2019 - Jan to March 31st - Random Thoughts


You can’t pick up nails out of a lawn, between box woods, arborvitae, or flower gardens with a broom. I could spend half a day trying to work just one nail out… or is that what you’re trying to get me to do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:



Yeh, too late Jim, it’s already stuck no5



Then rake them up, anyway, what are aluminium nails doing in your flowerbed…are they good for the soil/flowers or somethin :laughing:



The roofers dropped them. I can’t rake without pulling all the stone away from between the shrubs and taking a chance on tearing out some flowers or the caladium, etc… Best just to do it the old fashioned way - hire a kid! Problem is it’s hard to find one that will do it - and do a good job… whether for free or for pay. As the saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Is that why I always ask if I can fly the plane? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I have a horse shoe magnet on a string supposed to be handy for picking up pins when box gets tipped over. I don’t think I’ve ever used it yet in all the years I’ve had it…can never find the darn thing when I’ve needed it and end up on my hands and knees scooping them up and sliding my hands over the carpet 'til the stray ones stab me :confounded:



Try sticking it to a magnet. :rofl: Had to say it. Just had to. I hate it when I drop a staple I just removed and it “disappears” into the carpet until a few days later when it finds the sole of foot. :roll_eyes:



Yep, that’s the one I fear the most, specially when the kids were small. They still do tend to go round in the bare feet at home…even in winter :grimacing:



A week after Christmas I found a staple that fell from a gift box when one of the girls ripped the flap to open the box. The playroom where they opened their gifts has very thick carpeting and didn’t get picked up by the vacuum - even though the room gets vacuumed every day. I just happened to see a glimmer when the sun peaked out from behind a cloud. Stuck my finger trying to pull it out of the carpet. :unamused: At least the girls didn’t find it with their feet or when the older two were wrestling. They like to practice their Ju-Jitsu. Did you know there are many ways to spell this? The first time I typed it out the auto-spell wanted to correct it. It gave me a list of 4 or 5 different spellings. I BINGed it (I don’t use Google) and sur enough, multiple ways to spell it. I thought that was a little weird.



Yes and No! The one I use most for serious work is the bottom part of HUSTLER mobile HF antenna… just the bottom of the mast (below the resonator) and the 6 inch diameter magnetic base… I just coil up the cable and tape it up to the top part… I also slip it into a plastic baggy sort of thing… like a cover from a loaf of bread… to clean it off, just invert the bag while pulling it off and if thick enough, the stuff you attracted will simply come away leaving the magnet clean… it can be clean, but I always check it… saves on vehicle paint jobs… sometimes I settle for a normal VHF/ UHF magnetic base for a quick improvise… but the antenna whip is a bit too flexible… I like the larger stiff Hustler mast for control… just let it hang straight down and move my arm in an arc from left to right and back in front of me… if needed you can just let it hang and move your hand appropriately to fit into tight spaces… I succeeded once cleaning up a site… and pulled a 1/4 inch by 4 inch bolt out of fairly heavy gravel… I have a photo somewhere…

Up in Toronto years back they successfully built a material separator for recycling stuff out of the garbage stream… they could separate steel cans magnetically, and someone said too bad we can’t do aluminum…
the answer was why not! And they did… they first took off the loose debris and the steel cans… then the remaining stuff like glass and aluminum was passed through an eddy current generator… think electromagnetic coil that briefly gave the aluminum a magenetic field that lasted long enough for the belt to carry the stream to the end where they had an electromagnet with the same polarity… and the aluminum cans etc. leapt off the conveyor belt in a forward arc and jumped over the space the glass didn’t leap, but fell into glass hades… worked a charm… and simple… I don’t know if I can find the city video, but I’ll try…

I also did make a retreiver… basically a bit of cordage with a small rectangular magnet with a mounting hole in it… common thing to find… about 1/8 inch thick and 3/4 x 1 inch in size… thread that on the cord and the cord up through a piece of rubber hose… 3/16 to 1/4 inside diameter… then an option is a piece of wire inside as well as the cord… allows the thing to bend as needed, but not a chance (barely any) of getting a shock if careless around spark wires or coil etc… I leave a little cord extra with a knot to prevent un threading at awkward times and to pull the magnet tight to the end mostly… but loose enough to drag or flip into shadows… to search… simple and cheap and can provide a spare bit of either vacuum line or fuel if needed…
Length is optional, but usually less than 24 inches is all… depends on your tool box and search need in close in spaces… method can be adapted to a small plastic mirror as well tube and wire… cord too if you want to tie the mirror onto it… I usually use a cardboard bent to support the mirror at an angle and duct tape…



You know? I never thought of using the bottom of my old antenna for that. It’s currently hidden behind the china closet being used with my scanner. :grinning: I think my old 14’/4.2 m US Army Jeep antenna grew legs. It was camo green - just the radiator - in case you see it. I removed a nice strong magnet from an old paper cone speaker (15- or 25-watt) and tied nylon string around the base. I just wave it from side to side as I slowly walk along and it “sucks” up anything ferrous around. I ended up wrapping it with the corner of a cut out plastic milk jug so when I want to remove the finds, I just pull the magnet out of the plastic and the metal drops away. Push it back in and I’m ready to go again!



Just had to post this one I’ve just watch on Facebook :laughing::laughing::laughing:



This afternoon people from the New York State Lottery showed up at the Shop n’ Save up in the village. Seems back on Dec. 13th a young man (29) had come into town from Selkirk (a hamlet in the town just north of me) to watch his daughter in a school concert. After the concert he went to the store and after picking up his groceries, decided to buy a couple of $5 scratch-offs. He bought the last two they had of this one particular game. It was a US$5,000,000 (5 million) winner! Good for him! With two young ones in school, they can certainly use it! :smiley:
Edit: Almost forgot… the spokesperson said that was the last 5 million dollar winner in the game, so they closed the game - but will still pay out the lesser prizes for another year.



This one just popped up in my YouTube suggestions. We must be the same target audience @EmeraldEyes!
This will make you laugh until your sides hurt :rofl:

“17 year olds dial a rotary phone”



Those are the same two guys in that video that Em posted above. Is this one a continuation of the other? The two posted above were funny - especially the second one where they asked the kids about how they thought they could send a text message. :laughing:

Edit: Yes… It’s the same video Em posted. But I still watched it again. I love it how they keep on picking up the receiver and hanging it back up.



Yes, in the second video, I loved the kids comments. Then, when the narrator said that to talk to your friend you would have to be home and she would have to be home at the same time, the girl’s jaw drops :rofl:

When I was a kid, I spent several weeks every summer at my maternal grandparents home. The girl next door and I would set up secret phone calls. We would sync our watches and call at exactly midnight. I would take the phone under the bed while my sister slept and wait for the ring. At the time I thought we were getting away with a top secret mission, but of course my mom and grandparents were probably rolling their eyes at midnight every night! They never let on that they knew :nerd_face:



You should have had walkie-talkies! That’s what I used when I was 14. And to keep from having to have a long whip antenna getting in the way, I coiled heavy wire around a pencil and spread rubber cement all over it. I slid the pencil out by twisting it. Just pulling out the lowest and fattest part of antenna, I slid the coil over it and presto! A homemade “rubber duckie” antenna that was only a few inches long but worked for a considerable distance. I guess all kids are sneaky in their own ways. :laughing:




I have had to go around our place 6 times since we did our new windows and roof and siding in 2016. I have picked up by hand over a half of a 2 gallon bucket of aluminium nails plus a quarter bucket of iron/steel stuff. Everytime there are new nails coming to the surface. We did the salvage on the scrap bits and mangled sheets of aluminium ourselves and got $263.00 for it. Our yards looked like pictures from Hurricane Maria.



That’s just how part of my son’s lawn looks since he had a solar array installed. Ruts left from the Bobcat (on tracks) where they had to go around with an auger and a drill bit to bore through the bedrock (right below the surface) to install the piles. Then there’s the ditch they had to dig to bury the cables from the solar array to the house. I told him not to worry, come spring and he has a “little” lawn repair to do. Actually, it’s quite a bit. And putting more stone in the flower bed on the side of the house where they had to get to where the underground electric, cable TV (no longer subscribe) and telephone lines. They also have to have their driveway resurfaced as a small section had to cut out in front of the personnel door of the garage to get the line across. A lot of work actually. :roll_eyes:

I’m sure you’ll keep on finding a nail or two each summer. I still do. What I’d like to know is where they hide. If only I could find someplace that good! :laughing:
Over the course of a few years I had collected copper, brass and aluminum. Each in it’s own barrel. Would you believe someone (not mentioning any names) decided to toss it in the trash when they helped clean my workshop when I wasn’t home. Only worth several hundred dollars. :unamused: