Antarctica - Weddell Seals - informal "contest"


This thread is for scenes that look like interesting sections of “textured wall plaster” LOL. If it looks like “popcorn ceilings” or your grandma’s rough plastering, post it here!

Drunk plasterer

My grandpa plasterer

All cracked up plasterer

Uneven plasterer

Children’s finger plastering

The Gouger Plasterer

OK those are my submissions… What are yours?

Hey, just saw an A on top of bad plaster!

The “Crossroads” plasterer

The Artiistia Plasterer

Highway Plasterer

Birdwing Plasterer

Uplifting notes plasterer


:thinking: I posted one of “textured wall plaster” toward the beginning of the campaign. Will have to go back and find it - along with the cracked plaster one. Do those of the “broken glass” count as well? :smiley:


Sure! Why not lol. (oh dumb nag screen, wants 20 more)


Em also saved a few (a lot?) of the “broken glass.” If I remember correctly, the textured walls I saved were mostly those in gray (old 2010 photos?) - maybe a few in “white.”

Oh, and since this is an informal contest, is there a limit to the number of entries per person, or does each entry have to be posted individually - like the “…each entry has to be mailed individually” you see on standard contest rules? :thinking::wink::grin:


Naaa, stick them into 1 or more posts. Easy peasy.


Yes I saved quite a few Jim, unfortunately I don’t save the links to them; the only links will be to those I’ve posted :confused:

But here’s my favourite; purely because it reminds me of our kitchen growing up :heart_eyes: always the :hearts: of our home :relaxed:
We had these small mosaic tiles round the work areas of the kitchen, so similar in colours to the image too :slight_smile:



Reminds me of my sons’ first attempt at polyfilling a hole in his wall when we were decorating his bedroom a few weeks ago :sweat_smile:


Have you wondered… What happens to the Seals we mistakenly miss? Inferiority Complex! Ice Float Loneliness! Flipper-Clapping Overuse! Whisker Tear Washer!

I’m not good at spotting the buggers, but our motto… NO WEDDELLS LEFT BEHIND!

HURRY-- some Weddell somewhere is waiting for one of us!


Cagey, don’t many of these critters have wired location collars? Just have Jim, fire up his radio station and see if he can hone in on them puppies!


If they do, Tn hid the transponders.


THANK YOU TEAM! For your continued work on our seals! :purple_heart: :ocean: :snowflake:


I just noticed that @Mel_Nod did not mention anything about our conversation here. Psst! I think she’s ignoring us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: