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Just what had happened to many US manufacturing companies. They did have the machinery to mass produce things, but when corporations moved most of their business overseas these companies - if they didn’t shutter their doors - scaled back or shifted to “precision parts” manufacturing. Now Apple says the US doesn’t have the capacity to mass produce the parts they need - and that’s their excuse (or part of it) for not using US manufacturing. Seems like Apple and other corporations have built their own convenient excuse for not building their products in the country of their birth and success. It was the same with steel manufacturing. At one time there were many steel plants in the US. Then companies started buying foreign steel (manhole covers from India is just one example). So companies that man manhole covers, the mounting rings and risers (to raise them higher when streets are repaved) went out of business, they had a convenient excuse when asked why they don’t “buy American” - no one makes them or there are so few companies left they can make enough of them for us. :thinking: Of course there’s also a lot more involved… price wars between US and companies from other companies. But it was all started in the name of greed - to make a profit for the company AND for stock holders. There were so many companies that were privately owned - made a great profit and provided good wages and benefits for its employees. When they went “public” and thereafter had to provide a profit for stock holders, wages went stagnant, work forces were “trimmed” and benefits were cut in order to make stock holders happy. A company can only get so big before a multitude of problems arise and it falters. Countries and empires are no different, but take longer to fail/fall. A historian who studied empires from throughout history concluded that all the past empire had collapse in approximately 500 years, with many lasting but 200 years (give or take a few decades). Ah… the smell and taste of money. :neutral_face:



UK went exactly the same way Jim :disappointed:
But look on the bright side…we’ve got clean air :grin:



But someone else somewhere didn’t. And pollution doesn’t just sit where it’s created. It moves around the world. Remember when smoke stacks were shorter and the air was bad to breathe close to the factories? So they made the smoke stacks taller. And what started out as a “local” air problem became a “regional” air problem farther away. It’s a Catch-22 situation - as it seems to be with anything humankind does. :neutral_face: But at least the “smoke scrubbers” work to a good extent. Just can’t understand why they’re still allowed to by-pass the scrubbers so many times a day for 2-3 minutes at a time. :confused: And then some companies are caught exceeding the permitted length of time to do this. Yes, there are actually some people/activists/environment groups that film the unfettered emissions and turn them in to authorities. I remember that was a faulty device that prevented the smoke scrubber at the cement plant from cleaning the smoke. The next morning everyone in town and across the river woke up to a very thin light “dust” all over everything… their cars, houses, lawns, streets, etc… It was determined it was cement dust and could be only one source and everyone knew it. Calls by the Mayor of Ravena and the Coeymans Town Supervisor to the cement plant had them come around and collect samples to test. Other people collected their own samples and took pictures/videos of the dust that was everywhere and on everything. EnCon (NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation) was called and the cement plant had to shut down until the faulty device was found and replaced. If EnCon hadn’t been called in, it would have taken a lot longer - and a lot more angry people - to get the cement company to own up and do something about it on their own. Since then, a new, taller stack was built and now one can see the smoke drift farther away than what it used to. (shaking my head).



We are in this clean up together…hopefully they can come to some kind of worldly agreement that actually works.

taller stack …do they think the smoke particles go “up” rather than “fall down”?



I think the original idea was that if the stacks were taller, the smoke (particles) would “disappear” into the atmosphere at a higher distance away from the ground. Ah… wind blows the smoke (particles). They just don’t “disappear” into the air and are gone. That’s how the taller stacks alleviated the “local” problem and in turn created a regional problem. The particles now come down farther away from the stacks’ location, but they still come down… and someone farther away gets to “enjoy” it. :unamused:




Sorry Jim, I was actually being sarcastic or flippant, I just didn’t do a good enough job of putting that across…maybe I should have used :smirk: :innocent:

In other words: we’re told to reduce pollution in our factories, either it’s not possible, they don’t know how, it’s too costly time consuming-can’t be cutting into the profits now can they :unamused: Simple solution, move the factories over abroad, China, Japan, India, wherever. Problem solved, we get clean air . . . by shifting the the problem abroad, we meet our target by moving the pollution elsewhere :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But we’ve met our target…we got clean air :innocent:
Now we can tut all and chastise all those polluting countries pumping toxins into the air and damaging our ozone layer and causing global warming :astonished: :innocent:



A part of Wikipedia’s description also has: (Bold emphasis is mine)
"The flue gas stacks are often quite tall, up to 400 metres (1300 feet) or more, so as to disperse the exhaust pollutants over a greater area and thereby reduce the concentration of the pollutants to the levels required by governmental environmental policy and environmental regulation.

The reduced concentration is on the local level.
Another part far down in the article states:

“In the United States and a number of other countries, atmospheric dispersion modeling[6] studies are required to determine the flue gas stack height needed to comply with the local [air pollution](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_pollution) regulations.”

Again, there’s that “local” part in there. The smoke scrubbers were vigorously opposed by the companies who used these smoke stacks, but in the end they had no choice. Reduce your pollution or shut down. A lot of particulate and other chemicals was kept from entering the atmosphere with the use of the scrubbers.



:rofl: My wife just read a post on Facebook regarding everyone staying indoors in Buffalo, NY due to the extreme cold and all the snow they got (still receiving?). It read, “Today’s the day Halloween babies are being made.” :rofl: And another post with a photo read, “Meanwhile, here in [Buffalo] New York the [Trump] wall has begun.” It shows a photo of a super high snowbank. :smiley:

And when my wife and I were talking, she was telling me she keeps on hearing the local ambulance’s alert tones (from the scanner) in her head constantly. I asked, “Both the low and high tones?” She said yes and she said she hears them in her sleep. So I laughed. Her response was, "At least I don’t hear, “doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, bay shark…” I cried, “Nooo!” Now I catch myself singing that in my head! :anguished:



Hey Jim, here’s SNOW for you, and light posts shivering!



That was cool! Here’s one for you! “Small plane crashes at California airport with nobody inside”





He’d be a meteorologist if he had arthritis! :wink:



For the hate of----

My upstairs neighbors have fought every day of January. She usually is only out of her drug of choice for a week or two, but our PD raided an apt not more than 1/2 mile from here (!!!) and took a couple carfulls of drugs and guns off the market. So she isn’t walking up there anymore… And therefore, she’s been a bit … unpredictable…

I have never lived around drug-use before, and the fighting is horrendous. Learned more than I care to know about crack, drug dealers, and ways the guy will “kill” the woman (yes, I call the police when it turns to screaming about harm… PD already knows she uses…and steals…and lies… etc.).

This is a small town. It’s gotten bad when a person can stop for some drugs on the way to the city park. (!!!) Glad I don’t have minor children now. My kid used to go to the park to practice orienteering, and for long distance running.



Today was supposed to be “my day off” from everyone else’s problems. :thinking: The first thing I had planned to do - after my coffee - was to thaw out a frozen downspout. Then nothing but nodding for the rest of the day. :wink:

Before I even took my first sip of coffee, my son calls to ask if I had some long, thin shaft screwdrivers (of course I do!). I had to run up to his house with them. He was changing his rotors on both rear wheels on his vehicle an needed a screwdriver to back off the emergency brake pads before things would come apart. Of course I had to go in to see my girls before I left! :kissing_heart: That 5 minute visit to drop off the screwdrivers turned into almost 3 hours! :roll_eyes: Thought I’d take care of thawing out the frozen downspout as soon as I got back.

Once I got back, my wife wanted me to hook up some adapters to the TV so she could plug in her iPad and watch the Super Bowl tonight. Off came my boots and I took care of that. I put my boots on and was ready to thaw out that downspout when the telephone rang. My daughter asked me if I would run up to her house and install a new drive belt on the drum of her clothes dryer. :roll_eyes: I told her after I thaw out this downspout. It is frozen down near the ground and the water is running out of a joint above where two sections are put together. She said okay, but let me know she had a lot of clothes she had to dry. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If that’s not a hint to “be quick about it” I don’t know what is! :smile:

After getting some rock salt and calcium chloride mixed together in an old coffee can, I headed outside with that, my torch and an old, heavy, flat screwdriver. Twenty minutes later and I heard water gushing through… and no more water running out from the seam above. Yeah! :triumph:

After putting my things away I headed into the house to make a cup of coffee before heading to our daughter’s house to fix her dryer. My wife was just getting off the telephone. She told me one of our neighbors wanted to know if we wanted to come over to his house to watch the Super Bowl. His TV is a lot bigger than ours and my wife was very keen on this idea. I can’t be bothered watching footfall - haven’t watched it in 20 years or more. :neutral_face:

It’s 2 PM and I’m sitting here with my coffee, dreading the idea of sitting on a chilly concrete basement floor taking the shell off a dryer and installing a new drive belt for the drum. :slightly_frowning_face: I still have to put my snow rake together, along with an extra extension I made for it, and knock down some 3’/1 metre ice sickles from the corners of the gutters where the down spouts are. All three down spouts have to be cleared. I have the sickest feeling that by the time I get down with everything (downspouts, dryer), it’s going to be time to head over next door. :grimacing: No rest for the wicked they say. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe I’ll just skip watching the game… and all the wings and snacks. :expressionless:

Edit: After finishing my coffee, I headed down to my workshop and got my snow rake out. After putting it together outside and I hear a crash! The big clump of ice sickles hanging down from the corner of the rain gutter at the downspout had come off. Thank you sun! Now it that drive belt for my daughter’s clothes dryer could only put itself on… :thinking: :laughing: My wife came outside and I told her what happened. I hinted that the snow is good packing and I’m sure the girls would just love to make some snowmen. Yeah right! I got remined about the dryer in a very stern way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: “Okay” I moaned. “Let me take this (snow rake) back apart and put it away.” :slightly_frowning_face: while holding my head down. :wink:



When my wife watched football (US “grid iron”), I usually left the room - and sometimes the house - because of her yelling. She tends to get really involved in the game. So I go outside onto the porch expecting it to be a least a little quieter, but no, one of our neighbors (upstairs and in the back apartment of the building next door) turns out to be a Patriots fan. With the warm weather today she opened her windows - and sort of forgot to shut them. Boy, she yells and hollers louder than my wife! :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:
Maybe the clouds will part and a meteor shower will magically appear and I can go down to the river to watch. :pleading_face:



I’ve never really watched football and now will not because of the traumatic brain injury. When I see the players crash into each other, all I can think of is brains sloshing around in their skulls :scream:

I do like baseball. It’s been fun following the SF Giants, especially since they’re good!



I take it then that you definitely wouldn’t like the photo of a man “testing” a football helmet back in 1929? It was made of layers of leather stitched together. The photo shows a group of men in suits watching this guy run and dive head first into a brick wall of a building! Ouch! The poor guy was probably paid peanuts and ended up with a concussion and severe brain damage. (I bet he was probably a 1/2" shorter too! :grimacing: :laughing: