2019 Jan - WorldView 4 Satellite lost "axis of stability" - 2 yr old can't make pictures!


I was going back through the posts on this topic and had to comment. There have been times when Tomnod had 3 and 4 campaigns running simultaneously. If enough groups/agencies/governments, etc. request campaigns at the same time, we could have had more. I think once all the testing was completed for WV-4, with the new equipment on board, I’m sure the data it was to collect was meant more for governments wanting better data. Of course some militaries have their own satellites up which provide at least 2 cm/pixel (or better?). And these can be turned or adjusted to gather data rather faster instead of going through a third-party . Okay, now I’m rambling again. Now I know where my 5-year old granddaughter gets it from. Once she starts talking, she never stops… even after being told to stop. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: