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I’ve been checking my stats (for the past year) and the number of yearly visits was stuck at 356 - meaning I have some time until it’s been since I’ve been on the forum every day non-stop. Checking just now it’s showing 358. So if I make sure to visit every day for the next 7 days, I should be eligible for the Devotee badge. I am not letting my talk me out of not logging on or taking a “break” from the forum for at least 8 days! :wink:


Mine stuck somewhere around there for ages, then I finally got it. Not sure quite how, as in that period (2017) I had at least one day out from the site due to surgery. Unlike the past fortnight where I’ve only been dropping in occasionally… :wink::sunglasses::desert_island: (good thing I wasn’t going for the badge right now, I’d really have scuppered my chances for a year :stuck_out_tongue:)


I think when you look at your stats for the past year and you missed a day (or more) then it shows how many consecutive days you have - it just doesn’t show any “start” date for the consecutive ones. I only just today noticed that my number changed from 3 days ago, which surprised me. Sooo… I’ll check each day to see it the number goes up and if so… Devotee badge should be but a week away - unless the software is just messing with me to keep me on my toes.


I’m on 420 and still nothing…one of those glitches…

  • yes if I go on the year March to March it says 362


I think if you’ve missed a day - even recently (within the past month), the number will “be stuck” on the number of consecutive visits until you reach the anniversary day of when you’ve been on the forum without a missed day. The number should then start to go up. That’s the only way I can think of off-hand of how it would work. Or… there’s a gremlin in the software. :crazy_face:


Terri, I just looked at your stats for the past year and it shows 362, not 420. Did you miss 3 days some time within the past year? If so, once you get to that “anniversary” date of the missed days, you’re number will go up. Hopefully any days you missed were not quite a year ago.


On my summary it says 420 . I don’t believe I missed any days.


Me thinks there’s something amiss here. It’s definitely weird that when I call up the User stats for the past year I’m shown 362 for you and when you do it, it only shows 420. That is definitely a glitch somewhere. I wonder which one is correct? Hopefully the stats I’m being shown. :smiley: We’ll just have to keep and eye on this and see if it changes - and soon.


It even just changed to 421 while you were typing.


  • 421 days visited


So that means that 410 days ago was when you missed a day. Sound about right? Tomorrow around this same time it should change to 422 and continue on from there. Yikes! I just realized that means you have another 144 days to go to reach 365 - and the badge. :disappointed:


I may have worked out what’s going on here, @TerriB
Looking at your user profile page shows 421 days
which is the total number of days you’ve visited the site since you joined.
The total number of days that you could have visited since 15th Jan 2018 is 426, so it looks like there’s 5 days somewhere that you weren’t recorded as visiting the site for whatever reason.

If I look at the user stats list for the year, I see 362

421 is the all-time figure of days visited since you joined…

362 is the number of days visited in the last year, not necessarily consecutively (which is needed for the Devotee badge). Not sure the forum gives a means of seeing how many days you have consecutively visited - that’s what confused me when I was trying for it!

Hope that makes sense? (And :crossed_fingers: that at least 3 of those 5 days were somewhere near the beginning of the year-to-date so that you can join me on the “Devotee” seat soon!)


Thanks so much @Helen for figuring that out!!! I did realize after I talked to Jim yesterday that I was locked out and even though I visited those days it was on my phone, and I don’t believe those days counted. I had to create a new account then and use it until mine was fixed.

I also have an old account somewhere which I have not used since last year.

Yeah we will be about the same time!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

How was the holiday???


LOL, give me an intruiging puzzle that involves figures and I’ll keep going with it until I work out what’s going on!

Those should also count - I’ve definitely been away on holiday logging in through my phone at some time during the year (OK @Jim7, several times…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:) and they all counted towards the final tally.

The holiday was fantastic - got back yesterday evening! I’ve been going through the 2000-odd photos, will be posting some of them into the relevant categories once I’ve sorted them all out. I know that’s a lot of pics, but what I didn’t know until I got there was that it was Carnival season, with a very colourful 2.5 hour parade with LOTS of feathers!


Those could have been on Terrib2,

Glad you have the perseverance to figure it out!

OMgoodness lots of photos to go through…post some when you can!!
I just finished my Christmas ones!! Carnival? Were you in Rio? My son just got back from there!

I was thinking of you yesterday when they posted the Northern Lights on the news…about 60 km north of me. They popped up and they were “bright” and danced for quite some time!


Late this afternoon I ran up to the village. While in a store the young woman ahead of me was telling the store owner she just got back from Trinidad. We have a friend whose husband is from Trinidad. Small world…


That would probably explain it! Might be worth a word with @Mel_Nod, she may be able to shift them across on the system for you…

I’ve not really finished processing the October aurora pics yet, nor the Christmas ones… in total, I’ve got around 44000 pics in the catalogue at the moment, around 7K of those taken since October last year.:scream:

No, not Rio! I was in Madeira… managed to get tickets for some grandstand seats along the parade route, which I was glad of after 2+ hours!

Did you see them? :crossed_fingers::pray:


Unfortunately only on the news…I am going out tomorrow night though and hope to catch a glimpse and maybe a photo or two.

That is a lot of photos…but I understand…I can accumulate many in a short period of time! I have cleared my computer and put everything in folders and processed as many as I am going to for now.
But one little side trip and there are many more waiting for me :roll_eyes:…an ongoing issue for photographers!!! :smile::smiley:


I should clarify, the earliest of those date back to around 2004 when I got my first digital camera!
I have just purchased a very well known photo-editing program (I won’t name it just in case it goes against the forum ToS) so that I can properly catalogue them and ultimately delete a lot of them!



I just checked my stats and it seems now I’m stuck on 358… for a couple of days. :thinking:


I did change to 422…I hope @helen is right and it was at the beginning and we will both get ours about the same time!!!