Antarctica - Repeat tiles?


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 2.55.40
Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 3.40.57 PM

I felt I was going past the same panels…and I was …same screen over again…is this common?
Thanks again for your help!

Keeps logging me out automatically when I leave the site

I’ve not seen that before… not with the same question number, anyway.
There have been a few times when I think I’ve had deja-vu but the questions are not numbered the same, just very close together.
I normally find that if I revisit a tile that I’ve already seen (via a forum link etc) it will display whatever answer I gave when I first saw it. Strange that you seem to have been shown the same question 45 minutes apart…


Yes they were 45 minutes apart…same screen number…different times. I haven’t come across this before. Maybe I do have a “glitch” that is causing both issues today…Thanks!


And again came up…filled in the choice of Seals on its own…Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.20.53 PM…I will stop tagging until we can figure it out as I am just going in circles.



Do you have the URL for this? It helps Mel and techs to locate it.


I don’t really understand; would you please tell us in more detail what happened:

  • You saw the first instance of #50653 – why did you take picture of it?
  • Approx. how many polygons did you process after that?
  • What happened just before you saw #50653 the second time?
  • What made you notice that you had seen that polygon before?
  • Approx. how many polygons did you process after that?
  • What happened just before you saw #50653 the third time? It makes sense that when you see #50653 again, that the vote you had made before would be shown.
  • Did all three #50653 polygons appear in the same session of your work, or did you take breaks in-between?

Btw, where do you see seals in #50653?


I’d guess that the URL would be
wouldn’t it?


The first instance was probably retrieved from the browsers’ history after coming across the second/duplicate instance of it.


I did not see any URL. When I search the forum, it only shows in your post @Shaul Can you tell me where you saw it? Thanks.




@T_Boechler Did you happen to notice the dates on the images? Mel said they included different dates-- could this explain the same-images?


Thank you @EmeraldEyes That’s too teeny for my old eyes to see.


Like @EmeraldEyes showed, and as @T_Boechler mentioned himself, we have the polygon number, and all URL:s have the same format, so it is easy to just add the polygon number at the end of the “generic URL” for this campaign.


@cageycat, if the polygon number is the same, that would mean that it is the exact same polygon, i.e. with the same time stamp on it.


I was talking in pictures there (had my sister burning my ear off on the phone at time when I replied to your post :laughing: )


@Shaul, I cannot see the small font on the image. :eyes: :eyeglasses: :glaucoma:-- oops not an emoji.

The small font is why many of us just copy and post the URL. And, it is easier for everyone.


I will try to answer all the questions:

I didn’t take a picture of the tile the first time, I took it after I had seen it twice and thought I may be going through a cycle of the same tiles and I wrote those down.
200-300 polygons were processed in this period that this particular tile kept coming up
I noticed it because it has a distinct ridge diagonally
Yes all three appeared in the same session of my work, in less than a four hour span, and in fact after posting and going away for a few hours, I dumped my history, scanned my computer and I signed in to check if I could go ahead…and the same tile came up!!!

Where do you find the dates on the images? I have never seen them?

And BTW @Shaul it is "as mentioned “herself”

Whether there are seals or not in the tile is not the problem right now, it fills it in and I have no control over it when it pops up.


Might that be because the mouse pointer is still resting over the last choice selection made, because otherwise there is no pre-selected view when the next poly pops up on screen :thinking: (That said, it will show your choice selection when you click the back button on your browser :wink: )

This is the date/time stamp for each map; shown down in the bottom right corner of the screen
image image

The date/time stamp will chop’n’change according to the map the poly comes from…remember they’re using a number of historical maps to compare seals activity/movements by time of year as well as time of day I think.


Oops. Sorry! “T_” in your name didn’t give me a clue, so, unfortunately, my fingers just assumed… :anguished: :cold_sweat: :blush:


Thanks for your replies @T_Boechler. The mystery thickens, and I guess that we need @Mel_Nod to weigh in, to be able to come any further.