2019 - Plastic Waste and Recycling


Another of those “Big Brother is Watching You” scenarios. :laughing: But maybe it’s not really so funny… :frowning_face:

That is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard of! Do they have so many customers that their car park is at full capacity? I’d do the same thing as you - go to another store. :wink:


In the 20 years I’ve lived here, even during peak shopping time at Christmas, the car park is about 80% max :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It is Morrisons car park but it is a precinct set-up with a library, hairdresser, chemist, newsagents, estate agent, take-aways and a few others around it. So the locals would park there for their main grocery shopping and such but also call into these other smalls stores. As they have a cafe inside, when people were done, they’d go there for lunch afterwards too or take the children there after school. I know I would do my shopping there, take it home then pick up the children from school, take them to library and then into Morrisons for their evening meal…not anymore! Plus the local hiking community used to use it to park up and go off on their hikes and Elderly would park up there and take the bus into town. There WAS a real sense of community there!


I’d go to the alternate for BOTH trips… skip the middle man there…

I have read further along in this tale… sounds like they got talked into hiring a parking control company to ‘police’ the lots and split the proceeds on some lopsided rate schedule… so vote with you custom.

There is enough greed in parking… although I will say some people really take advantage of totally unrestricted parking… I remember that Walmart used to allow overnight ‘camping’ in their lots…
understood was that you had to go register with their security before closing time… and leave reasonably early the next day… then the lots started stopping people from doing that.
Explanation was always that there was no change on Walmart policy… they said they did and still do allow it on property OWNED by them… but not where they were tenant stores in a mall for example OWNED by someone else… Another problem was that many people were too dumb to realized that it was intended that you shop at Walmart either before camping or before leaving early the next day… NO multiple day stays ever… and so on… like I said some I talked to never shopped at Walmart… just took advantage of the policy… without understanding it or caring… I can tell you the local campground owners were not happy either… after all they are losing their over priced campsite fees… another story.
I don’t know how many Walmarts are fully owned by them these days… most seem to be in malls not related to them in our area…


We have this problem in our area…and it doesn’t seem to matter that Walmart is a regional store in a shopping centre with many many other stores (Stonebridge is the worse offender). There is lots of parking but when you have 12-15 trucks pulling trailers with boats behind…it is all of a sudden pretty cramped. The length of their vehicle takes up many spaces. Sometimes they are there for a week or more. Sometimes I think they are workers in the area living in their trailer, not holidayers passing through.

And to boot…they leave behind a lot of garbage and recycling that some dump in the parking lot!


Yes, the locals have looked at it every which way and that’s always the conclusion we come to…money!

Well, actually, I thanked them today on their local FB page, we’ve done the maths and discovered they’ve actually saved us money by introducing these cameras…a very noticeable couple of hundred last year since they introduced the camera last January :smiley: We actually saved £217 ($270) Because now if I’ve forgotten something I don’t nip back to get it (the store is only a 10 min drive away) along with a few extras…as you do. We used to pop in to their cafe for a meal on a Friday evening when the kids got home from school. And because I don’t have the kids with me, they are not wanting me to buy magazines, treats, dvd’s or whatever. After having done my shopping there already, I won’t risk returning too soon and getting a ticket, who ever takes note of the time they entered and exited the car park…don’t even think of checking my receipts, so we don’t bother any more. Again…their loss.


We can’t recycle toothpaste tubes or razors with our local authority. Nor plant pots or plastic film.
We can however recycle all plastic bottles, plus plastic trays, pots, tubs etc as long as they’re clean, and not black plastic. I thought this was a bit crazy until I found out why, recently - apparently the automation at our local sorting depot can’t detect black plastic. ???

We can also recycle tetrapaks, and pill/tablet blister packs (only discovered that one recently as well).


there must be an “app” for that???:rofl::smiley::rofl: or you think they could change the “eye” of the machine to recognize it.

We can recycle blister and pill bottles (they now have peelable stickers), tetrapaks. We can return Milk and Cream cartons…must be cleaned…but we actually get money back for them.

Our recycling bins outside/inside at the University show you on each bin what to put in…lid from the coffee cup, coffee cup if no plastic liner, paper, pens apart, etc. Some are solar powered (outside) to compact the recycling.


Pill bottles was something that always bother me. There are so many of those that just get tossed into the trash because many of the labels are glued so strongly to the bottles, one has to soak them in hot soapy water and then stand there and scrap them off with your fingernail. Two pharmacy chains (CVS & Rite Aid) have apparently switched to different glues where the labels come off fairly easy, but since people have become accustomed to tossing them, it’s going to be hard to convince them to put some effort into recycling them. I use a lot of them for keeping small screws, washers and nuts in. I have a couple in my fishing tackle box with some trout flies I don’t want squashed, as well as some loose hooks, sinkers, etc… So I do reuse quite a few! I even put coins in some until I can go through and sort them for my collection that the grandchildren will end up with. :smiley: Still, so many pills bottles are not recycled. That is a shame given the number of them produced constantly!


I thought that too. My guess is that it’s been deemed too costly to upgrade… (not that cost should be the primary driving factor)

Same here, but for the blister packs. Most of my meds are supplied in blister packs (I find it really awkward to open the childproof caps they put on bottles, so put a request in to the pharmacy for everything to be supplied in blister packs instead).
Bottles probably wouldn’t have been a problem for us to recycle in the kerbside collection, but it always annoyed me that used blister packs had to go to straight to landfill. I generate quite a few of them every month…


Your blister packs must be easier to travel with than the pill bottles. I don’t use them myself, but I found it so much easier for my mom when she was living. She had many heart pills, blood thinners etc. I was always scared of putting the wrong dose in the pill pack and in the blister pack I knew it was the right pill and the right dosage.

Pill bottles are still great for “seed collection” from the flowerbeds.


Back when I used to take medicine, I requested they not use child-resistant caps on my bottles. I had even saved several for different size bottles. For the past several years (4?) I haven’t taken any medications. Aside from occasional aches and pains from overexertion, I feel so much better. I can even think up more crazy things to say than when I was “under the influence.” :laughing:

Oh yes! That’s another thing I use them for. I also put a decadent packet in with the seeds.


Definitely, they’re much smaller, and the bonus is that you can cut off used portions to discard before the journey home (less to carry back). Bottles remain the same size regardless of how many pills are left inside. They’re also more awkward in that you either have to count out the number of pills and just take those with you, or take the whole bottle on a “grand tour” knowing that most of them will come back with you.

Never thought of that. :smile:
The ones I can and do make (re)use of are the cylindrical plastic pots with the lid the same size as the pot. Those are useful for sorting out screws and other workshop/shed items…

I tried that, but the message didn’t always get through. Depended which pharmacy I went to, and all the packaging is different which made it difficult to save caps from one to use on another. Plus, I’d have to find someone to open the dratted bottle in the first place so that I could replace the cap.

Wow, wish I could do that, but without various painkillers I’d be screaming in pain in a corner somewhere. I take them sparingly, just enough to make things bearable so I can function.

Did you mean “dessicant” rather than “decadent”? :thinking::upside_down_face: Just checking… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:rofl: Yes I did! I must have been hungry. I did get up and finished off the ice cream. :rofl:


That must have been the decadent part then! Hopefully you recycled or re-used the ice-cream tub in some way? (<<<< Just to keep Cagey happy and keep vaguely on topic!)


Methinks I’m getting picked on!
But I have no fleas to pick !


Definitely not! I’d never do that…

You’ve just reminded me, my kitty needs his flea treatment! (Comes in a little plastic tube, which sadly isn’t recyclable. At least the outer cardboard and the blister pack are though…)


Lighter fuel Jim, works a treat :wink: I always keep a little tin of swan lighter fuel handy for those sticky little occasions when nothing else works :grin:


I also have a large tin of that… for my lighters. I do use it for releasing glues when my wife or the girls remove labels and leave behind the unsightly “backside” of the labels. It has a multitude of uses. Usually when I remove the labels from pill bottles, I’ve found if I slowly pull straight out from the bottle the label will slowly peel off cleanly. If it starts to separate and stick, I stop and scrape toward the label with my nail while applying a slight pull on the label. It usually goes back to peeling off cleanly again.

One pharmacy, CVS, has changed their labels so that part of it is adhered to the bottle and the rest if doubled over itself creating a flap… which sticks out away from the bottle making standing several bottles close to one another almost impossible. The labels jutting out away from the bottle knock others over… becoming a big nuisance. The only good thing about them - as far as I am concern - is that there is less to peel off the bottle itself. Now Rite-Aid Pharmacy has switched to a different glue for their RX labels which seems to peel off more cleanly with a steady light pull. Nice.


Thanks Em, I’ve learned something today!
I’ll have to go out and buy a little tin just for such occasions… Kind of a shame that I’ve (almost) given up smoking now… :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:


I use what we call “White Spirit” and you call, I think, “Mineral Spirit”. A good bit safer to use and probably cheaper than lighter fuel.