Aficionado Badge


:confounded: still waiting… still “stuck” on 365. :persevere:
I’ll just have to keep checking! :roll_eyes::pray:


waiting…anything yet…Waiting%20(4):smile:


Nope, nothing yet… still “stuck” on 365. Perhaps I need the counter to flip to 366 before it gets granted - if that’s the case I’ll just have to wait patiently for the next leap year in 2020… :roll_eyes::dizzy_face::crazy_face:




Gahhh! Keep me posted @Helen. Might be worth my reaching out to discourse if this lingers on too long.


Thanks Mel. I’ll keep an eye on it for a while, there must have been at least one day at some point last year that the server thinks I didn’t log in (possibly the day I went into hospital, can’t really remember, too many :pill::pill:).


I finally got my “Aficionado” badge…@140 days! :smiley:

Did you know....a little bit of everything

Congratulations! :ok_hand: I only have about 90 days to go! Seems like every time I get close something happens and I miss a day (or two). Oh well… one of these days.


Hey Congratulations :confetti_ball: :clap: :grin:


Woop woop @TerriB!! Congratulations!


Well done Terri! :+1::clap::balloon::tada::confetti_ball: That makes 6 of us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks everyone…pleased to be in such a great group!!!