2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


@Jim7 I was a bit chilled when I dropped it and it dropped straight down and made a clank when it hit and stopped… since I was more interested in finishing and seeing if it worked I finished and left it one short.
Can’t stay like that for sure, but last night it was considered… while cleaning up I did take the time to use a flashlight to look underneath the vehicle on the ground even before I parked it… and on the inside, I just did not see anything at all in there, but it was all sloping to the center of the area and under the engine… At that time I had had it and needed food etc. after warming up… so inside, microwaved a cup of coffee I started earlier and just sat… after warming up… then it was off to McD’s a few minutes walk in the fog…

Today I was expecting to drive Lynne to the usual appointment but we had talked about going to brunch buffet before the appointment… but we both slept in and decided to vege a bit more and do the usual after…

I was over there a bit early to her place, let her know I was there and opened the hood to look again…
With a nights rest and some decent food I looked down and it appears to be sitting in plain sight… and in a safe location so I left it and we did our thing… I’ll get it in the morning when we get daylight. Meanwhile I also found my retriever magnet… so I’m probably going to have it back in soon… but we’ve been having icy fog in the mornings and early evenings (local events). also have to tighten down the fuse box a bit… I want to price a 10mm box ratchet… maybe even just at the resale store… if I can… near the McD’s…

Soldering irons are really personal in my mindset… or even out of it… Much like knives or swords (I’m guessing there) but feel and balance plus heat range count… also what you use it on, and where you use it.

So you got my agreement… I had to buy another one recently to replace my old weller… you could change heat elements and tips on that… one… and the model had stood up well for generations… Now having problems finding parts at all… they are probably tons out there, so I have it still but bought one with a stand and wet pad… dual heat… got that at Canadian Tire across the street…at the mall… works okay… I used it to fix the key fob remotes that had failed for the van…

Last comment… I did this with a new post… only put the @ thing with your ID

and got this immediately after that… the Let others join the conversation and so forth… plus the Are you sure… etc…

Personally I think we all take the time to share the space… including all the PM stuff that would away from hogging space.

Thankfully those notes are generated by the software… with little knowledge of how many people are actually on here, registered yes, but active? I looked at a new award I got lately… and I believe it is evidence that we actually share pretty well… even if a few of us do produce a lot… I think that if there wasn’t some activity for people to read, there would a larger exodus from the site… so I guess we just try to share… but also stay checking polys… I just reached 4k on the fires… should be able to do more when I recover… and get rid of this cold I caught…



That’s what I had, a Weller - replaceable copper tips and it was slightly longer than my hand from my wrist to finger tips. I had pointed tips and chisel tips (straight and angled). This new soldering “sword” is as long as my forearm and has a stainless steel tip. Huh? Solder doesn’t even stick to it. It’s like taking a hot knife to a stick of butter. The solder seems to melt and flow away from the tip. I feel like I’m an artist trying to paint with a brush that’s as along as my leg. That’s the feeling I get when I use it. It do believe I’m going to buy another replacement. It’s just that I was in a hurry when I ordered this on and “haste makes waste.” :unamused:

Edit: How’s this Doug? Just for “sh&ts and giggles” I went up by the carriage house where I parked the Ford Taurus over a month ago to see if it would start. I didn’t really expect it to start with all the short hops we’ve made with it - not enough to replenish the energy it took to start up each time. I really thought it would just grown a bit and not fire up. But when I turned the key there was but a slight hesitation and barroom! It started! I definitely think I’m going to swap this battery with the one currently in the Honda Pilot. I keep on forgetting to look at that one to see if the month/year indicators were pushed out when it was installed. I really have no idea as to how old the battery is. Not going to take chances especially since the Taurus battery was just purchased in September. Maybe I’ll keep the Honda battery as a spare and top off the charge every couple of months.



I can think of times when a slippery tip might be useful, but I wonder what the intended uses were for that model… do you have the box / instruction set… Company and Model number…
The one I got was a made overseas and sold with the Seller label… also does not seem to interchange heating elements, but can get tips…

I wonder if the one you got there was designed for desoldering using wick or a sucker device… times you don’t want the solder to stick, but move away quickly to the wick or up the sucker and not to the tip…
Odd… one of our new hams in the area is doing design work using Surface Mount tech… tiny stuff that…

He uses a hot air device to do that work… and a strong magnifier… on a stand…

My Weller was model that had a pale blue handle, and could screw in and out various heating elements and the tips as well the default ones were a silvery matte finish over copper… I remember it took me a while to get used to those, but they did fine… they cleaned up with a sponge pad… by brother ruined one set by filing the finish off… and still had the problem… I had one element burn out, and the replacement doesn’t work either… puzzle since the dead one doesn’t heat but shows continuity as good… both were working… I just haven’t explored that further yet and bought the new one. which is fine…

Watch out for portable solder irons… I got one for my mobile radio repair kit… it’s 12 volt and plugs into the cigarette light outlet… one time I used it and then put stuff away… all the outside cords and tools for sure…
then I saw the iron sitting in it’s holder on the hood where I was working… All the extensions are put away so no power right? Guess who picked it up… by the hot end… ouch. Someone also dropped it instantly and cursed a lot… then unplugged it from the cigarette lighter and let it cool other than that it was a good tool.
also had the shiny tip style… I wonder if you need to modify your technique a bit… I had to when the solders and such changed a while back suit modern needs… I never used to use water pads… to clean the tips.
but it isn’t hard to do… The new solders seem to work okay with either system… safer to breathe the flux fumes I suppose… had to learn to use a bulb type cheapy solder sucker… which is where the slippery tip thing would come in handy… and might be the reason for change… or maybe the tips need to be pickled in acid first time… Got to go bolt recovering and the mall now…



I’ve been soldering since I was 14 years old and every soldering pencil and gun I’ve ever had had copper tips - which before you first used them, you’d “tin” the tips by heating it up and applying a little solder to it. Cleaning just required a quick wipe with a cloth or rag. Being copper seemed to allow faster soldering as it the tip would both melt the solder and drawn it to the point of contact. This seems to work in the opposite, although it is called a “soldering pencil.” I think I’m getting a new pencil for my fine work. My 125-250 watt gun is way too hot for the fine work. So here I have all the parts for a couple little projects and will have to wait until I get a new one.
Don’t feel too bad about grabbing the tip and getting burned. Back in '75 I put my hand through a window and almost lost 3 fingers. After 5 years of 10 operations to save/rebuild them (tendons included), I could finally work on electronics again. The only problem was that I have no feeling in the tip of my middle finger down to the first knuckle. So the very first solder joint, I set the pencil in it’s holder and was installing another part. Suddenly I smelled something burning… stinking… Looking over I noticed the tip of my middle finger was touching the tip of the hot soldering pencil. When I moved my hand the tip was actually stuck to my finger tip! I had to pull it free which left a hole in my finger tip. Didn’t hurt, but it did take many months to heal. :unamused: Human flesh stinks when burned. :laughing:
Remember when rosin core solder was good stuff? A good ratio between silver and lead for electronics. And it wasn’t that expensive. I always bought mine in 1-lb/.45 kg spools. And I had 3 different diameters. The last time I purchased solder I only bought a small tube (coiled solder) because of the price - the same price as the hefty spools I used to buy. I realized that cost increase over the years, but over 1000% (maybe 2000%?). I still have a spool of acid core (50-50) solder in the basement. I haven’t had a use for that in over 40 years. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Got to go… the wife’s standing in the doorway (with the vacuum running) staring at me… :hushed:



Just to add more tension to Monday morning, our entire phone system across the province, lost long distance and toll free numbers, from either your land line or cell phone until later this afternoon …people were :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:



Sorry, Terri… I forgot to let you know it was a stomach bug. The girls were taking turns vomiting. Brianna, the youngest - fared the best. She was only sick to her stomach overnight. (Not good for mom and dad, and most likely woke up Melissa (their Au Par). Eva, the 5-yr old didn’t have too much vomiting (6x?), but Olivia, the 6-yr old had it late at night and throughout next day. The “dry heaves” really got to her, making her cry. My poor little girls.
When Eva, who got sick first, took a drink of water - we gave her a small thermos bottle to use - we kept on telling her to put it out of reach of Brianna (1-1/2 yr. old). It seemed like every hour, on the hour, my wife or I would find Brianna walking through the house drinking out of her sick sister’s water bottle. :hushed: That would explain how Brianna got it. Still trying to figure out how Olivia got it. Unless one of the girls drank from her cup. :thinking: Anyway… Olivia and Eva are back in school. We’re relieved, so much so that grandma just had to go see “her girls” this afternoon after I got back in town.
I had to make a trip to Lowe’s for some lumber for a “small” repair job in the basement… behind the furnace. It’s hard to get something done when the heat and furnace kick on and the exhaust pipe running over to the chimney is hot as you know what! :sweat_smile: And because of all the heating pipes running this way and that, I had to cut every down in half in order to fit up over the shelf and between pipes and wall. The shelf runs around 3 walls. This is in the old 1800’s part of the house. The cellar doubled as a kitchen and cold cellar for the chauffeur to the original property owner (who lived in a very big house just above me). Instead of a quick repair, I ended up having to make a frame (also in sections) and install that in pieces. (shaking my aching head). Of course I couldn’t find my case with my battery operated drill/screwdriver. After looking all throughout my workshop and basement, I ended up running up to my son’s house seeing if I may have left it up there. Nope! Back to the house and I went through my workshop and basement again. Nothing. This giving me an excuse to sit with a cup of coffee (and watch the birds), I tried to figure out where in tarnation I used it last. Duh! It hit me. My wife asked me late last night to do something in the master bathroom and I couldn’t finish before she went to bed. Sure enough… that’s where I finally found everything! :unamused: I wasted almost an hour and a half and wore my legs and lower back out going up and down stairs multiple times, bending over, moving this, moving that, then putting everything back again. Arrrgh! :angry: And this just after I went through a similar ordeal looking for my circular saw the day before! My wife keeps on telling me I’ve lost it. I keep on telling her it’s a lack of snow. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Glad that is it, and they will feel much better in the next day or so!



I didn’t have any luck with the bolt… it either fell out of it’s not as safe as I thought roost… or hid a bit better since I could not see it today… but then I didn’t see it the first time I looked… might just be somewhere that needs it to be dark… anyway starting to search my bolt box for a replacement… everything else is still good, even the fuse box is tightened up… I can always buy one… sigh. but haven’t given up…



I remember dropping a bolt in the dark. Looked all over for it with a flashlight - on the ground. No joy! The next day I began looking on the frame and everywhere something was fixed to it below where I was working. Just as I was ready to give up, I spotted the head sitting right in plain sight on a pile of gunk on the edge of the frame. Of course it was in a spot where I couldn’t get my hand down to it. And my retriever magnet was nowhere to be found. I decided it would be faster just to have my son run to the village NAPA store and buy me another magnet. When he got back (while I had my coffee), it took but 3 seconds to snake the magnet down between everything and retrieve the bolt. Of course, a few days later I found my telescopic magnet lying inside my tool box against the front wall but beneath a long wrench. Go figure. I had been looking in the wrong drawer. Turns out my son had borrowed it months before and he returned to my toolbox and into the wrong drawer. Guess I was looking where I keep it and should have checked every drawer.- which at the time I thought there was no need… since I never kept it in the drawer it was hiding in. :roll_eyes:
On one other occasion, I dropped a nut down into the engine compartment. That darned thing must have bounced off several parts and ended up on the lower part of the I-beam back by the transmission. And I had been working from the front of the vehicle. I ended up getting a replacement nut out of my supply in my workshop, only to come across the nut - still sitting nicely - a couple of days later. I thought, “I can’t believe this thing didn’t fall off while I was driving!” But then my wife is always telling me I drive like a little old man. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hey! I was doing the speed limit… not over it like she and my daughter do! And I don’t snap one’s head back when I take off either - someone who’s standing behind me at the moment! :laughing: (Duck!) :hushed:



I just heard a call on the scanner for a 29-yr old who overdosed on heroin. He’s at the New York State Thruway tollbooths at the Coxsackie exit. I wonder how long it took them to drive from the last exit to this one. I hope he gets through this. I had a neighbor who OD’d on fentanyl-laced heroin. She didn’t make it.



This is a world problem…too many are dying. They had a documentary on last year about Hastings Street in Vancouver. and the daily toll it took on Paramedics to constantly attend these types of overdoses. Hastings Street is home to many drug addicts. Carfentanill is now mixed in these drugs. … this is a opioid used by veterinarians on large animals such as elephants. I have trouble believing that somewhere a vet or the company that produces this drug is not aware that it is being bought by the “wrong people” who are then mixing it in street drugs. They don’t care about the end user’s death, as long as they can make money! A speck, not visible by the naked eye, of Carfentanill will kill you. This drug is coming from overseas . The “real problem” is stopping those ships from overseas from entering our waters and offloading these drugs into our countries.

Locating these ships would certainly be a useful campaign.



I believe it was within the past or two that China finally declared a drug illegal - one that had been being manufactured there and shipped around the world… which was outlawed by most of the countries it was being shipped to. I almost want to say it was a form of Oxycontin, but I may be wrong… even way off. It was some time since I read that. Sometimes it seems information is a little like food - in one end and out the other. :roll_eyes: Did I say that out loud? :innocent:



Scam phone callers…you just got to love them…they can provide so much entertainment :laughing: I got 2 scam calls earlier today supposedly from BT telling me there was some kind of fault with my internet connection for the past couple of days that I wouldn’t be aware of and basically they were going to sort it and asked was I at or have access to my internet device (could hardly understand what he was saying :roll_eyes: ) Of course I just burst out laughing and wished him luck trying to fix it … 'cos I’m not with BT, and then I hung up :laughing:

When the second one called an hour later, a woman this time, I said oh good are you phoning to let me know you’ve fixed your problem now. Poor woman was confused so when I said a man had only phone an hour ago the line went dead :smirk:

Anyway I’ve reported it to BT and had a good laugh with the guy there about these scammers and the games we love to play with them. Now I don’t know if I’m allowed to this or not but for the benefit of UK members the scam phone number which came up on my phone is 01699741803. I dare say it’s ok as it’s just a scammer’s phone number…and who knows, they’re might be some other cats on here who like to play with their food :laughing: BT said that although the area code is somewhere in Wales, it’s actually coming from Canada, probably bounced around the globe and originating from somewhere in Pakistan or India no doubt…judging by the accents :wink: The guy did try to explain how I could get the number block for future but I said where’s the fun in that and it’s their phone bill they are paying for my entertainment if it were Sky they’d be charging me an additional cost for such entertainment :rofl:



Many times the displayed numbers are spoofed. Once in a while I get a call from an area code “000” or “01” and I laugh and tell my wife, “That person from the Moon is calling again!” Next time you answer a call, listen to what they say and then you say in a serious voice, “Do you know that I make flying saucers for a living?” Then see where the conversation goes from there. :crazy_face: Another stopper to use: “I’m really not supposed to be using the phone because I bite people.” Come up with a bunch of crazy stuff to interrupt their flow and have a great time with them. Eventually they’ll give up and you’ve had a good laugh. :wink: And if you start laughing while they’re on the phone, just say, “I’m sorry, but I’m having sex right now and my partner is tickling me.” Immediately follow that with, “That won’t fit in there!” That should be a show stopper!
Be crazy and entertain yourself at their expense. Have fun! :crazy_face:



Yes one method they are using is educating the physicians on prescribing other pain drugs other than Oxicoton…which is highly addictive. These other drugs will take away the pain Oxicoton is used to control, but are less addictive. Unless they really make a dent in the “demand” the drug companies will continue to manufacture.

Same as Carfentanill…until they find another drug to use…it will be available.

Unfortunately the same goes for the “chemist” that laces these drugs into street drugs. Once you move from one, they will find another that is profitable for them.



Here’s a random thought… I used to know all the words to “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer” in Spanish… Now I can remember only the first two lines of the song. :thinking: :crazy_face: :laughing:



The first time I tried playing with these scammers it was an insurance one saying they were aware I’d been in a car crash, I told him he was correct ( that got his interest) he then asked what injuries I’d sustained so I told him I’d lost both legs, both arms and the power of speech…then I had to hang up as I was laughing so much :laughing: One of the last ones 3 others died in the car with me, the poor woman caller was genuinely shock and sympathetic…and then I told her she was now talking to my ghost :laughing: No Mercy :smiling_imp:
Oh, I’ve told such tall tales to them people over the years, I’ll never get to heaven angeldevil



I’m sure you’ll have plenty of company! :innocent: :roll_eyes:




Now that’s something @Helen could do when she’s on holiday - again…

And happy anniversary! I see that cake after your avatar. What? No ice cream? :hushed: