2019 - Plastic Waste and Recycling



Good article. There is plastic that flows into the oceans and then there is plastic that is dumped into the ocean. I liked the idea of placing “plastic sources—river mouths and bays—to catch plastic before it enters the open ocean” as this helps to eliminate one of those areas. Now if they could just figure out the other.

There is also all that plastic that has floated across from the 2011 tsunami in Japan. It has been collected as it lands on the west coast and the amount is slowing down compared to earlier, but Im sure there is lots out there floating in the ocean.


One problem with this is that it could interfere with fish that need to travel from the ocean to up river to spawn and those fishes that need to return to the ocean after hatching in the rivers. Sort of like a “Catch-22” situation. Will a “solution” create a new problem? To our dismay, we have found out - sometimes many years later (and sometimes too late) - that a solution that was thought to be working great had caused a new - and sometimes detrimental - problem elsewhere.
Remember the photos of the garbage barges from decades ago that would take the trash from New York City out to sea and everything just dumped overboard? What were those people thinking? Out of sight, out of mind? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think the solution would have to be to have everyone change their way of thinking about what they buy, how they recycle and what they throw away. Until everyone gets on board protection the environment for all living creatures - humankind included - there are really no real solutions, just a lot of band-aids put on an environment coming apart at the seams. :expressionless:


In BC such as the Salmon spawning grounds/rivers/streams they are protected and monitored, however that doesn’t protect the fish, lets say Coho, that spend the first 18 months of their lives in the sea…where it is not a protected area. Like you say can be a Catch-22 situation.

I haven’t personally seen the barges, but they seemed to be a staple in a lot of movies. It is a “shake my head” moment to thing of what they dumped into the ocean and how they affected the marine biology.


Return your used markers, of any brand, so they do not end up in the landfill.
Schools participate in the ColorCycle program.


I’m definitely letting our granddaughters’ teachers know about this - if they don’t already know. I haven’t seen any note sent home from either one, but then again… I don’t always see all of them. But I will check. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I have several sitting in the arts & crafts drawer in our china closet - some from over 10 years ago when our grandson was in school and using them. Think they may be dried out by now? :laughing:


Another good “recycling” program! :slightly_smiling_face:


I :heart::heart::heart::heart: that recycling program Terri, unfortunately, looking on the Crayola UK website there’s not mention for colorcycle here :unamused: But, that doesn’t have to stop us from doing it anyway to shame them into it :wink:

And it’s just given me another brilliant idea for ways to expand my on my own recycle practice for junk mail. The beauty about junk mail is there is always at least one pre-paid return envelope in amongst them. So what I tend to do is return the mail in its pre-paid return envelope…along with any other junk mail I can fit into it and then drop it in the post box next time I’m out shopping. And at no cost to me at all :wink: I have been known to sellotape the pre-paid envelope to those padded envelopes which many of us like to save for re-use :wink:
I think I may start donating our dried up pens back to the likes of Bic, maybe even a few other types of plastic that are non recyclable. For the price of a second class stamp, it’ll be worth it besides, they’ll still have to pay on the excess postage…because I won’t be including a return address :laughing:


I do the same thing. As long as the return envelop says PREPAID POSTAGE, stuff that baby with every type of advertising I can fit into it.

But you know, it still keeps coming.


Yes it does and I supposed, if they don’t know who sent the junk back then they don’t know who to stop sending it to. And of course we’ve no idea what happens to it when it gets there; does the one who opens it just bin it and move on to the next. I suppose it depends on how much it’s costing these companies and whether the profits outweigh the loss in wasted postage.

But I’m now wondering if I should start putting our old dried up pens, used floss sticks and such into these envelopes 'cos that would cost even more in postage :rofl: I know a colleague in my hubby’s work place usually packs up junk like broken bricks/tiles/whatever so long as it’s heavy and slips a note in thank the company for helping him recycle his junk :rofl: The post office take it because the prepaid postage has no weight limit or anything.


:thinking: Maybe if you got a school involved to request such a program, they would start one there? And maybe we could shame Bic into the one of their own!!!

Maybe all stores should have a “return when its use is over” policy!!! :rofl::smiley::rofl:

Do you have a DO NOT CONTACT LIST in the UK? Once we are on that list, the telemarketers, junk mail etc seems to stop. We can also put a “No junk mail” sticker in our mailbox, and the carrier will not leave you any??


But, but, but . . . . where’s the fun in that :rofl:
Ok, I’ll have to rely on my own imagination for their reaction to seeing a load of old used Bic pens, or broken brick in their return mail but still giggle1
The cold callers are the best for those sort of laughs though :wink:


Oh you little :smiling_imp:


I thought I’d put a stop to the cold callers with the games I play with them but it seems that may have just been a break for the year while they pestered someone else.

I got a cold call a few weeks ago; the guy claiming he was from BT and there was some sort of fault in connecting to the internet that I wouldn’t necessarily be aware of :astonished:
He was gonna fix it for me and was I near my network device so he could talk me through it…yeh right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Good luck with that one pal, give me a ring when you’ve fixed it 'cos I’m curious…considering we’re not with BT :rofl:
The same firm phoned back an hour later, a woman this time; before she could finish her spiel I said, oh good, you’re calling me back to let me know it’s all fixed, there was guy on earlier said we had a problem and I told him we weren’t with BT, so, how’d you fix it. She just hung up :smirk:

So I reported them to BT and had a good laugh the guy swapping anecdotes of the games we play with the scammers :wink: They’re the ones that call during the day because that’s the best time to catch their prime targets, the elderly and vulnerable at home :angry:
But we had to put a stop to the cold calls selling stuff, because they’d always call in the evening just as we’re sitting down to dinner :roll_eyes:
My son is sorely disappointed that the scammers only phone during the day when he’s at school :smile:


Yes we do have the DO NOT CONTACT LIST and we’re on it so we don’t get the cold calls any more. But the scam callers are a kettle of fish who don’t abide by such laws’n’lists :wink: They just pick an area to target and start phoning everyone. Don’t know where they get our numbers from; no doubt it somehow computer generated.


The computers start with one phone exchange and dial every number possible for that exchange, then move on to the next exchange and repeat…

We have our home phone and cellphone numbers on our federal and state “Do Not Call” lists, but that doesn’t stop the calls either. The law states that political organizations and poll takers are exempt, as are those with whom we’ve shared our number with. A loophole that was built into the federal law requires telemarketing companies to check these lists monthy and remove any numbers from their call lists. It also allows companies 30-days to remove a number once a person complains to them, telling them their number is on the list. Yeah, right! Another law made in haste with a loophole built just for “them.” :unamused:


My new favourite organic waste bag…here we can drop in an organic waste bin…bag is completely compostable…and no smell.



Wish they were available in the UK. Maybe after next month?


I checked them out and showed my wife. She liked the idea of the liner so there wasn’t any smell. Then she stood there thinking… oh oh! As she started to walk away she commented, “These should be good for cleaning the litter box. No smell.” :roll_eyes: I told her they were a little expensive to use for the litter box. We’d have to buy five times as many between food compost and the litter box. I almost told her to stop thinking so hard. :laughing: Then I knew better to keep my mouth shut! :rofl: I have to remember to hide that rolling pin… and the frying pans… and… :laughing:


Maybe a peace offering… say POP ROCKS… for the lady not the cat…:wink: