Aficionado & Devotee Badges


I know that I have been on the forum 100 days in a row, but I have not received my aficionado badge. I am actively trying to get this, for instance: “oh no, it’s 23:30 - must go to tomnod forum to get another day logged!” (One of things in my day I have control over😁)
I don’t open a new browser window every day, I just keep the tab open and then visit each day. Should I close and open a new tab every day? :nerd_face:

First share and Invite Badges

Sorry. I found I must log out and log in every day for it to count it as a day.


I usually always keep my Forum window open, and I got my Aficionado badge 21 days ago. I (almost) never log out and in again.


@kateg, according to the Users page you’ve visited the Forum 79 days in the last quarter.

I asked @Mel_Nod a while back if she knew when a new day begins in the Forum, and her reply was

@kateg, I don’t remember where you live - do you know if you’ve been on the Forum every day according to UTC/GMT?


As long as she’s hitting every 24 hours, UTC should not be a problem.

The bigger issue is people tend to stay logged in to the Forum… and the Platform. I’d been “on” every day and no badges. When I started logging out / back in the next time, I got badges. Pain In The … (PITA) … but that appears to be the issue.

When I thought about it, how else would they know if we are “here”, except for login / cookie data. :cookie: :cool:

So, log out Nodder friends every day, and log back in the next day. Note the time of day, and try to hit at least once every 24… :smiley: I login / out multiple times a day when I remember to do it.


Well, for instance if I haven’t been on the Forum the whole day, but remember to do it before I go to bed at 02:05 (that is 00:05 GMT/UTC), then come back at 01:55 the next night (23:55 UTC), I would only be registering visits on the same day if visits are registered according to UTC.

I agree with you that if you make sure to visit the Forum the same time every day, it wouldn’t matter how the day is defined.


Speaking of logging out, night all. sleepy :cat:


And that’s where I may not be counted. It’s just become habit now for me to log in Incognito so no cookies . . . but that’s ok, I need to my sugar down anyway :laughing:

@kateg could that possibly be why?


I hardly ever log out/in on the forum, only on the rare occasions that I have to shut the PC down for some reason… and it still counts me as having visited.
I’m aiming for the "Devotee " badge - I’m on 363 days out of the 365 that I need, but I have a feeling it’ll be a while yet before I get it, as there were a couple of days in the middle of last year that I was in hospital, and couldn’t log on!



If you research the badges on the Discourse forum (including the last info
I posted), you’d see that Admins from many “Communities” that use Discourse
software report inconsistencies about how to get and getting badges.
Sometimes, it is not black and white, and problems often occur in Discourse
planning or coding, or in the Admin area. Discourse is still evolving.
Overall, it works fairly well.



According to the month counter in the user list I have visited 28 days and others have visited 29. Maybe it is a UTC time zone thing. It is possible I visited twice in one day and not the next according to UTC.

I didn’t know about the user list. This is good as I now know where to go to see if I have been counted!

I’m now 7 for 7 in the last week :nerd_face:


Just don’t pull an “all nighter,” fall asleep and wake up without logging out and logging back in again. You be back to zero, nada, zip, etc.! :open_mouth::wink::smile:


:scream: That would never do! :upside_down_face::dizzy_face:


I hope one of those days wasn’t the one where Tomnod was down!


I got my Aficionado badge even though I missed one day when the Forum was down, and I hope that the same goes for you.


You’ll get it Helen, and you’ll be the only one :hushed:


Eek, I’d forgotten about that! :scream:

Thanks Shaul, I hope so too! :persevere:

Then when (if) I get it I’ll just have to keep the seat warm for someone to join me… :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey, @kateg, where did you find that photo (:nerd_face:) of me! (If it had a long bushy white beard, and a kippa on top, it would totally be me!)


I’m with you @Helen, my Devotee badge is a longtime project. I got the Aficionado badge on March 4, so that should mean that I begun on Nov 24/25, so I’m 8 months away… if I’m able to log in every day.

As I mentioned previously, I will have a problem when a Jewish holiday is adjacent to Shabbat, as I don’t go on-line on holidays and Shabbat. The first of those days will be on 7th day Pesach (Friday April 6), as I won’t be on-line between Thursday afternoon and Saturday evening. I haven’t solved that problem yet.


Chag aviv sameach @Shaul or in the old vernacular wishing you and yours a zissen Pesach :grinning: