2019 - Smile of the day


Notice how the use of the word “giant” threw people off into thinking it really was giant - and they assumed it was on the canal because that’s what the article said. People are like computers too. They can only come up with certain answers depending upon what information they are given. What comes out is only as good as what goes in.





I don’t know what it is about Twitter clips buy they won’t play for me, even when I’m logged onto twitter :unamused: They wouldn’t play when I first set up that account, then they started playing no problem and now I’m back to them not playing again, don’t what goes on with twitter :disappointed:


Usually it is your settings in your Twitter account…Under Settings and Privacy…video autoplay?
Something to check.


Well, I didn’t find anything wrong with my settings; but I’ve really need to see it I’m sure I can find it youtube :smile:

And I just came across this on FB.




You’re not alone there, Em! I quite often have problems when I try to view them in Firefox, but generally no problem playing in Chrome or Brave. I guess it depends just how much I “need” to view the video clip… :wink: Doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m logged in or not…


I strictly use Firefox and haven’t had any problems viewing videos on Twitter. And I don’t have a Twitter account. Must be why I keep getting that nagging “Log in/Sign up” pop-up… just like on Facebook.


Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. No rhyme nor reason to why they do or don’t work. Not that I really watch that many video clips in any case, most of them pass me by unnoticed, unless it’s a cute kitty or several… :wink:


I don’t miss them either Helen; I noticed when the problem started again when I tried to view a few video clips school had post of artwork my daughters class had done and also some clips of the musical she was in just before Christmas :roll_eyes:




That was probably a grudge carried over from a TABLE hockey game!


Just click on the name, it will come up see the bottom of the photo…https://twitter.com/PremierScottMoe/status/1093517228622909440


While at the hospital a patient - an old man - called to me as I passed his room. Upon entering, he asked me if I would pick up his nurse call button. I had come unclipped from his pillow and fallen to the floor and he was unable to reach the cable to pull it back up. As I picked it and handed it to him he said thank you and apologized for not being able to speak so well since he didn’t have his false teeth in. Quick wit kicked in (as it usually does) and I replied, “That’s okay, but I bet you can still see fine.” He looked at me sort of bewildered. Then I said, “You still have your eye teeth.” That old man burst out laughing and thanked me for that bit of humor. :wink:



Being a DOuG, this caught my eye this morning… it’s from jinglejanglejungle dot net… sub for the dot.



:rofl: And to think I just finished cleaning the litter box less than 10 minutes ago. Nah… I don’t think I could do that to Angel! You better watch out @cageycat, Doug’s in one of those moods! :laughing:


Fortunately it’s a good one! When I’m grumpy I can be downright mean… but refrain from permanent damage… when I’m really ticked off, well I don’t get that way often… but it could be bad…

Those days I used to wear a Tee shirt with the following text…

" I am prone to violence. Easily provoked… AND I’m off my medications! " :sunglasses:

Need to add… that I would never do anything to cageycat… she is on my Do Not Disturb List…
I know or at least suspect that @TerriB would confirm that I’m very docile… that was just a humourous posting that was on my Pinterest this morning…