Antarctica news - Impending-- oops, ice break


One of the largest icebergs ever is about to break off Antarctica by Alessandra Potenza / Jul 5, 2017

est. size: 2,500 square miles, about the size of Delaware

April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest

One of the Middle Eastern countries (Qatar?) was talking about towing an iceberg from Antarctica to the Middle East for fresh water. If they wait until after this one breaks off, they won’t have to use ice picks! :grin:



“The giant iceberg that has been followed closely by researchers broke off between Monday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 12, where a section of 5800 square kilometers broke down completely, say researchers at Swansea University in Wales, which has been monitoring the iceberg.”

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I begin to wonder, if the Volcano scientists, dont know about these under sea volcanoes, have erupted back in 2011, as Im pretty shure we have seen on some of the maps here on tomnod?
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re: AKE235 you still have Pan & baby in your State, right?

Yeah, both are alive and well, although they object to the heat. I usually keep them inside during the day and let them out at night, when it’s somewhat cooler. However, today is cloudy and cool, so I let them outside to enjoy this brief reprieve from the heat and to frolic and terrorize my two dogs. -ake


That’s been on the news here in uk today too :slight_smile:


Is this lava coming out/up, look at the shadows?


Claus, at first I was going to say it did look like lava may be coming up through the ice, but then I noticed that the edge of the ice sheet is also the same color. Hmmm… When I zoomed in on the larger dark area to the left of the black, I could see tracks from a snow vehicle. They’re running upward to a little to the left of straight up. The ice there may be somewhat thinner here and most of the snow blown off its surface, thus exposing the water lava, mud flow or whatever that is beneath. I would say yes, but that darn coloring of the edge of the ice sheet has me thinking “no.”


It’s uhmmm water in the split…


Good, water rising in NYS and OS… Ooops, that’s cos of rain. But it’s still flooded thigh-high on a grown man.


Ok different changes with use off Picasa.

  1. Sepia
  2. Black and white
  3. Infrared


On the infrared I can see what looks like a shadow along the left of what looks like thick mud/lava/mush (mixture of both?). So, maybe it is indeed lava/mud coming up through. I never saw water (only ice) cast a long shadow. Whatever it is running along the ice sheet on the right is high enough to cast its own shadow.


Yes thats also what I think, and on google map, also brown, even vorse on google earth.
I guess thats the area where the huge ice just have broken off.


Here is another with a clearly huge shadow.
The blue color, is cheating I guess, because of the reflection from the white snow.


While there is a “Lava Lake” under Mount Erebus’s Lava Lake, I disagree that the dark area between 2 ice masses is lava.

My reasons include:

  • Deep waters do not look blue, like water in shallow areas (like the Mediterranean campaign we did to mark boats)…
  • The coloring is what you’d see anywhere on satellite images of an ice continent.
  • Flowing lava would produce steam-- lots of steam along any “fissure”. The steam plume would be thick and satellite imaging would not see through the steam very well. It would definitely not show the ragged edges of 2 ice areas sitting alongside each other.
  • I don’t completely understand, but Antarctica has black rocks.

Here are some interesting reads with sat images:
Weird Places: The Lava Lake in Antarctica

Black Rock

Iceberg Larsen C with sat images

See the New Trillion-Ton Antarctic Iceberg in Image from Space

Misc pictures

What do you think of my ideas? Let’s keep the conversation going! I love learning from our discussions.


I dont know, just guessing. And I guess there is a little steam on this pic.

And I came acros an area with much red on, but I only got this one here.

just if the eventually lava, have cooled below 100 dg celcius, there would be no steam.
Also we have come across some cracks with alot brown color on the sides.
Also I dont think water can be in (layers) its normal horisontal, and it simply just like thick to me, like syrup, idk.


Like when we boil the potatoes, no steam before close to 100 dg c.
As a child I watched my old father (blacksmith) dropping a piece of glowing iron down in water, it make no steam, just noise, just boiling close to the hot iron, the surrounding water cool the steam to water again. Soo my guess is no steam would be visible because of the much cold water, eventually.


Idk. but this also look much dark/black.


One of the active volcanos with a little steam, probably the on beeing active since 1972 I read somewhere.