2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


I almost had to sign one of those once. When during the discussion I was asked where I currently work, I just gave them a blank stare. Finally the man said another, “I don’t think one of these is necessary. He’s clueless.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :crazy_face:

Edit: Note to self: If going outside when it’s below 17F/-8C, do not eat ice cream first! Wait until after you come back in. :cold_face: :grinning:


Seems like they’ve been working on this for 10 years. Every time I used to go through, they were working on a different section. Really good restaurant at Dallas Pike exit off of I70.



This weekend again the clocks change.

Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that does not follow DST, so we don’t change our clocks!



I got to thinking about orange barrel season. Here in New York the posted speed limit is greatly reduced in the work areas. Get caught speeding in a construction zone (there’s a lot of NYS Police around them) and your fine is doubled. Get caught a second time and it’s tripled. Get caught a 3rd time and your license is revoked… no ifs, ands, nor buts. Why can’t they do that with DWIs? Seems like every time you see someone on the news who got into an accident while DWI has had multiple DWIs offenses! Something’s not working here. And it usually takes a fatality before something gets done… or the politicians “go through the motions” to make it seem like they’re actually doing something to fix this.

I can remember many years ago, if someone stopped at a sobriety check point seemed to have had a little too much to drink, their car was towed to the impound garage, the driver ticketed and went sent home in a taxicab. The next day the driver could go to the police station to retrieve his keys, pay the towing/impound fees and be on his way. That was way back in time. Of course that was just for those who were deemed a little impaired. If you were stone drunk, this type of treatment wasn’t even within consideration. How times have changed… in some ways, but not in others. :thinking:


Can you imagine not stepping on Lego on the floor?


After posting to another thread, I got to thinking about how we English speakers use little “twists” and/or “stretching” of words that non-English speakers could/would be confused by. For instance, I used the long, drawn out written version of the word “so” (as “sooo…”). I’ve also used “no” in the same way. I’m sure there are many other words that we play with as we write, but some of them may actually confused our non-English speaking members. Maybe I (we) should consider this when we play with our own language? :thinking:


This was such a close call for the pilot and the driver…


Flown into there many times… That airport is starting to get crowded out… when I was flying, there were small buildings and not so many roads… now the area is getting developed heavily and the buildings won’t have made the air any smoother… but prone to turbulence… I have to look at that in GE because it has been almost nine years since I drove by there in a car… barely looks like what it did then… my airport where I trained was further west and was closed and gone by the time I left Toronto area… Never did like the way the city eats up the smaller airfields… Buttonville grew up and expanded but was under pressure to close even in the late nineties… but has survived… Seneca College ran a commercial flying program out of there, and the Air Ambulance base was there… both helped save the operation… For a long time it was the busiest airport in Canada… in terms of takeoff / landings. Not sure these days… I seem to remember the encroaching development (homes) demanded restrictions on operations.

Edit: been doing some looking… the plane is north of the local road 73 / 16th ave I think…

This is the north end of runway 33… first guess is that they were losing power on take off and following the old rule for takeoff… power loss on takeoff, less than 500 ft… STRAIGHT Ahead…
It is not absolute though… small discrepancies are allowed… such as when really low and faced with a lamp standard which is straight inline with the runway center line… the fact that they were low enough to drag a wing on the road says he wasn’t very high to start with… I can see that the car driver saw it coming before it shows on the camera shot… he was already slowing down to clear it… the car ahead kept accelerating. I’ve been doing a GE shot showing the line of estimated positions. from the video.
Given a typical glide ratio for various GA aircraft… 7:1 is fairly average… more if the engine is helping.
but given he is almost on the ground, that ratio would say it was about 50 feet up as far back as the runway threshold marker… on the runway… but that is a rough calculation… but I don’t know why he was there in the first place… but it wasn’t a landing error I think… wrong direction… the plane came from the runway… direction… more later.

Edit again: It was a touch and go that went sour… do a landing and take off again without stopping.
Still waiting to see more detail, but both instructor and student walked away… I’m guessing the wingtip drag started to skew it around and bounced the wingtip up when it hit the curbing… big credit likely goes to the live brush it harvested at the end… off camera… That’s what happened to me when I crashed the Jimmy… drove through the two trees and ended up lifted up by some scrub brush I mowed down and it pushed back but upwards lifted the wheels off the ground. There will be a report.


My random thought is I have no random thought today. However, I do have a question about web pages.


England 38, Scotland 38. A fantastic come-back by Scotland, having been 31-7 down at half-time, helps them to retain the Rugby Union Calcutta Cup! YES!


@Thistle I’ll have to see if I can find an online replay… sounds like a good match.
I’ve started watching the local Sevens in Vancouver the last few years… but don’t really follow it.

But a good one is always worth watching. Thanks for the information.



Thank goodness April the giraffe had her baby - 105 lbs/47.6 kg, 5’11"/180 cm tall. Now Donna won’t be commandeering my laptop. She did watch the baby drop (born) on my laptop. Once the front legs and head came out… plop! The baby just dropped down to the ground. Oh… and it was a boy. I guess most everyone on Donna’s Facebook feed was hoping for a girl.
Now to buy Donna a new iPad battery since she wore her down so much and now it take forever to charge and discharges fairly rapidly. Unless that was because of her having that live feed running 18 hours a day. :rofl:


I watched the first one she had…that was enough! :giraffe:


I hope the laptop survived. :rofl:


@TerriB, Donna has watched every calf she had. She even watched April being born. (I think she likes giraffes.) I wonder how long it takes before her calves are old enough to have babies of their own. I know… look it up. But I’m not really that curious. Maybe I’ll ask Donna to see if she knows. But maybe not. Don’t really care. :laughing:

@Thistle, Smarty pants. :smiley:


This is Aprils’ (fourth) corrected “fifth”, but only two have been on live streaming.
It takes 15 months for the pregnancy.
Females are 4 - 5 years old when they start to have babies, but males don’t breed until after 7 years old.


Ah, you looked it up! Thanks. Actually, I didn’t even bother to ask Donna if she knew. Now I am - after dinner of course! Corned beef and cabbage for the wee bit o’ Irish in me! :yum:


I had to…I’m not the giraffe expert in our family…that would be my daughter! :wink:


It’s April’s 5th per this site: