2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


Thank you…no ice cream…!!!



Don’t forget looking for the wire mesh :laughing:



There’s this company that sells bots that will answer the telemarking calls, mess with he calller’s mind and then record it so you can laugh later at your leisure. Here’s one of the bots in action:



Here’s another one🤣



I really liked that second call! It had me laughing several times. That was almost as good as the ex-IRS agent that had a scammer on the phone for an hour! I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. That guy was great! Now I’m laughing just thinking about that. :laughing: I almost wish one of those guys would call this minute. I love messing with them. There was one caller who asked me if I knew my credit score. I told him, “of course I know what it was - it’s zero! Because I don’t owe anyone any money!” The poor guy laughed and had a hard time regaining his composure to continue. I love it! :smiley:



I just had thought about these scam phone calls, they could making a business out of all these scam calls…legitimate…if only they knew how to :laughing:

Now here’s a comedy sketch about spam email you might enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QdPW8JrYzQ :laughing:

Now that’s given me another fun way play…if only I got spam email…off to check my daughters email now 'cos I know she gets a lot :smiling_imp:



That was funny! Now you have me hooked… Between H. Maria tiles I’ll be watching some other videos - like “How To Unsubscribe” (James Veitch). Thanks. :roll_eyes: Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do! :laughing:



What about “combing” that area with a dirt rake (close together tines). You might just pull the bolt forward enough to see it better.



If I tried that, I’d probably bury the bolt. :grimacing: :smiley:



Thanks for that! It originally was seen on a ledge inside the frame… but a close view in daylight the day after showed that it was not where I saw it… We had to use the vehicle and it probably came off somewhere…

Anyway, I have a magnetic probe / retrieval device and have tried poking in the shadows with that… and a very strong magnet on a rod that I use to ‘sweep’ driveways etc… neither worked… but the drive was quite a ways from here mostly… so the hope would be that it is stuck in there still… Anyway, it was eventually more convenient to walk a short distance and buy a new one… not expensive… the auto supply simply wasn’t open when I lost it… all is good and the van works to boot! Only downside is that I now have a cold, sniff,



Yeah!!! Good work!!!

Hopefully that goes away quickly!



You have one too? Did you make that yourself. I made one for myself to go around the house after we had work done (i.e.: new roof, an exterior wall replacement (with window), etc.). I just wish there was a better way to find aluminum nails - other than by hand while walking around in a squatting position. That kills my knees and lower back. :thinking: Upper back as well. :laughing: Six months later I’ll still come across two or three more that I missed. Had to do the same around my son’s house when he had a new roof put on, and then again after the addition was built. Couldn’t let the dogs step on any nails. :grimacing:

I’m glad to see you got finished with that project. Sorry to here about the cold you “won” for your efforts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Would that be looking for bottles with messages in, or actually WRITING the messages and stuffing them in bottles? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:



You could always do both! Search for bottles first - you wouldn’t want to keep on finding your own bottles (or would you) - then write your messages while relaxing in the sun (or rain/snow… whatever :hushed:) and then “hiding” them inconspicuously in plain sight for others to find… and toss a few out to sea (adding to the pollution. :open_mouth:).



Look up “Message in a Bottle”…there was a message put in a bottle in 1959 that was found in 2013. It was to study the ocean currents.



I read an article about a Captain who, while traveling the Pacific, made meticulous measurements and put them on notes in bottles and cast them overboard - while studying the currents, depth, temperature, etc… That was an interesting article (if only I can remember where I read that).
Edit: He was in the British Navy is the early to mid-1800s.



Never! And in all the times I’ve been walking along the beach (whichever one I’m on at the time), I’ve never actually found a bottle with a message in it.

What instantly came to mind when I read this was the pop single by The Police, of the same name… can’t get it out of my head now! :exploding_head::crazy_face::dizzy_face::musical_note:



Then I’m NOT looking that song up! Hey! Let @EmeraldEyes know about that song. She likes having such things stuck in her head… and then passing them on! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Then just use a broom Jim :roll_eyes:



Emptying the bottles first of course :wink: