2019 Rock Our World (geology)




It sounds like she’s turning into stone. :neutral_face:


How insulting to rocks!!


I’m always telling my wife I feel like I’m talking to a wall (when trying to tell her something). Every time I talk to her, she acts like she’s in another world - thinking about everything else except what I’m talking about. (I think maybe she’s ignoring me?) :confused:

Edit: Regarding the M6.2 earthquake in New Zealand, 227.3km/141 miles deep. Here’s the link to the Physics Form where scientists talked about this and some other quakes. An interesting graph of 5 earthquakes in 4 hours.


Part of my job involves looking at decades-old documents for a given oil well construction history. Sometimes the old lingo is laugh-out-loud funny. Sometimes the scientific methods are dubious. This was in a document I was reading today :rofl::roll_eyes::face_with_monocle: (maybe the oil worker was in love with a Kate):

Called dowsing in the UK, here is a wiki on water witching:


Should have googled it first. See Ennis’s “Lo-Kate-it” device (okay, I guess Ennis was in love with a Kate :grin:):


UK? Years ago they did that here in the USA also. As a matter of fact, about 40 years ago we had to dig up an underground fuel oil tank in the parking lot next to the town garage. There was a water line that ran from a large well, through the parking lot and into the building… real close to where the underground tank was supposed to be. They used metal detectors (several models) to try to find the water line and the tank. They could at best get a vague idea of where the tank was. They couldn’t find the water line. The old highway superintendent came down with an old friend of his who pulled out his dowsing rod - a wooden sting he held between his thumb and index finger. Within a minute he had marked the side of the building with spray paint, painted a line out into the parking lot and curved it away (which ended up straight to the well). As a kicker, he walked around a bit and then sprayed 4 spots and said, “This is where your tank is” (between the 4 spots). I dug up the parking lot and that man was spot on! When he first started we were all making fun of him. But when the tank and the water line were right where he said they were, we were truly amazed.


Many people rely on “water witching/dowsing” still when they are building on a plot of land.
And I have heard of people that are utilizing the method to find areas around their home that may be contributing to their illness, cancer, etc.


You beat me to it.

2nd alternative:: It’s an Irish ballad–
Oh, Lo-Kate-It
My bonnie Kate…


Thanks for posting that article, @TerriB. I wasn’t too aware of the history of this fascinating practice. It is interesting that we know about birds’ use of electromagnetic fields when migrating, and that maybe humans have some as-yet unknown sensitivity to the electromagnetic field.




Many years ago there was an article about birds also using polarized light to help migrate. I believe it was toward the “yellowish” frequency of light and it ran from north to south. And here I thought it was just my eyes getting old and favoring yellow light. :wink:


@Jim7, are you claiming to be a bird? Watch out for cats! :smile_cat:


No, just my eyes preferring yellow light instead of that bright bluish light (LEDs) they use in modern headlights now. Infra-red light is great for healing your retinas too! It’s a shame they can’t incorporate infra-red into these monitors and make them healthy for our eyes instead of damaging to them. But… if I were a bird, I’d probably get nose bleeds from flying too high! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: