2019 Jan to Mar - Animal, Birds & Insects


and fish…
one of the reports said the fisherman made Sashimi out of parts of the fish…


Ugly thing and eating them is yuck! From 2013 California:


I’ll stick to my ice cream, thank you. Now off for a second bowl of mint ice cream. :yum:


Looks like this is what you need @Jim7 to get rid of those stink bugs …




Not that unusual… most bears don’t sleep all winter… they get up if they sense really different (warmer) weather… and of course they occasionally simply have a call of nature and when both are over, they say
’ I’m going back to bed til it’s over '. This sounds like a bear was up for the latter and saw it was nice out and perhaps was wondering what the racket was about… ha ha… also depends on where they were located… south facing valleys on sunny slopes often see bears stirring earlier than most others… especially mothers… or moms to be!

Edit… that was about 65 km from Elkford where I was living and about 127 km from here… that’s straight line distance though not road mileage… ha… I feel better already…


Yesterday while the sun was shining and warming things up, the Canada geese seemed to be congregating down at the river, flying in from the south as well as they north. Looks like they’re keeping with their mates more and more rather than flying in large formations. The American robins were calling from the woods behind the carriage house most of the afternoon.

After dragging the snow off the ground beneath the pine tree in my front yard - and my wife had to catch me again :unamused: - and putting fresh seed down, all types of birds began showing up: titmice, juncos, chickadees, cardinals, chipping sparrows, bluejays and just a few starlings. A raven actually landed in the pine tree and called out for a few minutes before taking off and flying over the hill. A red-headed woodpecker seems to be going to nest in one of the trees across the street on the side of the hill. It’s been sitting in the same tree calling out for about a week now. Some hairy woodpeckers and several downy woodpeckers also showed up today for the suet cakes.

I made a trip to the hardware store in the village this afternoon to stock up on seed, cracked corn, suet cakes and peanuts (out of the shell). They were sold out of the black oil sunflower seed. I still have plenty of safflower seed yet. I only went up there for suet cakes and ended up spending almost US$80. :shushing_face: My wife would shoot me! :rofl:


FIRST DAY OF SPRING? This morning (1st of March) while sitting my the porch with my coffee, I was listening to two American robins calling from the trees behind the carriage house. Then, much to my surprise, the call of a redwing blackbird started… from the pine tree in my front yard! It called for several minutes before it and two other redwing blackbirds flew down from the tree to eat some seed below. I don’t think they got the word about the snow storm coming in Sunday evening. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now I firmly believe the birds’ migration patterns are slightly on the “bonkers” side! Canada geese and robins wintering over for several years, and now the redwing blackbirds three weeks early (according to “our” calendar).


Something strange is happening…first the oarfish above and now this…



I feel awful… Twice I went outside this morning, first at 2:25 AM and again at 4:10 AM, and both times I scared “Spike” away! Spike is the buck we watched grow up from a fawn a few years ago. His first year he grew “spike horns,” his 2nd year he had 5 points, 7 points his 3rd year, and this past season he had 10-points. He was eating some cracked corn, sunflower seeds (and safflower?) seeds I put out shortly before 4 PM yesterday afternoon. He was on my side walk leading from the porch to the driveway both times. I don’t think he’s coming back this morning. Early the night before when I went outside, the doe and the late fawns were out there. Yesterday morning I noticed tiny footprints where one fawn walked around the porch steps and helped himself/herself to some seed and cracked corn I had set out on a large patio stone under the steps. (The birds appreciate this when it snows… keeps the seed uncovered.) I really must remember to look through the windows before heading outside. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: My wife and I were just talking about the lone deer that I disturbed twice last night (see above). She told me it was out there shortly before midnight and was still out there when she went to bed. (I took a cat nap around 9 PM until 2 AM.) When I told her how it ran up toward the carriage house the first time and I said, “It’s okay, Spike,” and it stopped and looked at me, she asked me, “what drugs are you on?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I told her I realize the deer probably doesn’t know “spike” as its name, but may recognize the word… since I call it every time I see it. She just rolled her eyes and went back inside to make dinner. :unamused:


More and more blackbirds are showing up each day it seems… and now there’s cowbirds with them. I really don’t have anything against cowbirds - aside from the fact that they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests and let the other birds rear their young. The cowbird’s eggs hatch first, the babies grow a little faster than the other birds do, so the parents are run ragged trying to feed them all. Okay, that’s what I have against them, but they are nice to look at with their rusty brown heads and necks. :smiley:

The redwing blackbirds, American robins, cardinals and redheaded woodpeckers are all singing away this morning. Yesterday afternoon it seems was the pileated woodpeckers’ turn at filling the air with their song. I’ll be cutting pieces of jute and setting them out (for nesting material) very soon. Still working on more nesting platforms for the cardinals and robins, plus the girls now want to make “regular” bird houses with “pointy roofs.” :thinking: Now I definitely have to go to the lumber yard for boards. :roll_eyes:


Ian, I was re-reading though some of these posts and realized I didn’t respond to your inquiry about the red-headed pecker (North America) and the Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Eurasia & some). Here is what our red-headed woodpecker looks like and the Wikipedia link below it.
image image

And as a sign spring is truly here, when the Northern Flicker (medium to large woodpecker) shows up, you know spring is here! The male is in the left photo, the female in the right.
image image


Love the Northern Flicker…we have many.


Wow! Lovely birds, neither of which are seen here. Many thanks.


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Ha ha…can you imagine [that many??

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