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Sorry to contact you this way but I have been trying to contact your organisation for several months. I am a UK university lecturer who has used high resolution satellite imagery to looks at before and after images of man-made disasters in Sudan, Zimbabwe, etc. I would like to look at using crowdsourcing results to see if they can produce useful academic case studies which will also enable GIS skills to be shared more widely and which could also produce academic papers in this field. on the web and two Digital Globe case studies on their web site and I have previously had two Foundation videos on Youtube, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M8InoKxHwE Please can someone who could help facilitate this idea get back to me shortly.
Regards Dr Chris Lavers, University of Plymouth at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon, UK
email addresses: chris.lavers@brnc.ac.uk and chris.lavers@plymouth.ac.uk