2019 Jan to Mar - Animal, Birds & Insects


Milkweed is the sole food source for the Monarch butterfly larvae. As a kid I used to see milkweed all over. I remember breaking a stem open and seeing the bright, white milk. Of course back then I had no idea milkweed was really beneficial. Dumb snotty-nosed brat! :rofl:


The flock of Canada geese that seem to be wintering over at the river were honking away as they sat in the field just off the narrow woodlot separating the field from the river. A short time later they flew over to the mouth of the Coeymans Creek just above the Coeymans Landing Marina. I don’t think they’re going to migrate this year.

The flock of 14 or 16 robins looks like they either finally migrated or simply moved a little ways off. Haven’t seen or heard any of them in about two weeks - shortly before that last snow storm.

The hawks seem to be leaving the song birds alone for the time being. Even the blue jays are singing instead of their awful cackling and imitations of other birds - especially their imitation of the red-shouldered hawk. They had me going at one time, looking for a hawk when it was just one of them sitting halfway up a tree screeching. I wonder if I can get one to imitate a kid and call, “Ma!”, just like our Yellow Indian Ring Neck parrot did. She looked like a bright yellow banana with feet and a beak. :grinning: When she reached puberty she developed a scarlet red ring around her neck - hence the name. What a talker! I think her favorite thing was asking, “Wha’cha doin’?” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Donna and I still miss her and talk about her. She passed away in my hand while holding her against my chest while I lay on the sofa. She died of old age about 15 years ago. Wow! It’s been that long already? I buried her in our back yard right next to the house in the shade.


And yet another sign of Climate change and its affects…


Can’t blame the bears: they’re just trying to survive.


Exactly. We, humans, have caused this situation.


On Terri’s Link, you can get to " Deep in the South Pacific Ocean, researchers have located the final resting place of the USS Hornet, the World War II aircraft carrier sunk in a 1943 battle with the Japanese Navy."

Yeah, I know, this is for animals. Well, we’ll add marine life to the thread… The USS Hornet lies so deep that it has been largely spared from any marine life infiltration. It’s barely rusted.


Nice ploy… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And a hornet is an insect, isn’t it? :thinking:


Noooo, silly! I meant marine life… except, there’s no marine life as deep as the USS Hornet.

Had to sneak it in somehow… huff!


I think you are safe… rara avis = rare bird rara aves = rare birds…

The object described as U.S.S. Hornet was indeed a rare bird…


In one photo in the article I could see a couple of pinkish sea animals hanging onto the side of the deck to the left of an anti-aircraft gun. Spiny things they were.

I gave up on shoveling the driveway as I started to get a cramp in my lower right back and in my right leg. But I did manage to shovel once more beneath the pine tree for the birds in the morning. :laughing: I’m going to set my alarm (I’m sleeping on the sofa tonight.) so I can get up, make a cup of coffee and be outside to put out some bird seed before the morning rush starts at 6 to 6:15 AM. I still have about a 20’x80’/6x24 metre section of the driveway leading up to the carriage house, a 15’x 60’/4.6x18 metre piece of the driveway out to the street, the front sidewalk and the front walk from the porch to the street. And the car and what is cleaned off that. I had to give up at 10:35 PM. If it wasn’t for the muscle spasms I’d be out there until 3 or 4 AM and would have been done with it. When I walked inside and expressed my disappointment, Donna said, “Tomorrow’s another day.” Yeah right… Tomorrow morning I probably won’t be able to move! :grimacing: :laughing:



We look forward to cold winters as they help to reduce the population of the infamous Scottish midge - a tiny flying insect, the female of which requires a meal of blood before breeding. It appears that I am a particularly tasty little morsel and the bites bring me out in itchy lumps several times bigger than the insect itself.

Send some of your cold winters across here, please.


One of the reason why I like a lot of snow - and cold weather - is that it kills off a lot of deer ticks (and other species also). Helps to lesson the incidents of Lyme Disease among humans. A couple of years ago we saw a deer that the others seemed to shy away from. This poor thing looked like it had mange. It was in reality hundreds upon hundreds of deer tick gorging themselves. The deer was getting scrawny looking. We really felt so bad for that animal.

Speaking of deer… all night I watched for them and nothing. Between 11:50 PM and 1 AM I stayed inside using my laptop. When I went out onto the porch at 1 AM, there were 5 sets of deer tracks leading down from the privet hedges up by the carriage house. They walked beneath the pine tree, raiding the hanging bird feeders and foraged where I shoveled beneath the tree - my wife is still annoyed with me over that, saying I could have done one of the other walks instead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smiley: The tracks lead across my front yard and up the walk (the one my wife thought should have been done) and out to the street. They either headed across the street or went around the corner to hit up my neighbor’s side and back yards. From there they head to the woods - or up to my son’s house. :roll_eyes:

When I got tired of shoveling today I threw some more seed on the ground and set small piles of peanuts on the porch banisters. Once I sat down, some tufted titmice and chickadees flew in and started to help themselves. Odd that there hasn’t been any bluejays at all today. They would have polished off the peanuts in less than 5 minutes. :unamused: The cardinals, juncos and chipping sparrows had a lot to eat. :wink:


Those little blighter’s love my hubby and sister too :confounded: But they take one bite out of me and move on :rofl:



Unhappy Deer…


Happy baby


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: wish I could give that multiple hearts. The mama deer was so grateful for the return of her baby :hugs:


I took this off a YouTube video. It was a collection of cartoons with no discernible copyright notices. I thought this was funny.



Last night around 10 PM I went outside onto my porch. I could hear a little dog bark twice, pause, bark one or two more times, etc. Okay I thought, someone let their dog out and now it wants back in. It was 29.3F/-1.5C at the time. When I went outside again about 11:10 PM, I could here the dog again! It was coming from down the street. I mentioned it to my wife and said if the dog is still out in a little while, I was going to call the police. When I went back inside I got a little involved in something (and no… not my wife… (dirty minds!) :rofl:) and didn’t go back out to check on the dog until 12:05 AM. The dog was still doing its on and off barking, so I took a walk down the street to find out where it was. I found it up on a 2nd floor front porch, peeking out at me and barking. After I talked nicely to it (it quieted down), I walked home and called the police. An officer came down and rang the doorbell for over a half an hour while checking with the dispatcher about running several license plates of vehicles parked in the lot next to the house. At 1 AM the officer was still there so I walked down to speak with him. Just as we started to talk, a guy comes out onto the porch and asked the officer if there was a problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The officer asked him if he had been sleeping, to which the man replied, “no.” When the officer told him he had been ringing his doorbell for over a half an hour, the man tells him that he had his TV on and didn’t hear the bell. (Yeah… I believe that. :neutral_face:) When the officer told the guy that his dog has been outside barking since at least 10 PM, the guy says, “Yeah… I forgot he was out.” :roll_eyes: The officer looked and me and :roll_eyes: - not believing that for a second. So the officer tells the man because his dog has been barking since 10 o’clock, they’ve received complaints about it and suggested he bring the dog inside. He said okay and brought the dog in. The guy looked and sounded like he was either high as a kite (he is a known drug user) or he did fall asleep and never heard a sound. In the end, that little Chihuahua is back inside and warming up. :smiley: