2019 - Smile of the day




Last day of treatment is always something to celebrate!


I watched that video. That little boy was in his glory! Very nice to watch. I bet he is happy not to have to go through those treatments - hopefully for the rest of his life. :smiley:


wouldn’t that be great!




That is great! And I bet that’s something he’ll never forget either. :smiley:



If I did that a padded wagon would show up for me. :hushed: :grinning:


Can you imagine if the deer showed up while you were shovelling?


They’d probably stand back and watch the birds - especially the ravens and crows - all swooping down and pecking at me! :laughing: Of course my neighbor across the street wouldn’t even give me a second look… figuring I lost it finally. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I burst out :laughing: and my wife looked up at me. When I described the cartoon you posted she smiled and went back to her iPad. I think she liked it. :wink:


I often wonder what kids think about all of the events going on in our world right now! They must be confused.


Les gilets jaunes!!?


Yes Yellow Vest movement… of another kind :rofl::smiley:


Since no one posted anything for today (22nd), I’ll post this:



Watch out, yellow jackets sting! :honeybee:


Why didn’t they dress up as dragons and blow fire to melt the snow? Silly people!


I just dress up as “the wacky neighbor” who keeps everyone chuckling with my crazy comments. Why does it seem like some are avoiding me? Even my wife at times. :thinking: :rofl: