Another bug Swaziland: repeating buildings in same image


I started at center lopsided T=shaped building. Next, to left, large building (skipped back building though). Deleted triangle in front of the big building. Came forward to next small L building…

Then it just reversed the order to redo them all back to the sorta-T-shaped building in the center .

another one reversing on me.

Started at big red roof on left. Went to white shape on right. Then forward to two smaller buildings in center. Forward to 2 squarish bldgs. Now, reversing the order back again.

Started on right, went up to teeny white in the trees, worked forward…to tiny white in foreground… Then, it started over, back to the right, except this time it went to the tiny white in the foreground, then back to the tiny white in the trees at the ‘back’, then to larger building on left.

Edit: Also presents an image (I did before) as if not seen or done, but I’m marking the same buildings again.

I think I’ll wait to see what @tomnodcollin says about this repeating bug and the stepping down bug. Right now, it’s like I’m validating my own validations. :wink:


This repetition bug continues. This barn with the ragged right side came up and I marked it. Image tile then “moved” to a new location, as it should…

It then went to the 2 rectangular whitish “loaves” in front of the trees in the foreground (use Z0 to see it) as my next polygon to check. After marking the loaf sitting nearest the trees, the image tile went back to the barn with the ragged right side which is poly’d to mark again (same bldg I marked once already).


I can confirm that I’m seeing this bug too. I’ll pass it on to someone who can look into it.


Whew, great! Glad someone else saw it finally.

I was beginning to think @Tomnod was doing a “poly-memory” study alongside the poly-verification–LOL. I could imagine Tomnod saying: “Let’s see if Nodders mark an item the same way twice.” That actually wouldn’t be a bad study if you could randomize the images more.

When the repetition happens, do you want us to reload the program? (F5 won’t clear this.)


No, it’s not just you…! I’ve had this as well… sometimes I’ve managed to note that the image numbers were different, but appeared to be the same polygon. Brain wasn’t thinking clearly enough at the time to make a note of any URLs though…

Edit: Just had another duplicate poly, URLs are and


They seemed to go away for a couple of days, but I’ve just started tripping over duplicate images again…

A few of them from my history are…


We’re looking into this. We obviously don’t want anyone doing unnecessary work. I’ll get back to you when we figure it out. Thanks for all of the good examples.


Thanks Collin! In the meantime, it’ll keep me on my toes…! :wink:


Sept - Buildings still repeating.

I marked the top image in this:

Three images later, it presented the same building to be marked again.