2019 - Smile of the day


so reminded me of mine…and he didn’t play hockey either!!!

Here’s the you tube one if anyone else wants to see the entire video:

I have a relative who is the captain of one of the main teams in the NHL…I wonder if this is how he started out? (lived in a diff prov than I do).


Thanks Terri, I loved it so I’m watching it again, I loved that bit where dad put in brackets “He’s been trying to skate with both feet”…that just really tickled me…where did he keep the other one :rofl: He’s just soooo adorable :grin:

:smile: My son has just come downstairs, even he was thinking I was playing one his video clips from when he was that age :rofl:


If you want to get his goat, tell him this video was better than any of his. :grimacing: Better not… :smiley:


:rofl: Nah, better not Jim :innocent:


I have a sister whom the rest of us used to tease all the time. We’d tell her that such and such a year one of her brothers was mom’s favorite, and go right through the list of kids… except her. If she’d say something we’d tell her things like, “Oh, I’ve never heard mom say you were her favorite.” :smiling_imp: Then she’d finally run to mom and ask about her “favorites”. My mother would roll her eyes and tell her the she didn’t have any favorites… that she loved every one of her children equally. Of course when my sister came back to tell us - with a big smirk - one of my older brothers would say, “Mom just told you that because she didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” :laughing: To this very day my sister has a tag line she uses in her emails below her name… “Mom’s favorite child” :rofl:

Edit: Our daughter just got here to pick up her dog… yeah… grandma brought her down here to visit. :roll_eyes: She got telling us how her son met her at her workplace because they were going to Red Lobster - he takes her out every year for her birthday. They dropped his car off for an oil change and inspection while they ate. When they picked it up the guy tells them the car didn’t pass inspection… a broken tie rod… thanks to the many pot holes. They dropped his car off at the garage he usually uses for repairs. When my daughter told him that when she picks up his car when it was repaired, and pays for it, she said, “you are going to pay me the whole thing right off, right?” He replied, “I thought I could make payments to you.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: He has about US$1,600 left from his tax refund. When his mother asked about that money he told her, “I was hoping to set some money aside.” :laughing: Then she reminded him about how she paid for this that and the other thing for him and he still owes her money. So he tells her, “a couple more payments and that should take care of that.” :roll_eyes: My daughter tells us she can’t believe he actually thinks he doesn’t have to pay his mother back outright and sees nothing wrong with making payments. She said to us, “What do I look like, a bank?” :smile:
My wife and I didn’t say a word as we both remembered going through the very same thing with her. :neutral_face:

Edit: Here something to make you smile.

My mother used to have a tea set like that. But I think us kids sort of broke them one by one. :innocent: :roll_eyes:



I guess this will have to do for the smile of the day… I was working on the new seal campaign when my wife walked behind me (shudder) and asked what I was doing. When I told her I was looking for seals, she pointed to a small dark “blob” and asked if that was one. Thinking quickly while sitting - as I normally do - I said, “No, that’s a mouse.” She walked away without a word until she got across the room, stopped and said, “You’re an idiot! There’s no mice in Antarctica!” :laughing: Not to let things go so easily I asked, “Well, what do you think the Arctic Cats eat?” (Arctic Cat is a brand of snowmobile.) She just shook her head and went into the next room. :crazy_face:


Two days without a smile? We can’t have that… so here goes (it made me smile).

My granddaughter, Eva (5) was looking at my laptop as I was on Amazon.com. Of course below what you are looking at they show items you’ve looked at before and related items. Of course there had to be some children’s toys so Eva asked it she could look at those. I let her scroll through them, and as she did she pointed out the ones she wanted me to buy her. About a half dozen items. And she said I should buy two of everything so Olivia (her sister) could also have one of each. Two days later I stopped by my son’s house to drop of a piece of mail that had been inadvertently put into our box. There was a package UPS had dropped off at their front door, so I retrieved it and carried it in with me. As soon as Eva saw the package she exclaimed, “Olivia! My package is here!” She tried to grab it out of my hand until I told her it was for her mother. Then she asked me, “Well, Grandpa… When’s my package coming?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She had such a look of anticipation on her face I dared not tell her I never ordered anything. Sooner or later she’s going to be asking again… :roll_eyes:


OMG! This post is so necessary for today’s world because people need to focus on happiness and other stuff rather than just stuff like money and unnecessary materialistic objects and the complete process.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts. This most made me smile to be honest.


And then they hit their teens…with very specific tastes and interests.

So, for our daughter’s 16th a couple weeks ago we sent her down to her uncle to go see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London. but listening to her tell it all when she got home, wow, it brought tears to my eyes. Her roller-coaster of emotions to that performance; she wanted to sing, she wanted to scream, she wanted to cry (so glad I put in an extra pack of tissues just in case); practically stuffing her fists in her mouth to stifle her screams and her tears (she has a tendency to do that when she is truly over whelmed/overcome with emotions) Particularly when one of the performers (I think he was playing Jefferson) blew her a kiss at the end of one particular song, well that just made her day, her week, her year. She said his gaze was on her the whole time he sang that song (I don’t know what song it was), and she was singing along too.

I wish I’d been there now, just to watch the effect it was having on her. But I know the expense of it all would have been wasted on me, simply because I would have spent the entire performance just watching her reactions, I’d have missed most of the actual performance :laughing: :blush:

So anyway, for her actual birthday (day after she returned) we like to give something physical for her unwrap so we’d gathered up a load of scrap paper, pens, pencils (dotted all around the house over the years…usually by her), boxed them up and gave her that as her birthday present…as a joke :laughing: … She loved it :astonished: she was made up with it :laughing:
Just like her dad…he’d be just as happy with a bag of nails :rofl:


We missed an Amazon delivery last Sunday (we’d gone to an 80th birthday), so a neighbour dropped it off when we got home…big box. My son wanted to know what it was; I said it was for him…he scratches his head “but I only ordered a charging cable for my phone”. It was a doughnut cushion for his butt I’d ordered last week ('cos he’d taken a tumble down the stairs of a bus on his butt) :laughing: He spent the evening hugging and stroking it’s velvet soft cover…with his thumb in his mouth…watching a movie…he’s 18 in a couple of weeks for crying out loud :astonished: :rofl:


We wanted to get him driving lessons for his birthday but oh noooo…he just wants a new computer chair :roll_eyes: Quite happy for me to keep chauffeuring him around :weary:


Or like @kateg, she’d be happy with a box of rocks. :laughing: Hey! Now we know what to get Kate for her birthday! Or maybe her mom is already getting her that? :thinking:

It was so nice reading about how involved your daughter got in Hamilton. That’s what you call a truly captivated audience. I can imagine the excitement in her eyes as she was telling you about it all - especially the song part. I’m glad she enjoyed it immensely.

Way back in 9th grade - a few years ago :roll_eyes: - I liked a girl who wanted to see the drama club’s presentation of “Carousel”). I wasn’t really into that type of thing - watching a play, but I went with her anyway. I had to constantly tell her to stop talking so I could hear the play. In the end, at a very sad and touching part, I was in tears. A beautiful performance it was! I did go and see other plays after that… sometimes without that girl. Odd how I took her to many semi-formal dances, and even to formal dances in high school, but all we remained were best friends. I walked halfway across the city every weekend just to talk with her. Sometimes she had to go somewhere with her family and I ended up just walking back home. She usually called me when she got back. And then I met my bride to be…


Thank you Jim, she truly was captivated. Oh she’s been in love with this musical since it first opened in the states, think it came out in 2015. I think she’s learnt more about American history than she ever did in school; she’s read up on so much of it just as a result of that musical.

Fate had a bigger and better plan for you Jim :slight_smile: It’s what my hubby always says to me. He had something similar, semi-dating a girl for a few years, she even went on a few family holidays with him but it eventually just frittered out…and he met me :wink: :blush:


You forgot the :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and :kissing_heart:! :rofl:


Welllll…he’s gone to bed so I don’t want to disturb him, he’s got work in the morning :laughing: :blush:


Wow…quick thinking…


Many parts of this article will leave you smiling and then some. :smiley:




I was so glad to see a happy ending for them. We used to have a black lab who loved to go for rides - no matter whose car it was. We never put our dogs on ropes, chains or cables. One day our dog just disappeared. After almost two months we received a phone call from a friend of ours who was a town police officer. He told us a dog was just hit by a car on the state highway near the cement company’s conveyor belt (where it crosses the highway). I took a ride up there and sure enough, it was our dog - dead. He had a short length of clothes line rope tied to his collar. He apparently chewed through it and was heading home when he crossed the busy highway and was struck by a car or truck. We buried him in our backyard next to a couple of cats, guinea pigs and parrots.

But hooray for the sage return of those people’s pet. A beautiful ending to a sad event.

Almost makes me want to put our security camera back up. To be honest, I have thought of putting it up so I can watch the deer, red fox, etc. when they come down my driveway.


Yes it is so surprising that they got him back…I think there is more to this story and we will need to see what happens in the future. I hope they are caught and charged. Western Canada has seen such an increase in dogs stolen…some by people who resell them, some who steal them for dog fighters etc. Some discussion has been about the tags on your back fence or on your land fence line that tells people where the dog is located…spray painted board on the fence in the back alley, empty dog food bag tied around the barbed wire, plastic bags tied on the barbed wire or fence or on a tree near the entry to your farm.