2019 Space News - NASA, SpaceX, TESS, HUBBLE


2019 Space News - NASA, SpaceX, TESS, HUBBLE


Maybe a future campaign will be mapping the galaxy…




It looks like an urban snowman :grin:


Why wouldn’t scientists use the most obvious-looking metaphor? It looks like an embryo undergoing cell division! So more than 4.5 billion years ago, it was conceived and then went into the deep freeze awaiting implantation of some sort… or waiting to meet its mother… or some cosmic energy touching it to “wake it up” and give it reason to keep splitting into bigger & better.


And to think we were joking around about counting tires in a landfill. :laughing:


Ah… it’s doesn’t have a hat, scarf, pipe, buttons, arms, etc. Maybe one that had been sitting out in the sun too long? :smiley:





From the last article above:

“However, it’s possible there is another planet around the same star that this planet orbits around — one that is about the same size of Earth. That one, also spotted by TESS, hasn’t been confirmed yet. But if it’s out there, that one would be a much hotter world, with a super close orbit that lasts just 7.8 days.”

Imagine living on that planet - sounds like the tilt-a-whirl. :nauseated_face:

Also, the acceleration due to gravity must be pretty high to keep the planet intact. I imagine a planet with heavy slugs that don’t have to move far to get their food. How can the force of gravity of a planet be that high? Must be super dense. So slugs on a solid iron-nickel planet that is like living on a spherical frying pan.

Probably no life on that planet…??:face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


That’s a great description!!!


:laughing: I was at a fair where there was a couple who had been drinking and got on this ride. Halfway through the girl got sick and :face_vomiting:! It was flying all around in long arcs in all directions… with people on the ground screaming - from wearing it. :nauseated_face: By the time the employee got the ride stopped, she also stopped :face_vomiting:. Both boyfriend and girlfriend had to helped off the ride and were escorted to the rest area. Never in my life had I seen that before - and never since.


Computer%20coffeespew :laughing: :laughing: :rofl:


They probably had to wait in line to get in there as there was a whole slew of people who had to get cleaned up. :rofl:


I’ve seen youtube clips of such instances and always wondered how the people on the ground fared :laughing:




two different theories: