2019 - Smile of the day


For sure…

I laughed at …can you imagine …“pop rocks”!!!



I think @cageycat has a tee-shirt that reads, “I have sharp claws. I know how to use them… and I’m easily provoked!” :laughing: Nah… Cagey’s really a very cool, calm, collected and cunning cat that bides her time. :rofl: :smirk_cat: :smile_cat:



Those may prove to be interesting to our house geologist - @kateg! They are call “rocks!” :roll_eyes:



“I imbibe of catnip tea… Come now and join me!”



Sorry, on this cold windy day I think I’ll stick to the pot roast Donna made. Fran is coming down for dinner - and bringing Abby along (Ruff!). Just took a marrow bone out of the freezer for her. I was just “warned” to get my printer off the kitchen table before they arrive. (I had to have somewhere to clean the printer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:

I just remembered, Cagey. You had asked me for a recent photo of Brianna. I’ll email you one this evening. I printed one for Fran, but it was taken back in August. Donna loves this one… but then again, Grandma’s love all of the photos of their grandchildren. :rofl: I once asked her, “which one do you like best?” She just looked at me like I was stupid. :laughing:






Sick minds… But I guess that’s better than actually feeding your ex to a hoard of meerkats. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Actually, I’d prefer going to a rocks concert! Can you imagine? Tables full of rock and mineral specimens which one can examine while the orchestra plays some Aaron Copeland music. Hand lenses provided for those who forgot to bring them. :heart_eyes:



In our province there was controversy about an application for a vanity plate (personalized license plate) because the person’s last name could be misconstrued as offensive…he got his revenge for the denial: His last name is pronounced “ossman”.




:laughing: When our daughter was very little, my wife brought her down to Florida to visit relatives. They were down there for 10 days. When they got back the first thing my daughter said to me was, “How y’all doin’?” :hushed: It took a few weeks for that to end on its own. :smiley:

Edit: I nearly forgot about this. We were talking about peoples ages and what they’re called at they reach certain “milestones”. At 25 you’re a classic, at 50 you’ve become an antique, when you reach 75 you are now a relic, and once you hit 100, you have “one foot in the grave!” :slightly_smiling_face: By this “measurement”, I am between a relic and an antique (closer to an antique :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:)… at least by age. By mental activity, still a “classic” and body-wise… “one foot in the grave.” :rofl:



Wow, and I always thought it was an American children’s show, well, you learn something new every day :smile:
My daughter loved it as a toddler so I took her to meet Peppa Pig in our town centre when she was touring…my daughter wouldn’t go anywhere near her :rofl:
The character being an adult dressed up in a huge costume just didn’t fool her one bit, she was just waaaay too big :rofl: And scary :grimacing:



Oh that just reminds me of my youngest sister when she went over to Kansas as a teenager to stay with relatives for the school summer holidays. Oh how we cringed when came home, trying to put on the American accent and using phrases and terminology…it just sounded sooo wrong coming out of the mouth of a Liverpudlian :grimacing::rofl:




Save water… drink coffee!

There… Did that make you smile? I’m going to bed. :grinning:



We were supposed to have both Olivia (6 (7 in March)) and Eva (5) over on Saturday, spend the night and go home Sunday afternoon. When Olivia got home from school Friday afternoon she had a slight fever. By Saturday she was vomiting. It was decided that Eva would come here - so as not to catch the stomach virus Olivia had. On Sunday, Olivia was still vomiting so her parents asked if Eva could spend another night with us. Eva was ecstatic over this. When her father (my son) came down with another change of clothes for her, he showed her a note her big sister had written to her:

“Eva, Am gald that am sick and your not. To. Eva from. Olivia”

(Translation: Eva, I’m glad that I’m sick and you’re not. There were two cross outs, one where she spelled “sick” as “sik” and the other where she started to write “na” as she was going to write “not”)
What a nice gesture from Eva’s big sister! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Olivia must really be “under the weather” as she almost always rereads what she writes and finds her own misspellings, but still wanted to communicate with her younger sister. Hopefully Olivia stays away from Brianna (1-1/2)! :worried:



They forgot to mention this “perk” when you give up smoking.

Another little thing to make you smile… Our 6-yr old granddaughter sent Grandma a text telling her to turn on her Facetime so she could talk to her because she misses her “sooo bad!” Thirty minutes later Grandma is still trying and finally says, “I forgot my password!” Our granddaughter texted back and told Grandma she’ll have to call her tomorrow because now she has to take a bath and go to bed. Way to go, Grandma! :laughing:

Edit: Since Discourse doesn’t allow more than 3 consecutive posts I had to edit this one.

You had me thinking about this for some time. I could have sworn I remembered seeing something in the credits about the UK. So I hopped onto YouTube, went to the official Peppa Pig channel and checked. Here’s what they have for the company… in the UK. And here I thought I was “losing it”… or is that what you were trying for? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PEPPA PIG © ASTLEY BAKER DAVIES LTD/ENTERTAINMENT ONE UK LTD 2003. Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.



Yes, I looked it up myself, I always thought used British voice-overs for it :laughing:



Dad decided to mic his 4 year old during his hockey practice to see what he was saying to himself and others on the ice…:rofl::joy::rofl:



The news report didn’t have much but I found it on youtube. Thanks Terri, that was so adorable, reminded me of my son at that age, ok, he didn’t to ice hockey, but yeh, the talking to himself and that little body constantly busy busy busy, like a little falling down drunk :laughing::laughing::rofl: