Antarctica - Repeat tiles?


Thanks everyone for your help on this. I have no clue about the tech aspect of these and hope any clues I can give can help to solve the mystery. I guess I did know there was a time stamp…just never thought to use it! Sorry ! Will pay closer attention to that and the URL next time having issues. Hopefully this one is a quick fix. I will do some more tagging today and see if it pops up again or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I understand it correctly, the satellites pass overhead around 10-12 local time.


In case any of these help to find the fix. Today I also had two things happen:

A black screen that I waited on, but nothing appeared either in the poly or off to the side of the screen etc…

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 8.59.31 AM

And just now, although logged and tagging my campaign progress changed…to this…(see above for what it looked like just before)

AND when it did it also brought me back to this tile: (this time I took the pic including the date stamp etc). I hope these help to find what the problem is and why it keeps taking me back here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.43.54 AM

Maybe this is the actual problem …when it clears my campaign progress and instead puts up the profile “0” etc it takes me back to the same tile? (the 50653 with the Seals marked)… That’s my best “techie” …


oooops and here is the URL

( )


You need to put the URL between brackets these days for some reason in order for it to show without the title box…another of the more resent gliches we’ve been having :roll_eyes:


That first question image you posted 40821 is actually just the poly landing outside the map.
The map is to the right of the poly, you’ll see it if you zoom out to -2 or -3.

It does sound like you’ve that other stuck on a bit of loop :smile: Hopefully @Mel_Nod and the team can figure it out for you.

I used 50653 as my starting point this morning and did about 1k without that particular one repeating itself. Just started another run using it again as my starting point and still no repetition of it or other issues. But I’m keeping a closer eye on the numbers just in case :wink:
(I’m on a PC with Windows Vista and running TN on Google Chrome…don’t even need it in Incognito for the seals campaign).


I think you are right @EmeraldEyes @Mel_Nod I am in a loop… I went away from my computer for a half an hour and came back and that was the tile that popped up, browser open, logged in…another pic


Which means I have now seen this tile at least 7 times in the 24 hrs or so…:persevere: I hope I eventually get out of the “trap”!!!

PS: Thanks for the answer on the black screen


Looks like you got stuck in a Ground Hog Day :laughing: GroundHogDay


Hi @T_Boechler

Just for the record, have you deleted your cache and history of the last week’s Tomnod? It may be enough to break the loop. Something in history is the only way an open browser window would refresh to anything. That brings up another issue: Why is your browser refreshing to a different page?

BTW, I use a free program called CCleaner. It keeps your persistent, wanted cookies. It can delete cache in seconds.

If interested, I recommend looking at both Tabs in the program and UNcheck everything first. Then, find the browsers you use and check ONLY Temporary Cache files. Make sure NOT to check anything of System Files or Registry.

Next click the box icon on Left, bottom. Next screen, look at Top, Left, for item titled Cookies. Let the cookies load on left of split screen. Highlight one–right click for a drop-down list… click Intelligent Scan. This saves all Persistent Cookies-- sites you visit often. Next, there is a search box. Let’s say you use a site called redmoon and you don’t trust this new program-- so you can search for cookies you want. Third, there is a scroll bar and you can look through all the cookies. If you find one you think should be saved, click the >> arrow going from left to right to save it. (There is a < and a > arrow.)
Lastly, if you make a mistake and put an advertising cookie into the saved list, just arrow it < back into the left hand list.

The last step… go back to the main screen… At the bottom are 2 choices. Analyze or Run Cleaner. The first time, choose Analyze so you can see what it plans to delete. If the list looks ok, choose Run Cleaner. Once you get used to the program, you can skip analyze.

( )
Make sure to choose the FREE version.


Might I suggest a cache clearance, and a reboot of your system to help clear up the dejavu?


Thank you so much for all the helpful hints! I have done a reboot, a history clear (twice) and a cache clear several times during this process. I’ve also done two scans now. I will try tomorrow to start some tagging again and see if I am “free” of the problem!!! Thank you! :smiley:


We could suggest the old fashioned Yin Yang, Male Female, method. But I think the male side will hurt your computer. :hammer: and :duct tape:


Update: I’m not sure which method actually helped, but I’ve done 200 tiles and I have not seen Question #50653…Yeah!! success!!! Thank you for your help! :smiley:


Hi @T_Boechler, sorry I was not very communicative in the heat (or cold) of this issue :confused: Thank you Tomnod community for jumping in to help.

@Shaul I also want to say THANK YOU for the questions you asked to dig deeper into the issue - very helpful!!

I can’t say for sure that I ID’d the problem, but here is a “behind the curtain” perspective. We have made a few changes to tomnod lately - nothing to the core functioning of the program - more housekeeping things. For example we made some updates to improve the internal security of our code. This was long overdue but resulted in a few operating changes. One change was how we run CrowdRank, our Quality Control Algorithm. CrowdRank is what is responsible for checking to see if you’ve seen a tile before, and for not showing it to you again. It also fills a “queue” of tiles for all of our users based on tiles that need more agreement, or haven’t been seen. In the past week we got behind on running CrowdRank, but didn’t realize this was the case until, actually, I saw your post @T_Boechler!!! We have fixed this now.

SO THANK YOU FOR reporting your technical issue, it helps us quite a bit! I again can’t say with 100% certainty that this was the issue. But, it seems to coincide with this working better, so let’s go with that. Please let me know if anyone starts to see this issue again.

Firefox disaster!

Thanks @Mel_Nod for the explanation. The forum community was very helpful giving me suggestions how to get out of the “loop”! I agree it seems to be working better, so happy to have the solution. Thanks!