2019 May - I thought I saw


2019 May - I thought I saw… the thread to call out our friends and fellow Nodders…

I thought I saw… @Beverly1 I’d been thinking of you just a few days before, wondering how you’ve been getting on. I’ve been trying to scrub and clean alongside 2 women, mostly on different days. Tuesday, I had one working in 1 room, and the other working in another room with me. But, gawd, I get so tired after just 2 hours–ack! So how bout you? Get any tasks–big or small-- taken care of? I think we need a Jim in our lives, lolol! We’d (he’d) get a lot more done!

Now, this second paragraph is for a Nodder who hasn’t been seen in a long while…

Where’s @Newtonian ? You used to be on the forum every day! Are you still around, Newt? Whatcha been doing?? Inquiring minds want to know. :smiley:

Ok, who would you like to ask about? Someone you miss seeing?


Bev told me she’s chilling out for a while. She’s still with us but needs a little down time. Said she be back, so hang on to your tags. :wink:


You forgot to call on someone who’s not been seen in a while. :-/


I started making a list! It’s starting to get a little long too! But I was just given the word to “Get to bed! You have to be up by 7:30 in the morning!” Yeah, yeah, I know… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: If I go to be now I’ll be up at 5:45 to 6:15. I guess I could always go out and feed the birds before my bride wakes up. :rofl:


You can’t call on D. You’ve seen her all day, plus, she’s not a Nodder. Sorry D!


In fact, @Beverly1 was only on yesterday :slight_smile: Hi Bev, hope your well :wink:

But we haven’t seen @claus or @Claus2 in a long time either; are you still around :wave: :slight_smile:


Howdy!! Still parts trying to fall apart but am to go to cardiologist tomorrow and find out what they think is wrong. Probably new meds. I have managed to get the insides of the house pretty well whipped into shape, but the outside is a disaster zone. I used to be able to trim and edge the entire yard, mow and rake it, and weed the flower beds all in one afternoon. Now I have to get the neighbor man to do it… takes him 2 days. It would take me 3 weeks. I would love to get the front porch arches painted, but I have to get the house washed down first and clean the exterior windows. On second thought, I think I’ll go take a nap.


@Stilman_Hector_Danie, @Mariet, @Wilms?


I hear ya. I finally found 2 women to help me clean. One helps with daily work, dishes, and laundry. She’s 2 hours, 3x a week. The other is 3 hrs, but every 2 weeks, and does heavier cleaning (like moving furniture to vac under and washing down furniture. Well, I’m exhausted from just directing them! If I work alongside them, I need 2 days to recover.

But, if I do not work alongside them, they take 2 hrs to do 1 thing, like wash off 6 feet of the plate rail ( a rail to display plates that I had a picture on-- no big deal). Like, really? Should have taken at most 30 minutes! The other thing, neither follow directions unless I am right there. Ugh!

Let us know what the Dr says. PM me if you want.


It’s also been over 3 months since @Brudigan has been around, and @E-Bear, @Danny, @mappinandrappin, @kateg11 (:grinning:), and @Bjarne. And that’s just a few of the others that have been absent from the forum for a while.