Aficionado & Devotee Badges


Other than suggesting speaking nicely to @Mel_Nod to figure out a way on the server to overcome this, I can’t think of any way to solve that one… :thinking:


If I’m not mistaken, Mel already said in another thread that she’d look into a way the issue could be fixed. Religious practices should not interfere with getting a badge. Just remind her when you think you’re close to the required days.

I still want to rework some of our badges, but Mel has gotten busy. Maybe when she has a extra 10-secs to breathe. LOL


Yes @Shaul I really want to make this happen for you! As the admin I can log in as a user (don’t worry, I rarely if ever do this). So, if you give me a heads up about when you will be off, I am thinking I can log in as you and visit the forum. I will just browse around and not abuse my power by making a bunch of non-Shaul posts.

I am absolutely delighted (and pleasantly surprised) that the forum crash has not impeded progress towards these daily badges.


Welcome back, Mel!

That sounds great - would you, please, log in as me on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, … every week?

No, just kidding! Friday April 6 I’ll have to be off-line the whole day, so if you would be able to log in as me anytime during the day, that would be great!


Awww @Shaul, darn it, I will be out of the country April 4-10. :tired_face:

BUT I’m going to send one of my colleagues a request to do this. I’m going to make it a meeting request on his calendar so he will definitely be reminded to do it.

I just wish I were going to be here to do it myself - that way we would know for sure.
Let’s look at it when I’m/you’re back and we can make sure it got counted.


I don’t ever think I’m going to make a 100-day streak. There always seems to be one thing or another that happens where I don’t have access to a computer - especially at my own house since the end of January. Oh well… maybe eventually…


Hey Jim, I got it once and I’m still trying to figure out how the heck I got it. I mean for me to have visited every single day for 100 day (just over 3 months)…how? :open_mouth:

Mind you, I’m on now but I’m not staying, just long enough to eat my breakfast then I’m off out to pottery with my daughter. So I suppose those sort of little visits add up, even if I’m only in here for a quick read before I leave :thinking:


For this badge one may simply have to make “an appearance” for it to count. :wink:


@Shaul my colleague did log in as you this past Friday, and “liked” a few of Michelle’s old posts (we hope you approve of this activity :crossed_fingers:). How do things look from your side?

I can’t remember if there is a spot where it counts your number of continuous days active :thinking: You all help me with discourse more than any of the resources on my side :smile:


I checked on Saturday evening, and under Users it showed that I had logged in eight days during the last week, so it worked. Many thanks!


The 3 lines next to your pic. One click opens menu. Right side, click users. On left, you can change it to week, month, etc. I’ve been at 351 for forever…


I’ve just looked, I’m on 365… does that mean somehow I’ve managed to log in every day for a year? :scream: I should be getting very close to the Devotee badge now… :thinking:


Ooohhh I hope so @Helen!!!

Keep us posted!


:crossed_fingers:please, please, please, please please :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile:


:pray::pray::pray: It can’t be long now…


Yea! Once that old clock turns 0000 UTC, you should be one badge higher! :smiley:


Did you get it?? :grin:


Yes, Helen. Did you get it? Don’t keep everyone sitting on the edge of an iceberg! :grin:


The last time I looked at my own count, it showed 265 days for the year. I’m not sure if there even is a counter that we can see that shows how many consecutive days we’ve been logged in, just how many days one has visited in a week, month, quarter or year. :thinking: The consecutive counting may be something the software is keeping track of, but something users themselves aren’t privy to - except maybe the administrators. What I don’t understand is how your number of days dropped to zero that one time - unless it was a glitch that was self-corrected? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve been stuck at 351 since the last time we talked it. Here every day, though. :slight_smile: