2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


I saw a couple of article leaders for two recent fashion shows. What the heck is wrong with these people? Most of the clothing (and lack of) what the models were showing looked like something you might see in a cheap sci-fi movie. Weird looking outfits! One model had a top on that looked like an over-stuffed sweater with arms that were too long. You couldn’t see her hands as they were up inside the sleeves. And this entire sweater looked like it had rings underneath the red material - which didn’t seem to match the lower part of the outfit either. Some of these “fashions” look like something a circus clown would embarrassed to put on. :laughing:


Well, that is one of the purposes for these fashion shows, to attract custom from the stage, theatre, tv and movie industries; it’s not just from the high street fashion industry :wink:


Don’t forget, HALLOWEEN! lolol


My daughter sent me a link to a YouTube video about teachers. I laughed out loud a few times - and almost woke up Donna. The video is 9-1/2 minutes.
The Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh While Teachers Cry

But this second one shows how stupid some high school kids and even college students are. Very scary! And some of the comments below the video are an added bonus!



Cool! Even managed to use legible cursive… that is, I, can read it… Seems not many these days could manage that, let alone write it… In my case though I could not guarantee legible. I would point out that they did miss the “.” but that could be written off as as simply terminating the instruction… I think I would have accepted either for an answer… also would accept 80 to 100 discrete words in cursive… I do consider the Write as specific to the assignment as opposed to Print or Type… so good there. Lots of creative ways to meet the instruction… but I’m barely awake this morning. In one wild thought I considered that I might have written ’ minus twenty ’ using an old joke about the difference between a CBer and a Radio Amateur… CBer says 10-4 Amateur say 6… they can handle the math @Jim7


It looks as though the only letter in cursive is the “d”. The other letters are printed and all of them are squashed together. But then I was taught the Palmer method of cursive… every letter is connected to the next and preceding letter… all one flow without lifting the pen/pencil. Even the double zeroes in “100” are touching. But as you say, you can read it. :wink:


How many of you can remember when - at some time in your “younger days” - you could stand on one foot and pull a sock onto the other? This morning I was sitting while putting on my socks and I found I still had to pull back on my knees to raise my feet high enough to slip the socks over my toes. :unamused: At first I did try to stand on one foot, but I nearly fell over trying to get the first sock on. And I don’t even have a large belly to get in my way. Still trim, but not fit I suppose.
And ever try pulling up your trousers/jeans only to realize you’re standing on the pant leg and as you pull up, you end up being “pulled” down and over? I think I’ll be sitting for that as well… :laughing:


I guess it is seeing the gaps that is the problem… or perhaps it’s just as close as one can get…
At least it isn’t what I would call printing… and still better than I produce… I still can’t read some hand written stuff that was considered properly formed… the little peaks and occasionally a taller or deeper blip with an odd looping… nor can I understand the fist clutch method of holding a pen / pencil…

As for putting on socks while standing… yes I can… and my boots including lacing up and tying.
only thing there is I recently adopted a different ‘bow’… just method of tying… but I have to admit they don’t come loose on their own any more… and that was worth the learning… only one failure since I started with that… and it unties when you want it to…


Boots… tying… and parachutes. Reminded me of an article I read some time ago about the first paratroopers finding out the hard way when jumped from the planes. Many had their boots ripped right off their feet, landed in enemy territory and were subsequently captured. The paratroopers couldn’t walk because their feet were practically frozen - it was the dead of winter when they jumped. Surviving paratroopers relayed the problem to the higher ups and a lot of research was done with various boot/lace designs, etc. to correct this “little oversight.” (Just a bit of trivia I thought I’d throw in there. :wink:)

I tried this morning to stand while putting on my socks and suddenly I was like a tree leaning waaayyyy over and ready to fall. Must be my lower back muscles. Guess I still have a lot of exercising to do on them.

And as a final random thought, around noon time today I heard on the scanner that a UPS truck was stolen. The driver had gotten out to deliver a package and someone jumped in and took off with it. I guess the bad guy didn’t realize each of those trucks has a GPS tracker on it so the company can know where each truck is at all times. It also gives the pencil pushers an excuse to determine whether or not an employee is delivering his/her packages fast enough. (I’ve heard a couple of them complain about that.) The NY State Police, Albany County Sheriff deputies and the City of Albany police were involved. Once UPS gave the latest GPS position, a state trooper found the vehicle at a Motel 6 in Watervliet (NY). Oops! :laughing:


It seems my son has inherited my trait when it comes to cursive writing, it slows him down and has reverted back to print. Which is great for me because now I can read what he writes so I guess his teachers can too :smile:

image Yep, I still can, even in the dark with my eyes closed…though I’m still a bit wobbly balancing on my left leg with the new hip, still needs some work on it :wink: The key to balancing is to keep your eyes focused on spot, once your eyes start darting about, you tend to lose your balance and fall out of the pose. It’s called the Tree pose…good one for learning balance. Just practice balancing on one leg with the other foot resting on the ankle, don’t even need to raise your arms and you could be doing that while outside watching the wildlife. Gives all the leg muscles a good workout…but don’t forget to switch legs too. Whatever you do to one side, you do for the other or you will eventually put your body out of balance.


Show off! :rofl:

[quote=“EmeraldEyes, post:192, topic:5835”]

Just practice balancing on one leg with the other foot resting on the ankle, don’t even need to raise your arms and you could be doing that while outside watching the wildlife. Gives all the leg muscles a good workout…

If I brought my foot up in that tree position, I would have immediate muscle spasms. I’d also have to grab hold of my pant cuff and pull my foot up that high. All my joints would be sounding “snap, crackle, pop” - just like the cereal (Rice Krispies). :grimacing:

Good that I don’t have to raise my arms. With thoracic outlet syndrome, my arms get heavier and heavier and finally I can’t raise them higher than my shoulders. As for the leg muscles, I’ll probably have leg cramps all night and be up pacing the floor. :smile: Oh! You mean you’re supposed to switch legs? Okay… when my leg gets tired I’ll tell my wife it’s her turn. I’ll probably get a cuff on my shoulder, but I like keeping her “on her toes.” :smiling_imp:

As for that link that says “It’s okay to fall:…”, if I fall then I have to roll over and get up slowly or my lower back will simply say, "you’re not getting up except for from this one position. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And to think I used to be able to stand on one foot at the edge of a roof of a 2-story house and install antenna masts and antennae - in the wind. I must have really been nuts way back. :crazy_face: (And I used to be able to limbo.)


May stick to chair yoga Jim :smile:

My son hurt his tail bone falling down stairs on the school bus. He’s at the body conscious stage because he’s put on a bit of weight and started do his weight lifting in his room. But he’s been complaining about not being able to do his sit-ups, so I found him showed him the armchair sit-ups exercise he could do in the meantime (he could even put a heat pad at his back whilst he’s doing it). I thought he would scoff at that but surprisingly he thought that was a good idea so he had me find him a few more armchair and bed exercises on the net that he could use 'til his back recovers :grin:


Ouch! My son - when he was little - slipped getting out of the bathtub and hit his tail bone. I never saw him spring up to a standing position so fast in my life! We had to buy a “donut” pillow and he had to use that on the school bus, all day in school and at home. Of course he was embarrassed sitting on it while on the bus and at school, but he knew he had to do it… even with a few smart aleck remarks from some of his friends. Once we had to drive to the school bus garage because he “forgot to take the pillow off the bus” when he got off. :roll_eyes:
Tell your son, even when it feels like his tail bone is healed, for a while longer there may be certain sitting positions that will let him know it’s “not quite healed yet.” (Kind of like my broken elbow - that I never went to the doctor for. :roll_eyes: Still hurts when I lean on it a certain way. What’s that you say? Don’t lean on it then? My wife is always saying that to me as a sort of “pay back” for the smart things I get her on. :grinning:)

Do they have exercises for “couch potatoes” as well? Not that I’m a couch potato. I don’t watch more than a few hours of TV a year, and that’s only when my laptop is down. But it would be interesting to see if they have an exercise one could while lying/sitting on the couch. I’m sure there would be many couch potatoes that would be happy to … ah… no they wouldn’t… that would require some effort on their part and destroy their standing as a true couch potato. Oh well…

Just be careful that an exercise doesn’t aggravate his injury.


It’s the second time he’s done it in the past year (though the last time wasn’t nearly as bad) so I’ve basically warned him, he should expect recovery time is going to be similar to most fractures-6/8 wks.
And I keep on stressing the point, that even though he’s being careful not to put strain or pressure on it…because it hurts anyway, but once that pain eases off, that’s when he’s likely to forget and risk further strain or injury if he push it. I’m trying to talk him into a weights gym, I’d feel more comfortable if he’d had professional experience to keep an eye on him that he’s doing things right…that’s a work in progress :roll_eyes:

Yes…hide the remote…and bin all their snacks :wink:


I mean without causing them an anxiety attack. :grimacing: Not that I know any couch potatoes personally, mind you. :roll_eyes: :grinning:

Edit: I just realized I do know a couch potato. One of my wife’s friends fits the description to a “T”! She lies on the couch most of the day watching TV… all the while munching on junk food. And she complains all the time about how she’s always putting on weight and can’t seem to lose it. Huh? :confused: My wife is always telling her to get out and go visit someone, or take a walk over to the pond and watch the ducks, or just get out and walk some. Her reply is that she “might” miss one of her programs on TV. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I guess she’s doomed herself to slowing increasing in size and slowly ruining her health - which is another thing she always seems to complain about. :neutral_face:


LOL, that must make me a showoff as well!

That’s how I started to retrain my balance mechanisms! They’ve just started running yoga sessions at work, and even with cr*ppy muscles and protesting painful joints, I can do most of the beginners poses we’ve gone through so far.

Yep, can do that. Not sure I’m quite ready for the other balance poses on that website though, they look a bit too advanced for me just yet.

Works for me for the poses I can’t do standing up (i.e. anything that requires weight-bearing through bent knees).
Any exercise is better than none - I have to try to keep muscles in vague working order somehow. I gave up being embarrassed or self-conscious about using aids a long time ago - if it helps, use it! :upside_down_face:


With most of the beginners’ poses, something will probably break! :laughing:

That’s me… I have a hard time standing up from a squatting position without falling over to one side. Seems kind of weird for a skinny person to say. Oh all right… not “skinny,” but not overweight (actually underweight… lost a lot of muscle mass since my accident years ago… about 30 lbs/13.6 kg… mostly in my arms and legs). But my tongue is still quite fit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I could do the others no problem up until a few years ago when the hip really started giving me gip. I’m now itching to get back into yoga but I’m my leg 6 months with my current exercise regime. Then I’ll go back to my old classes, the instructor there is very experienced so she’ll know best what I’m ready for, can’t wait :grin:


Be weary if she brings out the whip! :open_mouth: :laughing: