Anarctica - Ancient rock foundations/walls?


I found what looks like 3 ancient buildings’ foundations/walls. The lower first two are the largest. Almost directly above is a smaller third foundation. They are elevated somewhat on the rock face. My screen shot is at “0” zoom. But if you zoom in to 2, you can easily see them!

Here they are at zoom +3:


These structures can’t really be ancient, as no buildings were built on the continent until around the start of the 20th century. But they might be an old base, possibly more than a century old. Where are they, exactly?

Here’s some information on early construction:


So no “modern” man built any buildings until the 20th century. What I suggested was that these were “ancient” building foundations. I have included the link below, hoping Tomnod will still let us access the map tile(s) since this campaign is over. I know it is in their archive.
If you look closely at the shape of the “rooms” you’ll see they are not the form we use in these “modern” times. They also appear to be made from the same type of rock, or at least the same color.
Chinese, Egyptian and Phoenician artifacts have been found in northern Australia, so we know that in ancient times global seafaring/trade was done. Ancient maps showed the coastline of Antarctica and mountain ranges - all ice-free - something “modern” man couldn’t do until the advent of ground-penetrating radar. One mountain range - under nearly 3 miles of ice - wasn’t discovered until then, but it was shown on the ancient maps. Makes one stop and think just how much we don’t know and how much we’re being kept in the dark about.




Nice! Reminded me of those I found during the first Antarctica Weddell seal campaign - sitting high up on the elevated bare rocks with ice surrounding the rocks. I notice on both your find as well as mine there are large dark areas fairly close to the foundations. Ancients gardens? :thinking:


Would it be possible to find it on google earth?


It should be. Maybe if you give the map tiles’ URLs to @HappyMapper she will give you the co-ordinates. It would be interesting to see if Google Earth will let you see them.
One of the things I noticed about the foundation walls is that they are no actually square, and one wall isn’t even straight. But that could be from time working against them - a wall sag in the middle, etc…