2019 - Medical Advances



:laughing: Medical “advances”… gut health was discovered thousands of years ago to be the center of a person’s health. The most important part of your body (health-wise) is your gut. You have a normal healthy gut and you are healthy. Get it messed up and you become ill. On and off again this crops up. Natural health organizations have been talking about this for quite some time. I heard of a thyroid doctor that stresses to her patients that they work on getting their gut flora healthy in addition to caring for their thyroid gland. And an emphasis was also put on the endocrine system. That is essential for your body to function the way it is supposed to. Oh well, they’ll get it soon. :no_mouth:



I have been following the development of this medication for years.
I can’t believe it is finally approved, although I’ve read that Esketamine is less effective than Ketamine. This will help many, many people with treatment-resistant depression :grin:



Hopefully the price goes down …otherwise as you say this could help many people.

This is another new medical device I think will make a big difference for traumatic brain injuries:



It would be nice if it could also be used for understanding and alleviating seizures in epileptic patients. Another possible use - maybe - could be to find the area(s) of the brain that are firing at random and/or firing constantly in autistic and other patients. All that remains is to understand what the brain is telling us.



Yes, both of those would be beneficial. I have a niece who has epileptic seizures. I wondered also whether it would be useful for Essential Tremors, or eventually Dementia or Alzheimers where neuron pathways have changed for various reasons.



I also have a niece who has had epileptic seizures since she was 12. She’s in her mid-20s now. She was seizure-free for several years - on medication - but suddenly started having seizures again. She was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and hooked up to a brain monitor to find out what part of the brain was firing during her seizures - after they stopped all medications. Of course for the first 5 days, no seizure. But finally she had one and I guess they got some good readings. Now they’re working on a “solution.” We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Quite some time ago I read an article about how a person retrained their brain to do something… can’t quite remember what it was, but one side of the brain is what handled that function - for everyone. The person’s part of the brain that was supposed to handle that particular function was damaged. Over the course of time, the brain “rewired” itself and passed that function onto the completely opposite side. I thought that would be a good way to “heal” a lot of brain-damaged patients. That was quite a few years ago but, as you know, these therapies take years to be fully developed.



Wouldn’t that be great if they could find a solution to her seizures.



That would be awesome! And to think of how many people wouldn’t have to take medications every day (multiple times?) any longer.



And have the side effects of those medications to deal with rather than the original disease!!