2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


I agree…they need to get a life!


@EmeraldEyes and @TerriB You mean like WE all have… staring at boring repetitive images for hours on end while trying to make sense of it all and still keep smiling and hoping for something better… ? :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:

Edit: I forgot @Jim7 and anyone else that fits the criteria… sorry.


That should get 5 hearts @Doug4 if I could give them.

I’d do more on those but I cannot SEE it.

BTW, I heard on Animal Planet that cats can’t see when objects get close, like 1 to 10 feet away.


That would explain my grandson’s comment he made a couple of years ago when he asked, “How come cats can’t see a piece a meat in front of them, but can spot something one the other side of the room?” I had also noticed that when I tried to sneak a piece of meat to Angel and she’d not notice it - even though I dropped it practically in front of her.



Has anyone driven the Inuvik-Tuktoyatuk (aka Dempster) Highway, Northwest Territories, Canada? I was looking at Google Earth and it looks wonderfully desolate!


Road trip! :crazy_face:


Years ago, had friends that went from Hay River, NWT…at that time the road was very very rutty, 4x4 type only, and even then not guaranteed you can get through, …not sure if it has improved since that time.


Yes! :grin::grin::grin:—————————-


I won’t type my current Random Thoughts… not polite…

As I was getting ready to collect Lynne to go have a few burgers nearby… a neighbour asked for a boost…
I tried to beg out, but you know the ‘but I’m handicapped etc…’ and he is… and late… been there done that…

Anyway I offered to put his truck on charger for a bit… (which I did later anyway…) and we set up properly to make connections etc… to avoid shorts… I advised to let the thing sit and charge for a bit, suspecting he was seriously discharged… he waited about 1 minute and tried again and again but the engine would not turn over… and then mine quit too… and to a little while after 9 refuses to even try… the starter is locked out, the instruments on critical systems are locked out… and I can’t even shift into neutral to push it back… which is also paralleled by the steering wheel lock being disconnected… etc. I did some testing after canceling on Lynne… and then playing for a few hours… Oh we started getting snow just a bit after that… so I packed it in shut down and put all under lock and key and then walked over to McDs by myself since I didn’t have a working vehicle to deliver someone else you know where… was still snowing when I got home… but I noticed that the guy managed to make my partial charge take hold… only 12.8 v but better than the near 10 he started out with… cllik click yes… start no. but he made it… to boot he went in to rest and warm up leaving me out there trying to figure out my problem and charge his… sigh… so NO COMMENT…

I’m just hoping I didn’t blow one or more onboard computer modules… the only one that works is badly scrambled… I’m hoping that a total disconnect for some time tomorrow and swapping out my other (Jimmy) battery will force a power down reset… I did find one article that sounded very similar to my situation…
worth a try… some secret sequence on power on… to reset at least one module to defaults… but enough to get the thing at least pushable with steering if not powered up… at least I made contact with the lady whose parking spot I’m angled across blocking her… she was understanding and I told her to use my spot and I would keep working on the why… checked lots of fuses and stuff… I’m now thinking his battery simple was so dead it drained my battery down , even while running, to a point where my system doesn’t have enough voltage to run properly… fingers crossed… but I need daylight to see properly… and a bit of warmth… so I can maybe do some shoveling if this keeps up… to keep warm, I never did trust that battery, but it was working ok before I got home minutes earlier and moved to beside him… but that little restart might have drained me down… Fun and Games…


:laughing: Oh Doug! That sounded like the time I gave a friend of mine a jump start. His battery was dead! We sat in my pickup for about 15 minutes to get at least a small charge in his battery before trying to start his car. It started right up. Beautiful, I thought. I disconnected the cables, threw them behind my seat, waved goodbye and headed off to the doctor’s office - a tad bid late. On the way home an hour later, I find my friend still sitting in the same spot along the road. I stopped and asked him - jokingly - if he also ran out of gas. His reply: “No, I have gas. But after you left I decided to shut my car off to see if it would start again.” :confused: I did tell him to drive home and put his charger on the battery for a few hours or until it was was fully charged. So I had to give him a second jump start… and this time followed him home. My one-hour doctor visit turned into 2-1/2 hours plus!
I really hope your computer modules are okay and a reset is all that’s needed. Things always seem to go when the weather gets cold and nasty. It’s an unwritten law machines go by to mess with us humans. I know! :wink:


Did you get going again? The good samaritan.


Quick comment on that… Seems he got going… but I’m still there… some ideas though and now covered in several inches of flurry… hhmmmmm.



Today’s theatlantic.com photo gallery. Some great photos of dinosaur statues (some hilarious).


No, thank heavens! I have heard from other truckers that it is quite washboardy in places-rattle your teeth loose.


We had a road like that here in town. You could stir your coffee just driving down the road! :laughing: When it got to the point where by the time you got to the end of the road and you had “pins and needles” in your legs, then it was time to call the town to have it regraded. :wink: The people living on the road wanted it that way so as to distract “leafers” (out of town people who drive around looking at autumn leaves) and such. They also wanted the road to be more in tune to nature as a dirt/stone road than one of asphalt. It was prone to washouts during the snow melt and torrential summer downpours and corresponding flooding. Still, it was easier to fix that road than if it were asphalt and had to be repaved. I bet you could even stir one’s hot cocoa and/or chocolate milk driving on that road. :smiley:


Can you imagine…and if it was indeed a plane…is that safe for a plane to have that much ice on it???


people have been known to play with trebuchets and even air powered cannons… launched at high angles the results could be similar… maybe they waited for a plane to fly over… or had a 10 lb block of ice loaded on a drone… and other possibilities… If you are a conspiracy lover… ha.ha…

Google pumpkin chucking… both air powered and catapults… I like trebuchets…


Here’s a something from a children’s nursery rhyme - Humpty Dumpty. It’s my understanding that Humpty Dumpty was actually a very, very large cannon that was mounted on top of an outer wall of a Scottish castle. When it was fired, the recoil knocked it off the wall. Because it was so heavy, “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could put Humpty together again.” Another version as to this how this nursery rhyme came about says that it was a French nobleman (Humpty) was faced with a rebellion of the people under his rule. The French king sent a small army to “prop up” the nobleman but failed to do so. The people won. So, “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again” (or restore him to power). Now I’m not sure which origin to believe is the one really behind this rhyme. :confused:

And I’m sure you all know that “Ring Around the Rosie” was about the Black Plague.

What were they thinking back then? Some children’s rhymes! Or were they just sadistic kids back then? :thinking: