2019 Meteors and Sky Watching


2019 Meteors and Sky Watching


The Quadrantid meteor shower tonight is but one more shower I add to the list that is a no go for me… thank you cloudy/overcast skies. :unamused:

Edit: At 11:30 PM, I noticed that the temperature - which has remained steady at 34.5F/1C from 8:20 PM until 11:17 PM - suddenly started to drop slowly. It’s currently down to 33.6F/0.9C. Taking a walk outside I could see a few “holes” in the cloud cover… and about 5 or 6 stars! Maybe in another hour or two it will be clear enough to hopefully catch a few meteors! (Keeping my fingers crossed - again.)

Edit: I went outside around 3 AM and it’s mostly cloudy. Not really any chance of seeing any meteors tonight. :unamused:


Our area was a “no go” also. I was hopeful 2019 was going to start off differently…as 2018 we were in the clouds most of the meteor dates. There is still hope for this evening.

EDIT : Probably with the snow moving in there will not be clear skies tonight…another meteor goes by me :unamused:


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Thx :slight_smile: Fixed it.


Beautiful clear skies tonight because… no meteor shower tonight! This is starting to get old. Cloudy nights during meteor showers and clear skies after they’re over. I’m going to have a long talk with Mother Nature about this even though my wife said I was nuts. But then she’s always saying I’m nuts! :crazy_face: :laughing:


In one of my other activity sites… the owner of the site likes hiking… and recently posted his blog for his hike of The Kungsleden Trail in the north of Sweden… he did get to see the Northern Lights of course, but the highlight of his blog was his conclusion by observation… there is a reason the local herds are Reindeer… he saw lots of them almost daily except for a few days over nearly a month… his conclusion was that Reindeer are only out and about on Rainy Days… the more rain the more Reindeer, clear day NO reindeer… So maybe it’s not out of place for Meteor showers to be linked to precipitation as well, ( I know we talked about Meteors are what Meteorology is about anyway, strict sense)… That is why I don’t go out to look anymore… Certainly not tonight…


I was just outside and still plenty of stars but not even a stray meteor. And it’s a little too breezy and chilly to sit - or even pace back and forth - to wait for something that most likely will not appear. It’s not 2:05 AM and I think I’m heading off to bed a little early. Angel’s been meowing every two minutes for the past twenty. I thinks she wants to curl up with me. :smile_cat:


I have to go out and practice my night shots…get my equipment ready and hope for the best…and no clouds!


Cos the blood moon makes vampires come out? (Sorry, fevered silliness. lol)



Had to sneak this in here before tomorrow… Happy Anniversary (one day early), Terri. One year on the Tomnod forum! :triumph:


Thanks so much Jim7!!!


Now there’s the reason I need to go aurora-hunting again this year (2019)… I’ve set myself a challenge to photograph a “Steve” sub-auroral arc! Don’t think I’ve seen one yet, so I just really * need * to keep going back until I do… :camera::night_with_stars:


A good reason to go!!! I watched the full Nature of Things last night on the subject. Hopefully we will hear more on their research in the next while.


Shame we can’t get that series here in the UK, it looks far more interesting than most of our documentaries!


It is hosted by David Suzuki, “Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist”…always good.



Yea, yea! Just another excuse to go on holiday! We all know what you’re up to! :wink: :laughing: I don’t want to “put water on your fire,” but some professional photographers have tried for years and never saw a Steve. Got to be in the right place and at the time I guess. I bet there’s a lot of people who seen them - and didn’t have a camera with them. That’s usually how these things happen.


So far they are forecasting clear skies for this on the 20th…



But if I don’t go on my “expeditions”, how can I possibly be there at the right place and time? :thinking::sunglasses:
Just in case, you understand? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL, I don’t need an excuse! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses: Just need the appropriate “hot” or “cold” suitcase (yes, they’re pretty much always packed ready) and I’m off again… :luggage::airplane::passenger_ship::dark_sunglasses: