2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


Potato launchers!

Yes possible. They have already traced a flight that went directly over their home about that time. I would think an analysis of the ice will show the CO2 of the jet fuel to confirm that part, but accountability by an airline company may be another thing. Who knows? Maybe this happen more often than we know.



The prime theory put forward was overflow from a water storage (fresh) or at worst gray water (non sewage) that flowed downward and collected maybe in a wheel well… and then climbed to altitude… very high very cold and froze… then coming into Toronto
it descended and warmed up a bit but only enough to get moist on the surface and not stick so much… and when they came into the approach, dropping the gear broke it loose… and off… there are other sources of ice of course but you don’t get lumps like
that, mostly small sheets that come free and get broken up by air velocity… as they fall…

I’d like to hear what kind of density it had… the colour sort of yells not to dense… lots of air or contaminants like soapy water…

time will tell… they probably asked him to freeze those samples for that purpose… got the fuse block moved and the cross brace for the fender… ha… still going to be tough to get that battery out due to space to grab it … I might see if I can borrow
or buy one of those strap handles that fit onto the battery posts… I’m spoiled and only buy batteries with handles… this was with the van…


Thank you, Doug. That reminded me that my battery handle is up to my son’s house… as well as my 75’/22.9 m 12-gauge power extension cord. It’s one of those with an idiot light on the end to show that it’s plugged in and has power. Those 12-gauge cables are a lot more expensive than the standard 16-guage ones - about double the price! And I believe there’s a brand new US$26 (+ 8% sales tax) hummingbird feeder up there I brought up so the girls can watch the hummingbirds. Maybe I’ll leave that there as an excuse to come up and see my little honeybunch, honeybunny and honeybee. That way I can run up to clean the feeder and change the nectar every week. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: Now I’m wondering how many of my tools are in my son’s shed. I did get my new grease gun and the tubes of high-impact grease, but more than likely he’ll be asking to borrow them again comes time to grease his quad, the plow for the quad, the snowblower and the riding mower. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, and now I have to measure the battery in the Honda Pilot and the new one I put in the Ford Taurus last September. I’m not sure how old the battery in the Honda is, but if the one in the Taurus fits, I’m swapping! The one in the Taurus is a stronger battery and is covered under warranty.


Possibility. Especially since the plane was on approach for a landing and the wheels would have come down.

Handles on the battery…good idea…


Okay all… last report til I give up…ha ha… I figure this is a better place to move the forum aspect.
Today summary so far… I have the van almost entirely in it’s parking spot but at a slight angle because we were tired out… pushing… Now have the batteries out of both vehicles, but the van cables need work, so that is next… I beat dark today, but just… that’s sunup to sundown and I’m tired… I was correct… the job is harder to describe than do like many things… but the sequence makes a difference… and most didn’t get it… much of the work is not critical, but I’d say that one or two things done at the right time will save a lot… like knowing that 4 of the bolts come out with the same combination of ratchet handle, extension bar and socket… even though you can use fewer for two, and such… why not just put it all together and do them at the same time… Solo operation… I found that a piece of cord about 4 feet long is hand to tie the fuse box to the hood once it is loose or even before as you loosen it… however, once tied up out of the way you don’t need anyone else to hold it allowing more space to work… and so forth… all that work I did working on maintenance trainer for the USN paid off… sequencing this was a cinch… I may do a slide sequence when I put it back… tomorrow… just have to reverse…not… really… taking something out is often different than putting it back.
For example, taking a cylinder head of an engine… no one uses a torque wrench to take things apart short of a major disaster… but you also NEED one to put a working engine back together if you want it to keep working. On some equipment you need to cut safety wires coming apart, but have to tie them going back… see… easy. but doable if you care… er… get paid, enough…


I had a saying when I was working and a smart aleck would say to me, “You don’t seem to know very much.” My reply always was, “That’s because I don’t get paid very much.” Then I continued to show this “smarty pants” how to finish the job he was doing without losing his fingers… or more. :wink:
Other times when someone would ask me, “What do you think?” I would always say, “I’m not paid enough to think.” Then we’d laugh. :laughing:

And as my late mother always said - regarding my father (and me?), “Goofiness never wears off.” Now you know my excuse. :crazy_face:


I suspect my late mom was on the same wavelength with yours… ancestry perhaps… but not family…

She always liked one she heard… “They say that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Around here Cleanliness is next to impossible!” Her stare was enough to know she was talking about Dad and me… I at least grew up… I’m now a very clean mess maker… junk everywhere (while looking for tools / parts etc… in a hurry) but if you cared to look, no dirt or dust… yep I dust my junque… and vacuum etc… then make more mess… oink.!


I had 4 motion LED lights that I had been using in different rooms while my wife was staying at our son’s house. I’m a little lazy in my “old age” as I would just as soon have a light come on when I walked into the room than have to turn it on myself. (Saves me a trip across the room to turn the lamp on and then back again to where I was going to sit. :sweat_smile:) Today she did some house cleaning before she went shopping. When I went to get the lamps to put them away, I spent 45 minutes looking for where she “hid” them. Of course they weren’t all together (something I’d do) but separated and in the most unlikely of places. I actually found one in the laundry hamper. :confused: I think she’s losing it… :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: And I was just scolded by the Discourse software because I have “replied to this person (@Doug4) three times already. Why not give someone else a chance to reply? …” :roll_eyes:


Sounds like you are the only one to hear from Discourse lately. What is it with the liaison with us plebeians? First we get a great communicator who works well for awhile then disappears never to return. Then we get a new one, and the same story repeats itself. We are mostly well behaved; a smidge silly after several hours of gazing at our screens, or contemplating the universe. Whimper. Of course we could be running low on campaigns that haven’t been placed into an algorithm. Whine.


Maybe - I didn’t even get to finish that first word and Discourse jumped in and told me I have posted more than 24% of the replies here - … now I forgot what I was going to say! Darned Discourse for interrupting! Bad! Bad! Bad! Oh yes! Maybe everyone is working to fill in for the loss of WV-4. DG may have had a project for a “paying customer” that needs data and one of the other satellites had to be re-tasked. Everyone could be very busy preparing that data. Now how does that sound for a possible excuse? :face_with_monocle: :roll_eyes:


I have been in this area, and like many streets in Paris, the close proximity of everything causes such a ripple effect when there is a gas leak/explosion/fire, etc.


Just testing the waters… seems fine today… so far…

I think you might have missed the point of the hidden lights Jim… IF they were all hidden similarly to the one in the laundry basket… the you might want to re-evaluate the meaning… I’m not even married… and I think I recognize that one as a HINT of the strongest value… :rofl: in fact maybe a dual hint… as in don’t leave your stuff lying around, and while you are pondering why I hid it in the laundry… GET TO WORK!

To the others following my tribulations I will hopefully get it done soon… just waiting for the fog to lift and some sun to appear to bring it up to 2C / 35 F… my hands are sore from the cold… and of course my ‘un wife’ wants a ride as per our normal Sunday… so I need to at least try for that… but it is looking good… even the old battery is charging somewhat… but the voltage is only a portion of the function… delivering current is the other… and at the required voltage… that’s why I want to try the Jimmy battery in, which is what the original plan was… the van battery has a tag saying 1995 which is a way back… if that was when the bat was made or even a few after… but unlikely before… I moved here in 95 (BC that is) over twenty years wow… so I know how that bat might feel… the Jimmy bat is from 2014 or 15… so much newer, but who knows about better or not… might have a pic or two… but the ones showing the hidden battery and it’s hidey hole and the one with the battery removed and the cover lifted might be the best… no pics of the move though… too busy. at that time… I’ll have got them partly ready, but need to move them to this computer via thumbdrive…


My wife does this to me all the time… moving this and that… not saying she’s moved them or where to. I usually end up buying new, then come across what I had been looking for 4 to 6 months later if I find them at all. :roll_eyes:

I’d say that battery from 1995 has lived out its life. That’s really stretching it! I think you’re due for a new battery for the van - or a swap with the Jimmy battery at least. Hope you get your situation remedied before it “starts” to get cold. :wink:


@Jim7 Well I committed to the Jimmy Battery, if for no other reason than to give it some exercise…

I can switch it back and forth fairly easy now… I had it mostly on the finishing stages then realized that in the dark I had let a wiring harness get on the wrong side of the fender brace… and had to back track a bit to deal with that… and during that rework lost a bolt from the brace… looked as much as I could with flashlight since it was now dark… but I have the end bolts in now and all the connections made… by this time I had an audience of people who knew the situation and the possible out comes… oh… I guess I should present the outcome somewhere about this time… I’m very tired…


down… just to stop looking ahead


ah heck, I have no idea what I’m doing that for, since you wont see the same thing I am…
So I’m just going to say it…


So Far… I tested the functions as much as I could with cold hands and nearly hallucinating,
But other than lost memories on some functions (expected due to hard shut down) I haven’t seen anything new… of course a few things have changed a bit… I found one or two switches defaulting to weird settings… bugged me when I tried locking up… I suspect some of my helpers turned switches while it was off…
or the computer does that… for me… ha.

I’ve had it… tried to stay awake, even did a couple hundred fire polys… just now… but think I’ll pass on the exit session til tomorrow…


Sounds like I had a better day than you. After I did a few tiles on H. Maria and checked out the forum while having coffee - which I took outside while I fed the birds, I headed to the hardware store for a few items (and extra bird seed :shushing_face:). After puttering around in my workshop and then in the basement, I took a quick break to run up to my son’s house to see if he had the blades to my circular saw. The only thing in the carrying case was the saw and two stone cutting blades… and nothing mounted in the saw. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I also couldn’t find my 75’ 12-gauge power cord. Figured all that went up there over the summer… which it did. My son and I looked around for a while and then I remembered… When the contractor was doing some work this past summer, the panel blade he had was dull and was burning the panels and not cutting straight. I ran down to my house and brought up my blades. :roll_eyes: I guess I forgot to remind his crew that these were my blades. Duh! My son had been using my power cord in the garage and left it there while the other crew was also using the garage for cutting, etc. Looks like they picked up my power cord when they left. :unamused: So it looks like in the morning I’ll be running into the next town for new saw blades (panel, rip and cross-cut). The power cord can wait a while as I do have many more, just not 12-guage. I got to see my granddaughters and their new nanny (Au Par). Two of the three girls are sick and throwing up. Well, at least the oldest is still vomiting. The youngest stopped some time this morning. The middle girl is just getting over being sick. (She’s the one who gave the stomach bug to her sisters. :shushing_face: :laughing:) The nanny is very nice - in person. I did meet her on Facetime. She’s 24 years old and is from Columbia. A very nice girl. I told her she came a week too soon - arriving to a houseful of sick kids! :rofl: She just laughed and agreed. Now to enjoy some time off… as long as my “honey do” list stops growing by the minute! :hushed:


Hopefully not the H1N1 strain crossing my country. Children are particularly susceptible to this strain.
Health authorities across the country are warning parents to go back and get their children from 6 months and up vaccinated with the flu shot.


Right now I feel both stupid and embarrassed. At 5:45 AM I woke up with an odd thought. That circular saw I got out of my metal box was my old saw that my son had used to cut a deep groove across his driveway when we installed a new section of the invisible fence (buried wire that emits a radio signal to a receiver on a dog’s collar to warn it if it gets too close to the property boundary). My son had purchased me a new saw which is in a heavy black plastic case. Duh! At least now I don’t have to run to Lowe’s and waste money on new blades. :relieved: I can save that money for a couple of new table saw blades. :wink: Still haven’t a clue as to where my 12-guage power cord is though.


One of my rules of search… and it works…

NEVER look for what you are looking for… look for something ELSE.

I was always taught (and teach sometimes) is that fixating on one image of what you seek is a bad idea…
Remember MH370… everybody seemed to be looking for a plane, intact… and that was what people saw…

I remember a lot of us found and identified a whole lot of junque floating in the ocean… much of it lost cargo or in the one area it was pieces of Indian Space Agency rocket boosters and stage separators… and such…

My friend with the park model mobile home up in Elkford, has a lot of books… he asked me as I was unboxing and shelving a bunch of them to look for his Latin textbook… so I did… he described in as such and such size normal for our high school text books AND it was medium Blue… I wish he could have told me the title… I could have told him that he was wrong… I used the same textbook in school and it was gold cover with black image and titles… In fact I recognized it as the one I used and asked him it THAT one would do for his needs instead… THEN he said it was what he sought and had me looking for… grrrr…

Also found a lot of good stuff while just in the bush searching as practice… my little camera is in a Pelican box that was just sitting by the side of the road… actually about 20 feet to the side, but I was walking the edge and saw it… checked it out for ID… nada… and for damage… scratch or two nothing major.

I mentioned it to the RCMP up there and to the tourism office since it was likely that someone took a pic pause and walked away and forgot it… or it flew off the roof / hood or tailgate of something… dirt roads there do that to things that aren’t tied down…


So did you find that bolt you dropped when swapping the battery in the van? :wink: Maybe some day I’ll find my soldering pencil and stand. It only took me a few - several - months to find the metal box with all of my soldering, heat-shrink tubing, needle nose pliers, wire connectors, etc… And it wasn’t at my son’s house where I used it last. It was at my own house - I did bring it home - sitting in a paper bag along with a few things my wife asked me to bring home and put on a shelf in the basement. It must have been late when I got home with that bag and never bothered to take my soldering supplies out. If I can only figure out where that soldering pencil it hiding. The new pencil I bought is a lot longer and I hate it! It’s really no good for close up work and it’s like trying to eat with a sword instead of a much shorter fork. Way to long for small electronics! I’d probably burn the side of my face trying to see up close. :unamused: