AKE235 "this yank here is about to be blasted by a hurricane, a rather nasty one"


Harvey has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm.


It’s 2:06pm central here. No rain, as of yet. The winds now are very strong coming of the east. Dang, the sun just came out. Harvey is still stalled over San Antonio fueling this wind. The east-side of SA is getting pounded, both with wind and rain.


Bob, the storm must really be stalled if you haven’t received any rain yet. Keep your fingers crossed you don’t get swamped (no pun intended). Glad to hear you’re okay.


According to the Weather folks, it shows the storm moving Northward at 0 mph. (Didn’t think that was possible, but…)


I’ve heard of storms “stalling” when they reach a point where a high-pressure system blocks any further movement in that direction. Doesn’t happen much too often, but we have had it happen here with snow storms.


Best of luck and Stay Safe!!!


Thank You very much - ake


@N3SGD Nice to see you are still around!



Heck, you almost sound disappointed there :sweat_smile:


HAM Radio or CB…
I’m “Yankee Doodle Dandee Cagey”… calling the “Southern Metal-hip Gent” along with our friend, Pan and baby. Still in the blender down there? How is the barnyard? bock? ruff? Come back, good buddy!

Poor Rockport. And who’da thought Houston would be a giagantic swimming hole!!

My sister’s kid used to live in Dallas-- bet she’s glad she moved to AZ, cos Dallas will need rescues too.

I think Panda bear needs to come north for a little bit with the baby. :panda_face: They can listen in when Jim reads the Owl story. :owl: :smiley:


I wasn’t disappointed, it was more of a wow moment. It had been gloomy for so many hours, then pow, Sunlight. Yesterday (8/27) was quite windy (40+ mph), so I tried the lay low, since I live in an RV travel trailer. Thankfully the power grid remained intact. Amazingly, my satellite antenna did not get blown away. Right now, one of the news outlets shoed an offshore oil platform bobbing in Houston harbor.


There’s not too much being said about Galveston. I believe that sits close to sea level, doesn’t it? I do remember seeing a film about a hurricane that hit in the late 1800s or early 1900s where a meteorologist missed the call regarding the storm until it was too late. Many people drown, including some of the meteorologist’s family. Any news on them?
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Oh heck, you don’t want to get blown away in that :grimacing:


Yes Jim, There was actually 2 catastrophic hurricanes that struck Galveston, Texas.

In 1900 an unnamed Category 4 (~145mph) hurricane slammed into Galveston and basically wiped it off the face of the earth. From 8/27 to 9/17/1900 the storm raged killing by best estimates between 8K to 12,000 souls.

In 1915 another unnamed Category 4 (~145mph) storm slammed into Galveston. From 8/5 to 8/23/1915 the storm raged killing between 275 to 400 souls and costing about $50m.


Just glad to hear that you’re OK, Bob! :relieved:


Thanks Helen :panda_face:


Will we be helping evaluate Harvey flooding through a tomnod campaign?


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HI kateg, I think we are. When I’m at home I tend to leave this up and running so I can stop by when I take a break :grin:


Wish there were a campaign for it or anything else but TN don’t seems to be all that interested in anything these days :frowning:

As much as I love the Weddell seal campaign, it would be nice to have something else run along side it. They seem to be ignoring everything else :confused: