2019 - Smile of the day


Welllll…he’s gone to bed so I don’t want to disturb him, he’s got work in the morning :laughing: :blush:


Wow…quick thinking…


Many parts of this article will leave you smiling and then some. :smiley:




I was so glad to see a happy ending for them. We used to have a black lab who loved to go for rides - no matter whose car it was. We never put our dogs on ropes, chains or cables. One day our dog just disappeared. After almost two months we received a phone call from a friend of ours who was a town police officer. He told us a dog was just hit by a car on the state highway near the cement company’s conveyor belt (where it crosses the highway). I took a ride up there and sure enough, it was our dog - dead. He had a short length of clothes line rope tied to his collar. He apparently chewed through it and was heading home when he crossed the busy highway and was struck by a car or truck. We buried him in our backyard next to a couple of cats, guinea pigs and parrots.

But hooray for the sage return of those people’s pet. A beautiful ending to a sad event.

Almost makes me want to put our security camera back up. To be honest, I have thought of putting it up so I can watch the deer, red fox, etc. when they come down my driveway.


Yes it is so surprising that they got him back…I think there is more to this story and we will need to see what happens in the future. I hope they are caught and charged. Western Canada has seen such an increase in dogs stolen…some by people who resell them, some who steal them for dog fighters etc. Some discussion has been about the tags on your back fence or on your land fence line that tells people where the dog is located…spray painted board on the fence in the back alley, empty dog food bag tied around the barbed wire, plastic bags tied on the barbed wire or fence or on a tree near the entry to your farm.


My wife told me she wanted to make her favorite thing for dinner tonight. When I asked her what that was she replied, “Reservations.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Since no one has posted anything to make us smile for today, this will have to do. For lunch my wife made tuna fish sandwiches. When she saw me lift up the top slice of bread and start to lay potato chips across the tuna fish she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was having “fish and chips!” (I know… that’s lame. :roll_eyes:)


Ok here is your “smile of the day”…I laughed out loud!!!


That’s like the time a little girl brought some pot-laced brownies to school to share with her friends for lunch. Her mom had made them for an adult get-together for that night. :rofl:


Can you imagine if the hospital/police had to call the “children” to pick up their “parents”!!!

Here’s another seniors story:


Here’s a little tidbit from the March 19, 1884 issue of the Coeymans Herald newspaper:

“Ladies, call at Sherman’s Fancy Goods Store and ask for the self-adjusting corset. Ladies who wish to retain and improve the elegance of their figure should adopt this corset without delay.”

I imagine that was written by a male. :laughing:
Another bit - where the editor apparently was belittling these three gents because none had a steady job:

“Seven trained dogs are traveling through the river towns trying to support three able-bodied young men in idleness. They performed here Saturday.” And finally,

“The West Shore [railroad] pay car leaves stacks of gold certificates here each monthly visit, and the store keepers wear a pleasant face and prosperous air.”

I’m sure the tavern owners did as well! :rofl:

Edit: My wife and I had just watched a chipmunk exit its den along the driveway by the gully. It ran down the driveway and beneath the pine tree in our front yard, hiding in the rock wall I built around the tree and the raised lawn. We weren’t even in the house one minute when my wife looked out the window and asked, “Is that a hawk? It’s sitting on top of the hedges!” I got up and looked out the door. “Yes…,” I replied, “… a red-shinned hawk.” My wife said, “He’s after our chipmunk!” and she ran out the door, down the porch steps clapping her hands. The hawk didn’t move as she went right up to within 3’/1 metre of it. It finally flew off, made a circle and landed on the hedges about 12’/3 metres away from her. Then she picked up a pine cone and threw it at the hawk as she yelled, “Get outta here! You’re not getting that chipmunk!” It flew out over the street and started to circle back when my wife threw a second pine cone at it. :laughing: The hawk turned and landed in a tree across the street. My wife came back inside, sat down and glanced out the window. The hawk had returned and was sitting on the ground next to the stone wall. :rofl: I told my wife it was just hungry and she said, “That (explicit) bird is not getting my chipmunk!” And outside she ran again! :rofl: When the hawk took off (for good?) my wife came back inside with a satisfied look on her face. I just laughed at her telling her how funny she looked throwing pine cones at the bird. :laughing:


Thanks Thistle! I’ve just spent FAR too long this evening looking at some of the other cartoons on this site… I love it! I’ve bookmarked it for future reference…


:smiley: I’m an addict too! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!


I also spent quite some time on this site… and copied the homepage link to my multi-clipboard.


I’ve set a reminder in my calendar! :calendar: You’re leading me into (more) bad habits… :upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face:


Ah yes, I saw this (or something like this) a while back, Had to try it with my own kitty (just for experimental purposes!)… it didn’t work! He was totally unphased by it…
My only criticism of the video is that in every clip, the cat is at its food bowl when the cucumber is placed behind them. If the cat is really so spooked by seeing it, why make it associate the fright with eating? Just curious… I didn’t do this, Dylan can be a fussy eater at times, I’d hate to have put him off going anywhere near the food bowls!


That reminded me of a vet who once told a pet owner, “When you want your pet (dog in this case) to get away from the dinner table while you’re eating, never tell him to get on his bed! That makes him associate his bed as a punishment. Then he won’t want to sleep on it at night.” I’ve caught my son and DIL do the same thing and each time I’d remind them of what that vet said. They acknowledged that it was the wrong thing to say, but I still catch them doing it once in a while. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: