2019 - Lent and Easter season




You’re not right. :laughing:



Is that “right” as in ACT and SAT answers?

Or ‘right’ in the head, or some other body part?

I know I have a short leg… Is that what you mean? Yay, that not right. :smiley:



‘Right in the head.’ :smiley:

A guy that used to live next door to me was almost as corny as my father. He asked me, “What do you call a girl with one leg shorter than the other.” I just looked at him and before I could answer he said, “Eileen.” :neutral_face: I said, “Hey! I have a sister-in-law whose name is Eileen!” The next time I saw her I tried to tell her that joke and some how… she already knew it. :laughing:



My favorite Easter candy has got to be Reese’s peanut butter eggs, the flat, soft kind. It’s a large bu flat egg shape. (My friend bought the small “egg shaped” kind which is a hard chocolate shell around hard peanut butter. It’s like biting into a 1950s car door.)

What’s your favorite Easter-time candies?

What will you get the girls, @Jim7 ?

Anyone buy their older kids candies?

My kid was born ON Easter, so the tradition was a basket every year until she left home. I think I did one when she was 20, 30, and 40. One of those, I made the “grass” in the basket from $1 dollar bills (number of bills matching her age). She loved it!



I hope she didn’t remain at home until 40… that’s a lot of rolling dollar bills for the grass! :laughing:

My wife will get each of the girls a chocolate bunny… plus some of this… some of that… and some more of this and more of that… and… :astonished: I have to keep on telling her she’s not buying for the girls’ classmates, but just three kids. She’ll just say, “what the girls don’t eat, I will.” :neutral_face: Our son always has a fit when grandma shows up on Easter. :laughing: He doesn’t want the girls to have a sugar high and not want to go to bed - for a month. :rofl:

Our daughter will ask her mother to pick up certain things for her because with her working and having to get home to let the dog out, she doesn’t have much time to “hit the stores” as she calls it. So my wife does buy her what she wants, gives it to her and won’t take any money for it. Our son loves the peanut butter cups and eggs, so Donna will pick up some for him. So, yes, I guess you can say we do buy for the older kids. :neutral_face:



Nooo, no rolling. I crumpled each one. I kinda had to tell her (over the phone) to look under the candy. I listened as she began straightening out each dollar as she counted them all. Fun!



And when did you end this tradition? Or do you still do it?



Well, she’s only 4(mumble). Like, it’s only been a couple years since I did the last one. I need to think up something extraordinary for the big 50. Gawd, that’ll make me… shaking head…I don’t want to think about that.



Try using five-dollar bills for that. Oops! That would be a big surprise… and leave a big hole in your wallet. Or, you could always use real grass. Just tell her to keep it watered. :grinning: :crazy_face:



50 of 1s
plus 1 of 50 “for good measure”



I used to tell our children - especially if they called me old - that when they turned 25 they became a classic, when they turn 50 they’ll become an antique, and when they turn 75 they’ll become a relic. :laughing: But now that I’m getting up in years I decided I’d better revise that. Twenty-five is still a classic, and 50 is still an antique, but being a relic doesn’t happen until you turn 100. So I have 34-1/2 more years before that happens… instead of 9-1/2. Hey! I’m allowed to change that! :rofl:



hahaha You’re older than me! hehehe :wink:



Have you gone over to polymer, rather than paper, notes? They do last well* but can’t be creased or crushed.

*not that any note lasts long in your pocket these days :frowning:



I dunno… polymer? Whatever the bank gives.

For her Easter basket, I want to crumple them up. :smiley:



See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymer_banknote. Perhaps you’ve still got paper.

They seem to have been accepted in the UK although, when they were first introduced, there was a bit of a fuss from some of the ethnic minority populations because some tallow was used in their production.



I think there would be some backlash here in the USA if the same ink cannot be used on polymer notes (If we switched to them). There is a family-run business that makes the ink the government uses for its paper money… sole source of the “security ink.” I’m not sure who makes the paper used. Same company? I’d have to check on that. But I do remember many years ago reading about how the government asked different companies to develop an ink for the notes and this one company won out. And it’s been the sole source of the inks ever since. Nice monopoly, huh? I wonder if there was a little hand washing in that deal or not, or political involvement. Oh bother! Now I’ll have to research that as it will bug me until I find out. :neutral_face:



If it weren’t for “hand washing” - nice term! - contracts could more easily be changed.



Ah, springtime… which means my wife is going to drag me around town looking for pussy willows. She mentioned it yesterday so I took a pair of lopping shears and a pair of garden shears out. Of course she reminded me again this morning first thing when I got up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I had to insist that I have my morning coffee before I go running the roads with her. I like how she does this… “Oh, that looks like a nice bunch… cut those. And these here are nice and puffy… cut a few of these.” While I’m climbing down into a soggy ditch next to a culvert pipe, she’s standing high and dry on the shoulder of the road. I’m not sure why she even comes along. I am very capable of finding and cutting a few of these on my own. When I mentioned that to her, she told me I’d probably forget why I was out driving about. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She’s probably right. :grin:



While my wife and I were outside waiting for our granddaughters’ school bus to drop off some neighbors’ children at the corner, one of the neighbors asked us, “Do you need any eggs? :pleading_face: Please say yes!” My wife laughed and said, “Are you getting too many eggs from the chickens?” She said yes and told us how she pleaded with her relation and friends who showed up at a party they had yesterday to take a dozen eggs home. Some she told to take 18 eggs home with them. Then she said from this morning she has another basket full she has to wash. :laughing: My wife promised her she’d come over to get some later. Our neighbor - directly behind our house, but whose house is actually on the dead end street - asked us yesterday if we needed any more eggs. :laughing: My wife told her she’d take some as well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think we’ll be having eggs for breakfast and egg salad sandwiches for lunch for a very long time. :grimacing: I like eggs, but I don’t want to get sick of them. At least we can have the granddaughters down to color eggs for an Easter egg hunt. That should get rid of a dozen and a half… and our son and DIL can deal with eating those. :wink: We told the woman from the end of the dead end there’s 3 families who live in the apartment house below us that have kids… maybe she could give some to them. That should make the supply dwindle fast.