AKE235 "this yank here is about to be blasted by a hurricane, a rather nasty one"


@AKE235 Hi Bob, you should be getting an email update for this new post I’ve started because I’ve linked you into it. Might be useful for you if you need to keep us updated and without having to use any of the other posts :wink:

Good luck Bob and keep safe :slight_smile:


News said it’ll hit within 8 hours. :frowning: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :wind_face:

Here’s some catnip :tea:

Glad I don’t live anywhere with “major dangers”.


37 minutes since I created this post and still no email update; so don’t expect any quick responses when posting via email :confused:



Em, I was in the middle (literally) of responding via email when I was forced to stop and break up sister “fight.” The 5-yr. old wanted to face paint the 3-yr. old - who wanted no part of it! :roll_eyes: Then the “painter” wanted me to “… hold still so I can turn you into a clown.” :unamused: I told them they can get their faces painted at the Friendship Festival tomorrow.


From the National Hurricane Center:
10:00 AM CDT Fri Aug 25
Location: 26.7°N 96.0°W
Moving: NW at 10 mph
Min pressure: 947 mb
Max sustained: 110 mph


Send them over here for the weekend…we’ve got nice big bare walls and plenty of painting they can do…slave labour rate apply :sweat_smile: But we’ll keep them plied with lots of cake and juice :wink:


Hurricane Harvey update
(Odd thought here. This doesn’t look like a 6 foot pink talking rabbit named Harvey)

location 22.3N117.6,W
Category 3
pressure 1008mb
Wind speed - 58mph
Wind gusts - 130mph
Moving Northwest at 10 mph


Hey Bob, you’re okay though, right?


@EmeraldEyes @cageycat
Yeah Jim, Strangely the suns out here right now. Kind of a brisk breeze. It did sprinkle a wee bit, but nothing to write about. Oh, I finally got that badge. I want to thank you, Cagey and Em for all the help.

Weather update: Now a Cat 4 storm. Suppose to hit landfall at about 1am central


@Jim7 @cageycat @EmeraldEyes

Weather Update
Category 4 storm, Wind Speed 130mph, Wind Gusts 155mph, Moving NW @ 8mph. 44 miles ESE of Corpus Christi - :panda_face:


Weather Update 10:30 central
Category 4, Wind Speed 130mph, Gusts 160mph, moving NW @ 7 mph. 26 miles ENE Corpus Christi, Texas



Oh my, we forgot to evacuate Pan & baby! Can they swim yet?


Yeah, I got them training butterfly wings. Baby not too enthusiastic about jumping into the pool. Couldn’t keep mama out of the pool. She’s trying to coax Baby Pan into the water.




@AKE235 Check in please with your coffee. Not near Rockport, are ya? Corpus Christie?
BTW, how’s your body metal doing with the low millibars? Big Owchie? :hugs:

You know these lingering hurricanes head north. Not looking forward to getting rain.


Personally I love a good storm…just not like these:grimacing:
I saw the news on CNN this morning and in the brackground of the reporter the palm trees were starting to bend…just reminded me of this little moji I’ve got in my collection windy2

I’m praying you are gonna stay safe Bob, good luck :wink:


Naw, I live in Hondo, about 25 miles west of San Antonio on old US Highway 90. Yeah, the metal hip is screaming, big time. I need to venture out and assess what damage, if any, to the property and to reassure the pooches. Back shortly


Weather Report - Saturday 8/26/2017 11:05am

Well, we are under a Wind Advisory until 10:00pm tonight.The weather folks say that Harvey is stalled Northwest of Victoria, Texas for at least 5 more days. That, in it’s self, could prove to be interesting with all that rain, not inches, but feet! Wind speed 75mph, Gusting to 90mph. Moving North at 2 miles per hour. location is 18 miles West, Northwest of Victoria, Texas. For what it’s worth, Harvey has been downgraded to a Category One storm.

On a side note, there is reporting that that about 20,000 passengers are stranded on cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico. Wonder if the cruise lines are discounting these passengers fares??


Temperatures here are in the low 80’s. We are under a Wind advisory until 10pm tonight. It’s been relatively calm since about 8:00am. Winds are beginning to pickup alittle bit now and a bit misty. :panda_face: