2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


2019 - Jan to June - Random Thoughts


We definitely have lots of random thoughts.


Jan 1st bumping up this thread




@jim7 I don’t think these flavours are going to replace your usual ice cream flavours…


No they won’t. And I wonder what Taiwanese snow ice is - our regular snow cones we’ve been buying as kids… and making ourselves? :thinking: I’m going to have to BING that one. I wouldn’t mind having dragon fruit ice cream or ice milk. Dragon fruit is delicious and would make a nice change from cherry vanilla (to dragon fruit vanilla). Some foods are great one or two ways, but when trying to take the place of other foods in certain dishes (or preparations), they don’t always make the grade… unless some people “think” that is cool, chic, or the latest trend and will force themselves to eat it and proclaim how great it is. :rofl: I have always been game to try different and sometimes exotic dishes, but if it turns my stomach - and I have (had) a “cast iron” stomach - then it’s not what it’s being made out to be. And I had a couple of holes in my stomach to prove it. :rofl: (I had to give up my pickled cherry peppers and super hot pickles that an old Polish man made for me - by the gallon. :yum: I always kept a gallon jar of each in my refrigerator. Even opening the jars and giving them a whiff would make your eyes run like spigots, even if you didn’t lose your breath.)
I wonder what horse radish swirl (ice cream) would taste like. :thinking: :laughing:



This is quite the story after 46 years …


What? :rofl: (I was laughing for about 20 seconds after I posted that! Still chuckling as I write this!) :laughing:

Edit: I almost forgot… This posting is from an old newspaper from January 2, 1884. It was the Coeymans Herald. “Young ladies anxious to marry should bear in mind that a sealed proposal can be sent by mail for two cents.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ha HA …can you imagine :nauseated_face: ? Dragon Fruit is delicious so that flavour I would try! :yum:

Here’s one for you to try:




They are having a bit of a turf war regarding that problem… but did you see the part of that where they pointed out that this was staged for the video… they did NOT tow a real blocker… the Tesla towed a relatives truck (sister?) and recommends just complaining to the authorities for towing…

Good traction from AWD electrics though… and might have presented a solution to a problem we have here… got to think…


I am miffed by their type of protest…why protest against an electric vehicle that is cutting greenhouse gases for all of us :thinking: if they could come up with a better design for their truck…that is electric…and doesn’t cause us to “cough”…:nauseated_face:…if we are behind them…that would be a better idea!


Is that a Weddell Seal? Ăśber for seals!


No good here! I’d have to have it shipped to me - at a cost of US$32.25/half-gallon. My wife would not just poke me with her pointed elbow, but she’d probably bop me on the head with the ice cream once it arrived and she found the bill. I think I’ll save myself from the headache - literally - and will have to skip on this. Still, it sounds more like something my wife would enjoy than me. She’s really into cream cheese more than I am. :wink:


Was this the origins to mail order brides? :laughing:



Don’t they all do that… I mean brides all want to order their male… girl friends are bad enough…:rofl:


An unusual problem:


Seriously :astonished: there are actually angry anti-electric-car fanatic’s…clearly got nothing better to do, they need to get a life :smirk: