2019 Meteors and Sky Watching


I do get about 3 hours… sometimes 4 hours of sleep. But every so often my body just shuts down for 8 hours (sometimes 11) to “recharge.” :smiley: I usually wake up with a lower back ache if I sleep longer than 4 hours. Guess I don’t move much in my sleep.

While we were watching the super moon, my wife said she was going inside… too cold for her she said. I said to her, “At least there’s no pollen in the air.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She just shook her head - as she always seems to do - and went back inside. :rofl:


Disappointed…our clouds parted, and I saw the eclipse, but just as the moon was completely covered and then we would get to the umbra stage, the clouds moved in and it started to snow!!! I have some shots of the eclipse itself, but was hoping for the blood moon.


We apparently had clear skies last night, but the eclipse was around 4-5am GMT, which meant it wasn’t going to be practical for me to stay up for (Monday morning… the office desk is calling!)
If it had been Saturday night into Sunday morning, I’d have been out watching (and photographing) the entire sequence!




I am about halfway through this article and it is fascinating. It is a long read but well worth it.


I just finished reading the entire article. Excellent! It was like picking up a good book and not being able to put it down. :smiley:


I agree Jim… it was a great read! Thanks @Kateg for sharing!!


Another super clear night… all kinds of stars… and of course, no meteor shower as usual! :roll_eyes: Sooner or later the sky and a shower will pair up nicely, then I’ll be able to :triumph:. :smiley:


Well, I never knew what Orion’s belt was until tonight. Finally, I got round to looking up what those 3 stars lined up in the sky are :laughing:

Of course the first scene to pop into my head when I read it was Orion’s belt…" the Arquilian Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt" - Men in Black :smile:


The bright red star above and to the left of the belt is Betelgeuse. It’s about the 9th brightest star in the sky. But the poor thing is expected to go supernova in about 65,000 years, so we won’t see it any more. Oh wait! I’m only going to live to 102, so I won’t be around when that happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The other brighter star to the lower right of Orion’s belt is Rigel. Rigel was used in the TV series Star Trek with using its name not just for the star but for planets orbiting the star. “Rigel 7” was the “planet” in some episodes. Rigel is actually a cluster of 3 to 5 stars, but from Earth we see them as one. (I took a free online course on Orion on FutureLearn.com. Very informative!)
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Don’t forget to get your cameras out tonight for the biggest full moon super moon of 2019!


Unfortunately we are cloudy…again…


I was ready but missed it 'cos the sky was too cloudy :unamused:


The super moon had a super large halo around it. I could hold out my arm and my hand fist inside the halo with room to spare all the way around! That was one big halo! Usually the halos are much smaller… closer to the moon. Maybe you could fit 1 finger between the moon and the halo, but that’s it. It was so bright… okay… I’m not going to make a corny joke about the brightness. :neutral_face:


Awwwww You finally found your halo?? :smiley:


Why yes… Yes I think I did! :innocent: