2019 Rock Our World (geology)


2019 Rock Our World (geology)


There are geologists at my place of employment (which will not be named), who, after they retire, VOLUNTEER for decades. They are so devoted to their work for this country that they continue until their 80s and 90s. I know of three emeritus scientists who literally died in their office working on what they loved to do and felt was vital work benefiting the people of the U.S. It tears me apart when people say “oh, they’re just getting a paid holiday right now. Those lazy government employees” I just would like say to say we are not lazy, we do want to work. We are penalized if it shows up that we used our key card to access our office while this is going on. (Don’t know what the penalty is, but don’t want to lose my job finding out.)


Hey @kateg I haven’t forgotten about your post. Not well enough to reply though. Head hurts.


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Kate, it’s like that in all levels of government. People complain here about state workers and “all the money they’re taking in” when in fact they are not being paid that much at all - except at the higher levels of government. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: In the State Dept. of Transportation (DOT), all it takes here is for one person to drive by and see a crew sitting in their vehicles and that person will complain that they “never” do any work - that their jobs should be privatized. Heaven forbid the crew gets a coffee break or lunch break! Same goes for municipal employees.
I know of several state and local government employees who do work at home (unpaid) so when they get back on the job they’re able to perform whatever they need to do faster and with more accuracy. They also help solving problems - at home - which would have taken a lot longer if they were confined to working on them strictly on the job. Some people have attended local government meetings (town hall) to “suggest” solutions to problems that haven’t yet been solved by those currently in the work ranks. I believe that there are more people doing this than anyone will ever be aware of.


Must admit I haven’t paid much attention to any news over this holiday period, but you’ve just had me reading up on this. Don’t want to start a political discussion on here but…eek :grimacing: I can appreciate where you’re coming from Kateg :worried:


Hopefully as of the changes yesterday, the shut down is reversed.