A campaign for the seals!


a campaign for the seals! log into your account and start searching them! it’s not hard. all you need to do is log into your account and look at the pictures you can find in the site " tomnod ". you need to look at the pictures and search seals. join me!


Hi @ada

This is Tomnod’s forum. We know about the Weddell Seals campaign, actually it’s now campaign #3 for the seals. Nodders have been searching seals for months now. :smiley:

Glad you’ve joined us!



WeddellSaysHi Hi @ada…“where’ve you bin hidin” …

WeddellSpin we’ve been hangin round here for-e-ver…waitin to be counted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I’m new here and I joined this campaign, and then I want to try to send something here and that why I’m send it. Sorry if I waste your time


Oh gosh, time is never wasted on here, even if it’s just to take a break to avoid snow blindness :rofl: and have a laugh and a little light hearted ribbing :grin:

Just taking a break from the dazzling white stuff dancing-penguin Welcome aboard :grin:

Things might seem a little quiet in here this week as the Yanks are busy preparing for their Thanks Giving celebrations on Thursday, so post all you want…it’ll help us look really busy in here and you can get familiar with how it all works and earn a few badges in the mean time :wink: :upside_down_face:

Anything you need to know just shout…very loudly for me, as my sons says I’m going deaf Deaf4 :smile:

There are plenty of posts on here relative to the Weddell Seals campaign with plenty of images…samples/examples,serious and funny, beautiful and illusionary.

Oh, and feel free to tell us a little about yourself here:-
http://forum.tomnod.com/t/nodder-introductions/11 :smile:


Thank you so much EmeraldEyes!!


Uh…you sound like my wife. When I ask, “what’s for dinner,” she replies, “I don’t want to go to a diner.” :confounded: If one of the grandchildren ask, “Grandma? Can I have some cookies and milk?” Her response is, “this isn’t silk, honey, it’s wool.” :roll_eyes::rofl: Can be quite aggravating at times. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: