2019 Meteors and Sky Watching


(Shaking me head) If you’re going where it’s warm and need sunglasses, I think a certain forum moderator would love to go with you. She’s freezing right now. :scream_cat: Now I love the cold - and the snow, if you haven’t guessed it by now. :roll_eyes: You better get to all the islands while you can, some are slowly disappearing while others are losing their beaches. You’d have to be content with sitting on a rock while getting splashed by the waves. Now that would be an interesting change. :crazy_face:


That’s the plan for one trip… the other one (later in the year) is to colder zones! Still might need the sunglasses though, just in case it’s snowy there.

If only I had room in the suitcase…

This is as near to a beach as I get on my favourite island… These are two different locations, the second picture is one of the larger beaches, and yes, the sand IS black! The upper part of the beach is all stones…

On the other hand (to keep vaguely on topic :wink:) that particular island, and the others in that part of the Atlantic, do have some superb dark-sky locations. I’m toying with the idea of making one trip there purely astronomy based…


Couldn’t she just curl up her tail? :smirk_cat:

Ah, oh! Did you see those clouds? Can’t have clouds watching for meteors! (There… now I stayed on topic also. :smirk_cat:


If I left any room in my suitcase it would either be taken up by my travelling companion espying an “opportunity” to lighten their own suitcase, or the naughty Siamese one would be in it already!
I know, I need a bigger case… :smirk_cat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On one of the islands, the observatory is located high in the mountains, usually above their cloud base. Sounds like a near-perfect stargazing location to me.

Sadly no skywatching or stargazing for me tonight, it’s raining! (Again) :roll_eyes:

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Hopefully this weather forecast for Sunday holds up for the Blood Moon … and we get a glimpse…(a little bit of a warm up from today)


2019 Jan 1st to June 30th - CageyCat Lounge

I moved my post to the Cat Lounge, and I assume the move took your post with it. I moved yours back. If not in the right place, let me know. Should it be in weather?

Exhausted now,going back to bed.



Thanks…no it was in Meteors and Sky Watching as it is Sunday’s weather for the Blood Moon.


Moon will be a nice birthday present, if the storm is over by then.


You may laugh, but he is the head of Harvard’s astronomy department. :face_with_monocle:


Now we just need some clear skies…




A super blood wolf moon. Super refers to the apparent size as we are very close to perigee (closest point of approach which occurs about 15h after the eclipse); blood because of the apparent red colour of the moon during a total eclipse with red light from the sun being refracted around the earth; wolf because they are said to howl at the full moon in January.

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Not quite that here… high overcast, but thin… I can see the moon disc… but it is without detail… and diffusely lit…
Hope to see some colour there eventually… If I can see it at all… I think it will go almost overhead for most of it…
But right now it’s right out side the 2nd floor landing window… I think your site suggestion is about to stream for our location in Cranbrook BC with the start of the partial stage… It is accessed from your timeanddate link… just look for the livestream… you can tell it your location for timings… but it new mine from my computer connection.


10:55 PM ET: I just went outside and through a thin veil of clouds could see that 1/3 of the moon is in Earth’s shadow. I can make out the edge of the disk in the shadow, but not any red color/colour yet. A few stars peak out for a minute or so in the slivers of breaks between the clouds. The wind is blowing like crazy and it’s down to 2.5F/-16.38C but feels like -10F/-23C. Think I’m going to wait until just before midnight before going back out again. I don’t feel the cold with my heavy coat, but my jeans feel like they’re icing up - and holding the cold in. Brrrr… :cold_face:

Edit: 12:14 AM: I got to see the moon! The clouds parted that part of the sky and I saw the super blood wolf moon (so did my wife) as well as quite a few stars. But was it cold and windy! -1.4F/-18.5C and with the wind chill it felt like -13.4F/-25C… and still dropping. I thought about shoveling some snow to keep warm, but that was just a fleeting thought. :laughing:


There is a somewhat more dramatic view from Griffith Park Observatory and probably others…
I noticed that the one in Terris link is from morocco… GPO is in California… certainly looks redder… I lost my direct view as the moon is passing over top of our building… no windows on the stairways now… lousy building…

Griffith Park Observatory stream

Time for more ice cream…


I finished a bowl 5 minutes before going outside with my wife to see it. I had caramel cream. It was good, but a little on the sweet side. Ran out of chocolate chip mint this afternoon. Heading to the store in the morning for a resupply. There’s only about 3 quarts of Colombian coffee cream left. :grimacing:


I get neapolitan… strawberry, vanilla and chocolate stripes… I do have others I like more, but the three way is my fall back when those are in short supply… we are out a ways from the real world… I often travel up the valley to Invermere where there is a tourist trap… but very reasonable ice cream shop in the summer… can’t say about the winter time… but it’s possible they are open… ha… maybe they specialize in hot fudge sundaes…

I better get to bed… and you never seem to do that… might go back and watch more from griffith park… they are just a bit west… nicer picture than Morocco… which looks black and white and i want ‘bloody’ ha ha.