AKE235 "this yank here is about to be blasted by a hurricane, a rather nasty one"


The first one was the one they made the movie about that I watched. Meteorologists didn’t have to many instruments to assist them at that time, other than a barometer and keen observation. The telegraph helped somewhat. Glad to hear you’re okay. Staying dry for the time being?


Only 7 hours since @AKE235 posted an update? Seems like 27 hrs instead!

Tonight, the news said we (up north) will be getting wet by Sat-Sun from your storm. Guess I better exercise before my hips start aching, too.

Don’t forget to check in … we’ll all be waiting and listening… by Forum, Email, E.S.P., and rabbit ears covered in foil.


Fingers crossed, AKE235 too far of its range to be suffering the brunt of Harvey :pray:


Hang in there and Blessings and prayers.