2019 - New Year's Eve/Day traditions and fun




I missed the NYC ball drop. Went to sleep around 4:30 , woke up long enough to take meds at 8pm. I was / am sooooo sick. Like an upper respiratory bronchitis (if that’s possible). Took baby benadryl and put a folded up heat wrap against my upper chest and other than to go to the bathroom and drink water, I slept (fitfully) all night. Feed a fever (nope), starve a cold (yep). There’s some good to sweating out a cold. I don’t feel as bad as I might have otherwise, but coughing now and I feel wiped out…

So please take care of yourselves today. PM me if you need. Will check in when I’m awake. :call_me_hand:

Happy New Year.

Not sure if the animation will copy in. One of these is me coughing…


The New Year came, the party rang it in, most went home thereafter…the cold does that. As the night sets in, it is just too chancy your car won’t start, you will get stranded on the road, etc.

But, all in all, here comes 2019 !


Take care Cagey, that doesn’t sound good. Have lots of :zzz: and catnip :tea:


thanks @Helen I’m a little better, except when I lay down – cough, hack

Edit: 10 hours later, I’m worse. Feel like it’s going into bronchitis. The worst part, for me, is not doing something. I want to work, but feel too awful to work very long. Ugh.