2019 - New Year's Eve/Day traditions and fun


Many people here traditionally head to the cottage/farm for a couple of days of family time. Skating on the lake, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ATVing, board games, charades, trivia, cards, too much food, drink … before the wind down of the holidays and the return to work and school.

In the cities, there are the usual New Years Eve celebrations at clubs, restaurants, family events, etc. Including many free rides available to curb drinking and driving, whether city buses, private services or the Red Nose Campaign https://www.sgi.sk.ca/operation-red-nose

We also have a large population in Saskatchewan who recognize the Julian calendar and celebrate Christmas on January 7th. For some families, that means two sets of Christmas celebrations!
For the rest of us, it means we get to experience the great foods that are available Vareniki (perogies) filled with potatoes, onions, cottage cheese, berries…borscht (beet soup)…cabbage rolls…yummy!!

…and then the exercise plan for 2019 starts !


My exercise plan is constantly getting up, walking over to the table… and getting seconds… and thirds… and… you know where I’m heading. :wink:


Most people in the US just watch the televised ball drop from NYC, and go to bed. The rest attend some celebration somewhere…


Most of the younger people party and maybe watch the ball drop (at the last 15 seconds), then party more. Most of the older people sit at home watching the ball drop - and worry about their kids out partying and whether they make it home safely. The rest of the older folks - that’s me :wink: - do other things (even going to bed) and never even see the new year come in. Rationale: It’ll be the new year when I wake up. :laughing:


We’re just a bunch of old folks.

Personally, I think NYC should outlaw confetti–what a mess to clean up!


:grimacing: eeek, as much as I love Christmas and all the celebrations, I’ve had enough by New Years day :dizzy_face:
A week of celebrations is more than enough, we get one day’s reprieve between them all as it is…I’m done prepping for any more so fingers crossed we never adopt that one :laughing:


I’m being attacked by a bengal !

That sums up traditions of fun in the kitty world… catch a friend’s paw, own the world.


I’m a bit more practical… I get up early on New Years Eve… just like today… and then watch the news…
Just a bit ago they showed the fireworks from Australia… and soon will start picking up the other big celebrants…
So I just lost a bit of sleep to NYE… and still have the rest of the day to watch time zone by time zone…
We get to watch NYC at 10pm our time (Mountain) and a bit later for Vancouver if we want to… mostly I go to bed… Oh… Global network here just showed a bit of New Zealand then cut to the Australia… probably showing on the net now too!

this site can help figure out the time for others…
UTC NYEve countdown.

and it can be adjusted for you time zone…


Are you and your lady friend going out to dinner? Hope you have a nice time watching the shows. I do that too, then wonder why the world can’t see that putting all that smoke into the air travels around the whole globe!


The Ukrainian culture follow the Julian calendar. A friend does, and she always says…her Christmas costs less, as they shop after our Christmas! Could be true! They have several traditional meals and their New Year’s is January 14th.


I have friends in both! They have already celebrated!


The top of the falls…my new years message…


Very nice! You should make calendars. They’d sell. I’d buy one, or two, or three… :rofl:


:smiley::rofl::smile: Thanks. This is a new venture for me…taking photos of something other than wildlife! Half an hour up the road to Whistler, so much to see, and the habours, the ships, the planes, the water, the many many smaller parks, etc. I don’t think in Vancouver / Victoria I would run out of subjects to photograph!


And don’t forget the clouds and sunsets. I’ve taken a lot of photos of clouds in the daytime - many, many different types/shapes. I think there are over 600 different classifications of clouds - according a group of cloud buffs. I think they be based in the UK, but membership is open to everyone everywhere. (I’m not a member. :smile:) Oh, and I’ve even photographed insects (mostly to show the girls when they got home from school).


I’m pretty sure that was directed my way, but irregardless… the answer was yes… twice… she paid last night and I treated tonight… (we had Fish and Chips yesterday and Chinese Buffet today)… and now we have retreated to our own living rooms to watch tv… alone mostly… so there… just to relax and reflect…

now to see how the Eastern NYE celebrations go… and thence across to where we are.




You know, Cagey? I used to think about all the smoke and CO2 going up into the atmosphere each time I watched a movie with lots of explosions and fires. All that pollution for the sake of entertainment. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If anyone is interested, I found a 1947 recording of Auld Lang Syne by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians.

Happy New Year! :smiley:


This is what I was watching last night (not my video, although I did take one)
… In the rain…

Happy New Year to all Nodders!