2019 You wonder if you're getting senile when


It’s in the basement… D found it outside and thought you should oil it before it rusts. So it’s waiting for WD40. Go shine it up!


We reached a high today of 41.9F/5.5C. This morning it was mostly cloudy with some sun, but as the day wore on the clouds moved off. By 2 PM it was sunny and clear. But now the temperature is down to 40.8F/4.9C. Winds are light and variable, but mostly calm with a slight breeze and an occasional mild gust. Everything is melting! The snow depth is going down… down… down… but there is a crust on it. Try to shovel on a hill. As you pick up the shovel pieces of crust fall off, slide down the hill and pile up where you have to finish… and where you are tired out by that time. :unamused: After finishing the walks and widening the apron of the driveway, and clearing the spot where our neighbor parks in our driveway, I did manage to shovel about 7’/2 m. up x 16’/4.9 m. across in the driveway up by the carriage house. Only another 20’/6 m. to go! (I think I’m going to let that melt on its own. :sweat_smile:)

Tonight’s low is to be 29F/-1.7C and tomorrow high about 47F/8C… and rain on Friday morning. For the next week daytime temps will be above freezing and overnight temps below freezing. Great if you’re into making potholes in the roads. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unusual… It was right where I left it… just outside the kitchen door (so I wouldn’t misplace it. :laughing:) But I did forget to lube it. Twice when I went to toss the snow it stuck to the shovel which strained by lower back.:unamused: Think I’d stop and lubricate it? Nooo! Kept right on shoveling. Done for today. Fed the birds again, coffee, shower, coffee, watch the birds.


Why… did the birds, squirrels or deer complain?


A flock of starlings showed up and chased nearly all the rest of the birds away, save for a few titmice and chickadees who were getting peanuts from the porch banister. I did replace the suet cake after the starlings left. Had a hairy woodpecker fly down from the pine tree where it was waiting patiently. :grinning:


LOL, no, I meant the shower. :wink:


Smarty pants! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Better than “salty pants” from putting CaCL attached to your waist.


You wonder if you’re getting senile when… you immediately agree to let the grandchildren come down to spend for an overnight visit… and don’t remember what happened the last time until the moment they walk through the door. :open_mouth:

You wonder if you’re getting senile when… after finishing your shopping at the mall, can’t find your car, and request help from security to find it because you’ve been looking for your car for the past two hours. Even with security’s help you still can’t find where you’ve parked your car, you finally call home and realize your son let you use his vehicle… and it’s sitting right next to you (as you’re sitting in the security patrol’s vehicle). :roll_eyes: :innocent: Okay… not so innocent… :flushed:


Aw Jim, you just reminded me of yesterday. Went into town to pick up a few things for my daughter’s birthday. Parked in the Market Hall but, just for a change, I didn’t head straight to the roof. Instead I actually looked and found a space on the second floor and parked up. Couple hours later, I walk back into the Market Hall and immediately thought “where did I park my car” :thinking: Some habits of a lifetime should never be broken :confounded:

Fortunately I did remember which floor I was on, the one I would habitually park on when the children were babies because it was handy for the changing rooms :wink: But it did take a bit of wandering around before I eventually found it :sweat_smile:



I guess I neglected the fact that this was after my grandson - about 4 yrs old at the time - had walked around the outside of the entire shopping mall at least 3 times, it had gotten dark, and the movie had been over with about 2 hours before that. And by that time my grandson’s little legs were tired and I had to carry him on my shoulders… which having 3 herniated discs in my neck caused me great pain. Of course the security office was hidden away on a mezzanine (between floors) that was only accessible by an elevator and some stairs that were hidden behind a closed door. Even following directions given to me by two different employees from two different stores, for the life of me I couldn’t find the darned office. Finally I spotted a security guard walking around and grabbed him. Needless to say my daughter was having a worrisome time wondering why it was after 10 PM, the movie was over with by 7:30 PM and we still weren’t home. Now that I think of it, she never let me take him to the movies after that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeh, it stops being funny when the pain sets in and it’s getting that late, you poor man. My physio and osteopath would both say you are your own worst enemy there, carrying a child on your shoulders. It’s the number one cause of neck and upper back problems in general :slightly_frowning_face:


Well, he was starting to whine and he was getting tired from walking about 3+ miles around the mall… 3 times, and it was past his bedtime also. :roll_eyes:


Every time I have to drive into San Francisco, I park in the same spot in the same parking garage, and the spot is always empty! I just drive down 4 levels of spiral driveway (deepest level) and it’s the first spot on the left. Otherwise, I know I’d never find the car.


I wonder what you would do if you found someone else parked in “your” spot… cry or have a panic attack? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


… or go home to avoid losing the car?


You wonder if you’re getting senile when… you spend a full five minutes at the Post Office talking to someone you’ve known for twenty years, get home and start to tell your wife you just talked to… uh… who was that? (And even by nearly dinner time you have no idea who you talked to. :grimacing:


You wonder if you’re getting senile when… your tongue seems to not follow your words. Tonight my wife and I were talking about a spot on her shoulder. I tried to tell her she should see a dermatologist on Monday, but every time I tried to say it, it would come out as dermalologist. And I tried at least 3 times. Frustrated, I finally said, “Go see a skin doctor!” :laughing: And my wife just gave me an queer look with a half smile half smirk. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Exelon 1.5 mg helps that. :smiley:


Now Epsilon 5 would sound better… more like a star system. (Too much sci-fi…) Besides, how else would I be able to make up new words? I made up some words that a linguist told me it sounded like I was creating a “new” language and suggested I work on it more… that a Hollywood producer could use it for a “space movie” where the characters speak an alien tongue. The word that he really liked was “canagerator.” I used it in place of “whatchamacallit” and “thingamajig”. I guess even at 20 years old I was a little weird… just a wee bit. :laughing:


Just a “wee bit”? You think they might have tested a different med on ya?

Why don’t we have a cat laughing emoji?