunch crowd… a little sooner than usual. Had a steady stream of “patrons” at the all feeding stations. Guess the must have their own weather service. :smiley:

Forgot to mention that this is the mating season for the Coyotes. It actually started last week (do they use a calendar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) and will continue for about 3 more weeks or so. People are being advised to keep an eye on their pets and small children as the males get very aggressive. They actually gone after adults also. Now with the snow and a smaller food supply, I suppose anything they think they can take down it fair game to them.


Yeah the coyotes will do that…either geese or pets or whatever is easier for them to hunt.


Jim’s toes might be a snack. Keep yer socks on!


Since the night of the snow storm we haven’t seen any deer - or tracks - around here. :thinking: When we went to see our granddaughters yesterday we asked them and their new nanny if they’ve any. All of them said yes. The nanny - being from Colombia - was impressed by the size of a couple of the does. She said there were three smaller ones with one of the big ones. I told her this doe had a second fawn - a late fawn - as did another one or two doe. Apparently the other does were harvested during the hunting season and this doe “adopted” the two that were alone. I told her most of the bucks have “lost” their antlers by now so they also look like does, but still hide from sight as much as possible. She seems to like it here - except for the cold! :cold_face: She appears to like all the snow however. She even took the girls outside playing in a few times, but it was too cold and windy to stay outside too long. :smiley:

The spot beneath our big pine tree where I shoveled it out for the birds got drifted in… solid! So my wife and I have been tossing seed on the walkway and in the driveway along the hedges. We also lightly toss some onto the snow bank between the hedges and the driveway. They love it! They have also been flying up onto the railings of the porch and also walk around on the porch. They just better stay off our chairs! :grin: Haven’t heard any owls the past week or so. Canada geese are flying south. A flock of 40 to 50 fly by this morning, followed later on by 5 more. Heading to where it’s warmer… or where there’s no snow? :rofl:


Up until now, that was at your house!!! :rofl::smiley:


It may very well go back to that again… and soon. :unamused:


The geese will be flying in the other direction tomorrow! :duck: there is no emoji for goose…:rofl:


Is that no emoji for “goose” or “getting goosed”? :laughing:



That was a staged video. Notice the eagle has a red band on its right leg and a silver band on its left. That’s like those “Eagle vs. Sheep” (etc.) on YouTube. You can always see a tether hanging down from one leg. A lot of those videos (YouTube) I consider animal cruelty as far as the lambs, sheep, goats, etc. are concerned. :unamused:



No long tether, but I see the bands…I saw it on the news.


I said the tether was on an eagle in some of those YouTube videos. In this video all I said was that the eagle had a red band and a silver band. I guess the people who made this video didn’t realize these bands and tethers stand out. It’s not a “wild” eagle like they make out them to be. I guess to be fair to them, they didn’t come out and say it was a wild eagle… just an eagle. A nice play on words (or of omitting them). :wink:


A few days ago I wrote that I hadn’t seen any deer since the night of the storm storm (2 days ago). I just went to step outside and spooked that big doe with the 3 late fawns (only one is her biological fawn) and the second doe (maybe the buck who lost his antlers already?) in my front and side yards. The doe and the fawns all ran back up my driveway toward the carriage house and stopped in front of it. The other deer ran across the front yard toward the corner. Guess I’ll have to wait a while to see if they go back to eating. If not, smoke break! (Is nodding a union job?) :laughing:

Edit: I waited until 11:15 and looked out - they’re not in sight. After I went outside and lit my cigarette, I looked up toward the carriage house and there they were… right under the hedges munching away! They looked at me for a few seconds and went back to eating. They watched me when I put my cigarette out and opened the door to go back inside, but didn’t run this time. I think it was my opening the quickly the first time that spooked them. Even the deer that ran across my front yard was back with them. I left them eating… the hedges needed trimming anyway. :wink:

Edit2: I again attempted to go outside at 12:45 AM and the deer are back in my front beneath the pine tree. While one doe is raiding the hanging bird feeder, one of the fawns is eating what she knocks down as she licks at the seed. The other fawns are working on getting the seed, cracked corn (& sunflower seeds?) off the sidewalk and the snowbank where I tossed them for the birds. Looks like I’ll be putting another 2 pounds of seed out in the morning… and peanuts of course. I wonder if the deer found those peanuts the squirrels and birds left when they all headed home for the night. :thinking:

Edit3: 1:20 AM: I looked out the window and watched the deer leaving via my front yard. Finally I can go outside. I made a cup of coffee and headed out with it. As soon as I sat down the motion light down by my workshop turned on. Slowly turning my head I saw a lone deer walking down the driveway from the carriage house. It had cut through my neighbor’s backyard and was on its way to the bird seed. :neutral_face: I managed to take a couple of sips of my coffee, then held it between my knees and watched as the deer walked up the walk and stopped a few feet from the bottom porch step. It looked around and started eating. It stayed until about 1:35 AM. When it left it went the same way it came by - and very slowly I might add. As soon as it had cut through the hedges and was in my neighbor’s backyard by their driveway, I finally had a cigarette. I watched the deer for several minutes before it walked around behind the neighbor’s garage and then the carriage house. A shale roadway had been cut through the trees from behind the carriage house out to the cul-de-sac. From there the deer head through the woods toward the cemetery hill. The Hannacroix Creek runs along the opposite side of the hill. This is one of the paths the deer take to go from my son’s house to mine. (I think they know we’re related. :rofl:)


They must have been hungry after the storms. Good to hear the doe still has all the fawns.
Is that the edge of the hedge you and your wife tossed the seed?

You should write a book about all of life experiences and your yard visitors.


We have privet hedges (kept trimmed) along the side yard by the driveway and across the front of the property up to the corner. From the corner down the dead-end street we had to put up a fence because over the years the children - learning to ride bicycles - kind of demolished the hedges. :grimacing: There were so few left we had to do something to keep most of the leaves from blowing in and piling up chest high at our front door. :roll_eyes: My wife and I threw the seed in the driveway, onto the snowbank along the driveway along the hedges and covered the walkway from the bottom of the porch steps out to the driveway at the base of the apron. We also gently tossed seed onto the snow beneath the pine tree and inside the hedges. Behind the house there is a row of hedges (untrimmed) that leads up to the side of the carriage house. No seed up there, but when the deer cut through back there they do nibble on the hedges and whatever they can find on the ground - grass, weed leaves(?). I also keep a brush pile back there so they can nibble on the small branches. Add to it constantly until late spring when we get rid of it and start a new pile. The deer last night spent the majority of their time standing right on the walkway between the driveway and the porch steps - only a few yards/metres away from where I sit on the porch. :smiley:

I have kept a log (text tiles) of all my bird and animal sightings for years. I usually start a new log each year, but this last one I didn’t start until February of 2018. I think it was because that MS update messed up my last laptop back in January of 2018, so I had to keep a written log from that point on until I got another laptop. Then I put everything to a file. A PITA!
One of the few things that sticks in my mind was when I was driving up a steep hill on a town road “out in the sticks” and as I approached the crest of the hill there was a turkey buzzard at the side of the road with a carcass of a rabbit that had been hit by a car. It must have thought that big truck (I was driving) was going to take it’s food away so it reared up, held its head up high and spread its wings. Boy, they look really big when they do that! :smiley: And did you know that when a bald eagle “takes a dump” it’s about the size of a softball? :laughing: And when that hits the ground, it does so with a cross between a loud splat and a soft thump? You wouldn’t want to be under an eagle when he “has to go!” :rofl:



I have a question… Today I was watching some starlings fighting over the suet cage. Seems they all want to get at the suet cake at the same time. Eventually about 5 starlings decided it was easier to sit on the ground beneath it and eat the crumbs as they fell down. A starling flew down out of the pine tree and landed on the shepherd’s hook, pooped and hit the bulls-eye… the top of a starling directly beneath him. My question is how does a bird clean poop from its head? Rub its head against a branch? Rub against another bird? Wait until it dries up and falls off? How or what does a bird do to clean it’s head? :thinking:

I didn’t see any deer last night, but this morning there were plenty of tracks in the snow… all over!


This is really fascinating. The scientists were able to show natural selection of fur color occurring in a short period and they looked at both the gene mutations and the actual fur color to show the connection.

I just love it when fundamental concepts are demonstrated so clearly. A lot of the time results are messy.

The story behind it is interesting, with a local farmer giving up an alfalfa field for the experiments. See below (~10 min read).