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Hope they don’t start fighting over the moon! geesh LOL


I think they already are! The U.S.A. wants a base at the north pole and China is going to build one near the south pole. Is Russia going to take the equator? Other countries are going to have to settle for in between. :thinking: :grin: Give them time and they’ll have the moon littered with bases, drilling fields and junk. :roll_eyes:


From @TerriB post above: there is a fascinating photo in this article of an astronaut standing by a boulder on the moon. I have never seen this captivating photo:


Do you know what would be funny? If an astronaut set a sign on the moon that read, “Kilroy was here.” :smiley:


What, no “Major Tom”?


I’m sure you’ve probably seen this, but if so, watch it again!


Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 Recovered, Collecting Science Data

They got it working on the 17th.


I am surprised there are no images from Nasa on the Blood Moon…so far…

Too bad they couldn’t do the same for recovery for WV4. Seems those editing Wiki on the subject have stated:
…and is considered no longer usable.


From what I read, one (or more?) of the 3 gyros that keeps the satellite pointed in the right direction has failed. It is apparently “tumbling” or spinning uncontrollably and they can’t stop it from doing so. They had in their description of WV-4 that with the resolution that camera had on board, they could make out “make” of a car. What? No license plate reader? :laughing: I see that DG has big plans for two new constellations of satellites and a third set planned for ~2025.


Yes they said the “control moment gyroscope” is what failed. I meant they couldn’t fix it as easily as they have the Hubble.


The Hubble shut down itself because of an internal error which made it “think” it was getting too high voltage. Once they got that straightened out, it “booted up” and they were back in business. Still, that made for a lot of nervous people! :sweat_smile:


Opportunity Rover landed in 2004 on Mars and was only supposed to last 3 months:




It took light years to see that coming, huh? LOL All those people only got a Mars candy bar from the bankruptcy court. hahaha (just joking)



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