2019 You wonder if you're getting senile when


:thinking: At about that time I had put my hand through a window and had many surgeries to save 3 fingers, so I was on lots of medications. Those stinkers! They must have slipped a test med in there without me knowing it! :crazy_face: I wonder if they got the same results from me as well as from others? Oh, I hope not! :wink:


You wonder if you’re getting senile when… you take a ride to the the hill overlooking the river and the port to take some pictures. After arriving and shutting off your vehicle, you get out, open the back door and discover that… um… someone forgot to put the camera in the car. :unamused: And when you get home to get the camera, your wife has a list of things she says has to be done immediately! When you finish your “chores” and head back to the top of the hill, you discover the cargo ship that had been sitting there had been turned around and is GONE! Nothing but a lot of barges left - for the time being. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You wonder if you’re getting senile when… you pick up your eyeglasses from your workbench to look for the flashlight you used a few days ago (and it’s not where it’s always stored away). After looking all around your workshop for at least ten minutes, you give up, take your eyeglasses off and set them back on your workbench. After doing several chores it’s time to go up into the house for a cup of coffee. As you walk back over to the workbench, there… right next to your eyeglasses… is the flashlight standing up. I guess subconsciously I was looking for it in the horizontal position. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Too late! I’m getting my coffee. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t see it? :roll_eyes:

One thing I want to know is, why isn’t anyone else posting in this thread? Am I the only one to admit senility? :thinking:


I spent a few long minutes pondering this question… after that I forgot my answer… what was the question again… and again… :sleeping:


Oh, that’s not being senile… that’s just being old! :rofl:

Now there’s times when I enter a room without the slightest notion of why I went in there. When I walked out, I apparently forgot that I went in there for something and forgot what it was. Then I ask myself, “Why was I just in there? Guess it wasn’t important.” Five minutes later I hear, “Dad? Did you get that stuff you said you’d get for me?” Oops! Now that’s being senile!


I’m still recouping after the pharmacy switched the mfg of my med. i wish I could put here the ‘bad’ mfg vs the ‘great’ mfg (but TOS lol). Anyway, the bad med for me makes me again have a brain stutter where I can’t say words! I can see the thing, but not say it. The easiest solution when it happens is to describe the word.

Could you get me a glass of… (word stutter… can’t say it at all!)
Could you get me a glass of … that white stuff in the jug in the fridge… it comes from a cow. (milk)

I’d claim senility, but this brain stutter started when I was 30, and it mostly occurs in a conversation. (Writing is okay.) The med from the good mfg fixes this… the bad mfg med made it worse.

Edit: Actually… I blank on words when writing, too, sometimes. Synonyms don’t come as easily.


My wife’s “easy solution” for when she can’t find the word is just to make one up - and then expects me to know what the h&ll she is talking about. :rofl:


… you try to take your contact lenses out of their case instead of out of your eyes. My excuse? I couldn’t see them :wink:


I do exactly the same - if I really can’t think of the word (which was there in the brain when I started the sentence but disappeared when actually needed), I have to describe it instead. I thought it was just me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same here, but I can’t! :upside_down_face: Can’t blame it on the meds either, it started way before I started taking most of them.