2019 RCMP divers start retrieval of 1959 plane crash





Any idea why they are doing this at this time of year?


My thoughts exactly. Being at the bottom of a lake - I don’t know how large it is - one would think it wouldn’t move around, especially since it’s been there since 1959. Cold-water dive training maybe? I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t have waited until spring or even early summer. It’s not like it’s going anywhere. :confused: Maybe when I get a few free moments I can read the above article and research the lake some. But that will have to wait for the moment.


Waves and wind ended first attempt in August. Lots of the big trucks that go down through the ice, on the big lakes up north, they bring them up in the winter versus open water. I think once they are up…it is easier to get them to shore, than pulling through the water or loading onto something to get them to shore…just a thought…and RCMP Divers are really busy during the other seasons?